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APP Name Dangerous Fellows
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Unlimited Rubies/Keys
Size 59MB
Latest Version 1.14.0

Model games depicting people surviving a zombie pandemic has always attracted a lot of attention from users. With an innovative approach, Dangerous Fellows has been very successful in creating a romance story in a context full of danger. Join the game to enter a survival battle alongside the handsome guys. How will you handle it and whether you will overcome this challenge? Join Dangerous Fellows to find answers together.

Ares Virus1.0.8 - Health/Energy Games, Survival

The main character in the Ares Virus story is Neil, one of the few survivors in the world who has been infected by a terrible virus. They not only make people zombies, but they also make the insects aggressive and enormous. The world is now in turmoil, houses collapsing, all just a pile of modern civilization. Neil is a vital member of the SOT team, is on the path to find the cause of the disease, collects resources, builds shelters to rescue people in the shortest time.

MO: Astray1.3.4 - Original Games, Action

Although just debuted in 2019, MO: Astray has a solid foothold in the hearts of fans. Because around this time, many games of the same genre also came out and quickly grabbed the spotlight. Until now, it continues to evolve and become one of the best games in the side-scrolling, action-puzzler genre.

  • Obviously, if the game is still a story about a zombie escape journey, it will be challenging to reach the market today. However, the game publisher was brilliant when incorporating the story of love and friendship to create newness. Join Dangerous Fellows full mod unlimited rubies keys, and you will enter a new world after the sudden outbreak of an unknown virus that is threatening all humanity. Only you here, five charming boys and bloodthirsty zombies. When you are trying to escape a deadly zombie attack, those attractive guys appear and save your day. They have helped keep you safe in a school with the other survivors. But, is this place really safe for us? How should you handle when words and promises are an untrustworthy thing? Your choice is essential in building intimacy with the guy you love to survive the horrific zombie apocalypse together. In the end, the goal is still that both of them strive to be happy together forever after.
  • You need to remember that there will be some harder ending and require a lot of things to unlock it. Some characters like Ethan only require you to receive his affection through the acquired items. In addition, characters like Lawrence can only come to an end only if you have succeeded in the criteria given and bought all the answers. The order sorted by degree of difficulty will be Ethan, Harry, Zion, Eugene and Lawrence respectively will be the highest. One advice for you is to get specific character items. Items collected include sports bands (Ethan), kits (Harry), lined paper (Zion), kaleidoscope (Eugene), lens cleaning (Lawrence), and common items like “Candy Bar” and “Water bottles”. Your task must increase the feelings of the guy with you because only they can help you overcome this difficulty. By giving them items in class, you will gain a lot of love. In addition, you can exchange your extra pieces. Each play will provide you with enough pieces to trade for 30 rubies in the “Dawn of the Dead” event. You can get daily rubies by logging in (10 rubies) and watching ads.
  • If you love zombies and pandemic genres, Dangerous Fellows hack mod apk will help you satisfy that passion. Join the game, players will enter a new world and experience many nuances of emotion. It is the thrill of fleeing zombies hunting and hunting for you. It is romance to show affection to the boy’s courage, together to be the last survivor.
  • Dangerous Fellows (MOD, Unlimited Rubies/Keys)
  • Dangerous Fellows (MOD, Unlimited Rubies/Keys)
  • It would be great if the story above is shown smoothly with a vivid, beautiful character system. Dangerous Fellows hack full mod unlimited rubies keys has done a great job bringing a well-designed and attractive graphics performance. This game has been the desire of many gamers right from the initial official information — the system of characters built successfully with many interpersonal characteristics, worth learning. Players will easily be caught in the flow of the story as they follow each decision and action of the character. Besides images, the sound is also a major contributing factor to the success of the game. The melodies will change flexibly to suit the context of Dangerous Fellows apk mod in order to create the best emotions for players to participate in the experience in this battle.
  • Dangerous Fellows (MOD, Unlimited Rubies/Keys)
  • Dangerous Fellows (MOD, Unlimited Rubies/Keys)
  • No coincidence that Dangerous Fellows mod apk full mod unlimited rubies keys attracted a lot of love to so. In addition to owning beautiful graphics, new character approaches, compelling storylines are an essential element to grab the attention of users. “Zombie” is probably the topic that is not new to users when famous movies and novels focus on exploiting this character so many times. So will this be a negative trait or vice versa?

Download Dangerous Fellows Unlimited Rubies/Keys 1.14.0

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