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APP Name We Happy Restaurant
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Free Shop
Size 30MB
Latest Version 2.8.6

Ever wanted to open a shop under your management? Do you want to be a moderator of something enough to make money and have the opportunities to be bigger?

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Life Simulator 3 is the next version of the famous Life Simulator series on the mobile platform. These games will stimulate our daily lives in a super realistic way, such as daily chores, careers, events, education, family, etc. Everything in this world will be simulated in detail and give players an experience of things they never knew.

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Euro Train Simulator is one of the most successful games in simulating train driving, station regulations, and many other things practically. And now it’s back with a sequel called Euro Train Simulator 2 for fans of European trains. In this game, it will become superior to its predecessor, such as graphics, gameplay, features, locomotives, etc., to give players a great experience. The game introduces an entirely new, more comprehensive map, and is inspired by Germany and France. Yes, players will have the opportunity to make travel around the two countries, and each will be built with the highest level of care and honestness that players can imagine.

  • The more you upgrade, the more quality of the food will improve. And the restaurant’s reputation will grow fastly, customers will trust your restaurant and will pay more worthwhile money. At some point, your customer base will become very crowded, forcing you to upgrade the operating speed of the restaurant’s processing lines. If you put yourself in the shoes of your customers, you wouldn’t want to wait too long to eat it, would you? Above all, the patience of all customers is limited, hungry but waiting for a long time is really bad.
  • We Happy Restaurant full mod free shop has a rhythmic, vibrant 8-bit music background, very suitable for a restaurant. The interface of the game is very easy to understand, adaptable for newbies, players can interact with almost anything in the restaurant from objects to the guests by clicking on them that is performing all over the screen. Along with 16-bit graphics designed follows the 3D style, the game exudes a very special appearance. Design the characters of the game is also very cute. With such design, developers have been very successful in making their works more interesting than ever. The game also has animations of the cars running back and forth on the roads around the restaurant combined with the people constantly moving on the sidewalk, which are the factors that help the scene of the game become should be extremely lively.
  • In general, We Happy Restaurant mod apk full mod free shop is a game that is worth a try for everyone. The unique cuteness in the design, along with the extremely attractive gameplay, will surely leave a lot of beautiful impressions for players of all ages. On top of that, this is a completely free game with very light graphics, which makes it easy for all classes of players to have a smartphone.
  • You are completely free to customize the decoration for your restaurant at will. In addition, you can hire special staff for your restaurant, each with a special employee will give the restaurant a different benefit. For example, you can hire a scientist, he will help your restaurant accelerate the upgrade of production lines, or you can hire a manager, she will accelerate the speed. Serves the restaurant’s food up to twice.
  • This is both a difficulty and an advantage because although you have to spend a lot of money on upgrading, the benefits that it brings are not small at all. The game supports you to build a variety of processing lines such as chicken processing lines, or hamburgers, pizza making progress, etc. You can make your restaurant only serve different chicken dishes to replace KFC, turn your restaurant into a pizza shop, or you can even let your restaurant serve all kinds of food that We Happy Restaurant hack full mod free shop supports. In addition to that, the restaurant’s facilities also include a table, chairs and a toilet. You can spend money on decorating the restaurant by buying tables and chairs instead, or posting decorative paintings on the wall,…
  • Then, we would like to introduce to you the game We Happy Restaurant hack mod apk, this is a restaurant simulation game for free on the mobile platform. This game has very unique gameplay, making it easy for newcomers and those who are familiar with the type of economic simulation game to be attracted to their phone screens. With the context that you will play the role of a restaurant owner, you will lead your restaurant to the peak of prosperity. You will experience the feeling of getting rich from small to large, along with a very realistic business experience along with the fun of the game.
  • At the beginning of We Happy Restaurant apk mod, you will own a lovely little restaurant with four fronts. It means there is the biggest chance for a business to be stronger rapidly. You need to catch a lot of customers and constantly upgrade the facilities and quality of the restaurant’s food so that your business becomes smoothly. The more the facilities the restaurant equipped, the better the quality of the restaurant’s dishes and the more your restaurant will attract more customers – the more customers will want to pay more for the food by your restaurant. A special feature of your restaurant is that the food is cooked using processing lines rather than a cook. Upgrading facilities means power-up these food processing lines.

Download We Happy Restaurant Free Shop 2.8.6

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