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APP Name Township
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Unlimited Coins/Cash
Size 151MB
Latest Version 7.9.6

Do you love getting rich? Do you want to build a city of your own and become a great mayor? Plan your land appropriately, choose the type of business efficiency, … Have you ever dreamed of holding the right to decide the prosperity of a large city? Actually, you can not, let the Playrix Games publisher take you to the virtual world of Township and help you make that dream right now!

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Did you know, in 1916, the Somme battle at the Western Front of World War I was known to be the bloodiest battle in world history? In 141 days, more than 1 million soldiers were killed and wounded, caused by a new war machine: the tank. Probably no stranger to us anymore, today tanks are one of the most famous military weapons, although it looks pretty heavy but extremely effective on the battlefield. Do you want to sit on this destructive machine once and destroy all that you feel frustrated for so long? Get involved in Tanks A Lot! – Real-time Multiplayer Battle Arena and choose a tank of your favorite offline

  • Expand your land and do business in more areas. Once you have large sums of money, you can expand your investment in building projects such as amusement parks, parks, zoos. You can import animals such as bear, lion or giraffe. You can also breed and breed lovely pets. You can even bring the world into your city by building famous buildings such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben and many famous symbols of the country, different in the world.
  • The game has 3D graphics with beautiful strokes. The colors in Array mod apk full mod unlimited coins cash game are extremely varied and bright. Animals and plants and structures are also incredibly detailed and beautifully designed. You will see the scene of a city of flowers combined with a vibrant farm appear before your eyes, extremely true and lively.
  • Township (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Cash)
  • Your game will follow the upgrade mode, and each time you level up, the corresponding items will also be unlocked. When you enter Array hack mod apk, you will receive a land plot. And all the development comes from agriculture, and so is your city. You will start with the cultivation of crops such as wheat, corn, cabbage, … and raising animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc. The crops you can directly be sold, used as food for poultry, or as raw materials for other food processing. Animals will also be given essential products. You can sell products directly or use them as raw materials for other businesses. Whenever successful completion of stages such as farm construction or processing, land reclamation and tree planting, farm decorations … you will receive a great deal of experience and besides, you will Have orders to help you earn a lot of income.
  • In addition to agricultural, industrial and commercial activities, you can also organize mining in the area near your city. There, you can catch more surprises than you think! Maybe you can, fortunately, dig an ancient artefact and can sell it at extremely high prices? And you can also interact with other players around the world. Make friends and meet other players to experience the great things in Array apk mod offline!
  • Township (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Cash)
  • Township (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Cash)
  • After you get to a higher level and get a fair amount of money, you can trade in other items such as wool, waffles, bakeries, restaurants, etc. You will All you have to do is spend a lot of money to build the buildings, and with the self-sufficiency material from the farm, you’ll quickly get your investment and get even more profitable.
  • Anyone can play and love Array hack full mod unlimited coins cash. Array full mod unlimited coins cash is quite familiar, but its features are extremely full and beautiful graphics, sure to satisfy you. Unlike other games, you will need a lot of time for your farm and city later because gold coins are not accessible. Experience the feeling of accomplishment when you can hand yourself step by step build a city in a dream!
  • Township (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Cash)

Download Township Unlimited Coins/Cash 7.9.6

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