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APP Name Toca Life: Hospital
Genre Games, Casual
MOD info Original
Size 120MB
Latest Version 1.1.2-play

Toca Life is a series of entertainment games for all ages, and it also serves for educational purposes. The games of that series are highly entertaining, helping to relax the body, mind, and bring lots of emotions. Today, I will introduce you to a game of that series, and it is in the field of medicine, bringing a lot of useful knowledge about a hospital, which is Toca Life: Hospital. It is an arcade-style hospital simulation game, and bring many great experiences when becoming a doctor. The game is also developed in the form of side-scrolling, with countless locations, pleasures, and brings a lot of genuine feelings of a doctor.

Ship Sim 20192.1.2 - Unlimited Money Games, Simulation

Ship Sim 2019 is another simulation product, giving players a lot of real experience thanks to the extraordinary improvement in graphic design. It can be said; there are now many manufacturers pay attention to making players pay attention to the image quality right the first time to play games.

Bus Simulator: Original3.8 - Unlimited Money/Unlocked Games, Simulation

There are many careers in the world for you to choose from and make money from, but no job is easy. Do you want to be a bus driver? If you’re going to drive your bus to the United States, the game Bus Simulator: Original is the one made for you. This game is what makes your dream of becoming a bus driver come true. This game is a simulation game, so the authenticity of the game is indispensable. The game gives players a lot of great experiences for players to enjoy.

  • In a doctor’s career, they must have surgery on the patient. However, before proceeding with the surgery, the player must research the situation of the patient, make a diagnosis, prepare psychiatrically, and start the surgery process. Toca Life: Hospital hack mod apk is also a simulation game series, so it will bring a real surgical experience for players to enjoy. Players must know how to use the tools and follow the process they are instructed on. The game will also offer many useful tips for players as well as more new challenges, more dangerous and more complex diseases. The game primarily emphasizes the simulation element of a doctor’s work, and it will use simple, lovely graphics to reduce the level of the gore of the game.
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  • When coming to Toca Life: Hospital apk mod, the player will become a doctor at a health center, where players will be introduced to many common things mentioned in a hospital, as well as a doctor’s work. During the experience of being a doctor, players will witness many things, participate in many activities, and interact with NPCs to complete the job. Meanwhile, countless types of patients with a variety of illnesses will be brought into the hospital, and players must take care of them until they recover completely. Not only take care of the patient, but the player must even perform surgeries, and Toca Life: Hospital hack full mod Full & Paid will have a surgical simulation process for players to understand the medical better.
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  • Toca Life: Hospital mod apk full mod Full & Paid not only gives players the experience of being a doctor, but it also helps them understand the meaning of life, witness the development process, and many other things. Although the game was developed for education and children, the game will still have many philosophies in life. The cycle of life will consist of three stages of a person’s life, that is, birth, development, and end of life. Players will be able to participate in the birthing phase, witness the birth process, as well as take care of both mother and child. Also, players can interact with patients, meet their needs, and listen to their stories. The game will have loads of surprises, lessons, and meanings for the player, and it will convey that through the patient while being a doctor.
  • The player’s hospital can grow on its own, but players need to promote it by participating in many activities available in the hospital. The game has a multitude of different activities for the player, such as performing chemical experiments, performing surgeries, and taking care of patients. The game will also have more activity if players unlock new areas or build new units on five floors of the hospital. During the game, players can upgrade the hospital to accommodate more patients, equipment, and more medical or doctors to manage the hospital. In short, the game not only simulates the activities of a doctor but also allows the player to manage a hospital itself, making it a paradise for every patient.
  • The health center that the player is working with is built with five floors and has an extensive scale. Because of that, the number of units built should be countless for players to explore and research the work of each unit. It can be said that this game will allow players to experience the entire work of each unit, whether it is research, care, and even production unit. Everything in a hospital that players often see, it will be simulated right in this game. Players will have the opportunity to explore a large hospital, explore secret laboratories, and enjoy all the experiences. Interestingly, the player also can become a manager of units, thereby conducting upgrades to increase passive income.
  • Toca Life: Hospital full mod Full & Paid also has many things for players to explore while becoming a doctor, and bring countless experiences of a true doctor. The game will also update many things, such as activities, units, and new diseases for players to enjoy. If you are looking for a simulation game suitable for all ages, much entertainment, as well as ideal for education, this game will be a perfect choice.

