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APP Name Truberbrook
Genre Games, Adventure
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Size 1.2MB
Latest Version 1.1

Truberbrook is a game that has been successful with versions on consoles, Windows, and Mac platforms when it was first launched on March 12, 2019. The game received two prestigious awards in two categories, which are Best German Game and Best Staging. Exactly one year later, on the occasion of Truberbrook, Headup announced that it would bring two ports for Android and iOS. They are expected to hit the market this summer. This is excellent news for those who are fans of this game. Let’s find out why this game has won so much at the 2019 German Computer Games Awards (Deutscher Computerspielpreis)!

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  • Truberbrook apk mod was inspired by two hit movies, Twin Peaks and The X-Files. It is what happens when two films are combined into one. The story of the game is set in Germany, around the time the world was going on the cold war. Our main character is Hans Tannhauser. In this story, he is a lucky student to have won a trip to the rural Trüberbrook, located in West Germany. Hans has been doing a doctoral thesis on quantum physics and is tired then, so this is an opportunity for him to forget everything and relax his mind.
  • Truberbrook hack mod apk has stunning and eye-catching graphics, so much so that the player may mistakenly watch a real movie. The reason here is because the majority of image stitching is done manually. The lights in the game are all collected from the physical lights. Even the snow effect in the game is created by real snow particles. Meanwhile, the characters are processed through two stages: photogrammetry and retopology, to bring the most realistic effects. To make a complete game, Truberbrook full mod Full is meticulously crafted by the hands of each and every small detail. Staging is the most important step in creating the product’s success.
  • However, the story is not simply that. Mysterious stories are constantly taking place here. Hans begins to doubt and ask himself whether this was an accident. He starts to find out everything. While living here, he comes across a paleontologist named Greta Lemke. Hans notices that everything is abnormal, except for Greta. After that, the two join together on a mysterious journey. Besides, there is another mysterious character who appears later, Lazarus Taft. It turns out, Hans really didn’t come here by accident.
  • Besides, all the words of the characters in the game are voiced to bring a more realistic feeling. Albrecht Schrader and Sebastian Nagel are the main voice actors for this game. Overall, Truberbrook hack full mod Full is a game worth a try, even once.
  • Truberbrook mod apk full mod Full is an RPG in which the player follows the built-in storyline. Along the way, players interact with the environment and items to uncover the mysteries (point and click). At the same time, you will have to choose an answer in the options (if available). The choice will lead to different developments. However, this is just the play of the previous versions. We still don’t know if Headup will build a story with such completely different gameplay.

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