Download Toca Life: Hospital Original 1.1.2-play

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Traditional tactics games in areas like war, farm, etc. are too dull for you? And are you looking for a strategy game with unique content? By the way, I will introduce you to a new game and be unique to the current StankoMashStroy on CH Play – Industrialist – Factory development strategy. With cross-cutting content is the production process in a real industrial plant. Coming to the field of simulation and tactical games, the manufacturer has tried to launch the game to stimulate your business thinking and send a bizarre game content, and have the most influence. Try the Industrialist strategy once.

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Are you a person who has a passion for designing houses? If you want to design a home, you’ll need to learn a lot of things and spend a lot of time doing that. But one way that can help you achieve your dream much faster is to come to the world of gaming. The only game to mention here is the Home Design: Caribbean Life game – a game about the theme of the house design. This game is something that will make your dream come true so you can enjoy the feeling of creating a beautiful home.

In war, humans are not enough to destroy the enemy’s strong bases, and a means to do so is needed. In the past, humankind invented warships and catapult machines to attack enemy bases. Now, the means of war are more and more indispensable for fighting. During the war, planes, tanks, and other vehicles were indispensable if you wanted to win. During a war, there is something called an aerial battleship that is used to bomb an enemy from above; that is, aircraft, and especially combat helicopters. In all modern wars, combat helicopters appear on all fronts. So there have been games about the combat helicopters that have been released, and some of them are the best, not to mention GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D. This game will bring both dangerous fronts and helicopter control experiences to players. The game has many strengths, so it has attracted tens of millions of downloads all over the world.

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If you search for the phrase Light it Up on the internet, the results will be an inspiring song by Major Lazer. However, Light-It Up is not only the name of a song, but also the name of the game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale. This company is famous for many games from different genres, such as Hotel Transylvania Adventures, Jump, Build!, Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir, Run Around and Light it Up that I’m about to introduce to you. Light it Up is an arcade game, has simple gameplay, but has a deep story building. Can you understand it?

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Referring to Endless Run genre, maybe you will think of games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run, or Talking Tom Run Gold right? But Super Mario Run has a little difference in control mechanism and viewing angle. Instead of playing in a 3D map, and making strokes, touching the screen to change the direction of movement, in Super Mario Run, the playground is bundled into a horizontal 2D layout. The character will automatically run, and you just need to touch the screen to let the character jump up. However, do not think it is a simple control mechanism; there will be no difficulties. On the road where your Mario character moves, there are many obstacles, such as deep holes, or monsters. You just need a little bit of work and the game ends immediately.

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Currently, simulation games have become popular and loved by many people. Some are about the common life of a citizen building a dream, some about the driving topic, and Taxi Sim 2020 is a combination of both that I just mentioned.

Strategy games, in the form of empire-building, are often highly entertaining games, with hundreds of things for players to explore and experience. Moreover, players will have to develop the empire, evolve, and research countless different units or functions to make the empire stronger. The gameplay of those games is also often seen as endless and has a huge series of campaigns for players to conquer and experience.

Surely all of us have heard about Prom or even attended this party. Prom Queen: Date, Love & Dance was also formed inspired by that. And to put it simply, this is a farewell party originating from Europe, a farewell party between teachers and students, senior students. Here, the male students are dressed in mature, polite suits. And the participating women can easily express their personalities and preferences through luxurious, lavish, and gorgeous dresses. A unique culture of Prom is that each person will join the party with a companion of the opposite sex … And to better understand the party, please install and start the game.