Download SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag version 2.1.4 mod apk hack Immortality/High Damage/Infinite Mana for android

APP Name SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag
Genre Games, RPG
MOD info Immortality/High Damage/Infinite Mana
Size 27MB
Latest Version 2.1.4

Sword Art Online is a very famous name in the anime world in particular and gamers in general. With the unique theme of Kirito’s life between the two worlds of humans and games, it continues to make many people feel attractive. Thanks to this popularity, many different titles inspired by it have been created. SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag is a product produced by BANDAI, creating a huge buzz in the gaming community.

Epic Battle Simulator 21.4.70 - Unlimited Diamond Games, Simulation

The games are always developed and improved in terms of content, images, music … One of the genres that have left a mark in each player’s memory is strategy games. You must use your experience, knowledge, and calculation to do something in the game. In this category, we can mention familiar games like Red Alert 2, Age of Empire … Gradually, on mobile platforms, games of the same genre appear to help players experience all the time and everywhere. Coming to today’s post, we will explore a game in this genre called Epic Battle Simulator 2.

Forza Street34.0.7 - Original Games, Racing

There is a series of games in the genre of racing action for a long time, so famous on Xbox – Forza Street. But now the game is available on the mobile platform to meet the needs of players around the world. The game is an upgraded version of Miami Street. Unlike previous versions, the game will take players to the races on Miami Street. You will have to participate in perilous races, with all the skills you have, get to the top of the track. What are you waiting for without downloading Forza Street to immerse yourself in the fierce and tough races? !! Promises that the game will be a significant rival of other competitors in the same category as Real Racing or Asphalt.

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  • One unique point is that these characters can be developed in a way that is different from what is happening in the story. Each character is divided into different classes. They will show how these characters fight most effectively. And each of these characters also gets their skills added. You can also equip them with weapons and items to increase attack and defense power such as the Elucidator and Dark Repulser swords! In Manga and Anime, each character goes through different stages of life. SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag hack full mod immortality high damage infinite mana also has separate versions of each character. You can unlock an entire set of Kirito if you adore him.
  • The fighting mechanism of the game is also extremely easy to understand and approach. With that said, it’s like an ARPG so it emphasizes the elements of fighting and fighting a lot. Unlike strategy games, you just need to touch the screen to keep your character attacking. Even though there are no rules in front of them, the character continues to hit when you continue to press the screen. Therefore, you will have to swipe up the screen to make the character move right into attack range. Actually, it only takes a little practice to get used to the tempo of the battle. In addition, each character has a special move shown on their avatar. Each time it stores enough energy, you can touch and release the skill.
  • A game with ARPG trends like this one must be equipped with many fighting modes for players to practice their skills. Of course, pre-programmed challenges are the place to practice and improve your skills. But once you are confident with your skills, you can search for allies or opponents on the internet to challenge. Sometimes you will encounter the LIVE co-op missions. Players can also invite their friends into this mode to make many cases easier. In addition, there are solo modes to improve the fighting spirit.
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  • In addition, every time that you participate in combat, you can bring a few characters. You just need to touch their avatar to summon and fight by touching the screen non-stop. The other character will stand behind and will not fight. Only when participating and fighting will their mana bar fill up. Once it’s full, you can tap the avatar one more time to unleash the special skill. It will be skills that can extremely damage and influence the SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag full mod immortality high damage infinite mana. In general, you will have to adjust the pace and reasonable entry of the character to make the most of their power.
  • Almost all the characters appearing in the SAO series are present in SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag apk mod. Name a few important main characters such as Kirito, Sinon, Yuna, and LLenn, … They all have great power and influence a lot on gameplay in all aspects. In addition, the more daring sword fighters from the SAO manga and anime minor characters will be continuously updated.
  • The SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag hack mod apk will have a side-scrolling mechanism when you can move from left to right and fight different monsters. Usually, before meeting the Boss, you have to go through a few challenges. Save your HP as much as possible to increase your chances of survival.
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  • SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag mod apk full mod immortality high damage infinite mana reaches the player more easily thanks to the fact that it uses 2D graphics with the same design as the original. A story about gamers is transformed into a game. The perfect collaboration to present the most engaging anime adventure of the decade. In terms of gameplay, it also closely simulates what you see in the Anime. Besides, the character system is also fully shown through the participation of crossovers from the manga, games, and side stories all in one.

Download SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag Immortality/High Damage/Infinite Mana 2.1.4

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Subway Surfers2.10.0 - Coins/Keys/All Characters Games, Arcade

Subway Surfers has been dressed in a Chibi 3D graphic style and is extremely suitable for children. With colourful images full of charisma, thanks to eye-catching graphics and full of interesting perhaps is also a factor that attracts the attention of a large number of players around the globe. With the context and gameplay is no stranger to the player. You will be placed in a train station, but depending on the event each different updates that the game will have different scenes according to the owner. The topics of countries around the world such as Japan, the US … all have a certain event and meaning that the manufacturer introduces. The player plays the naughty teen who is being chased by the police and his dog for painting graffiti on tramcars. Players are tasked with controlling those mischievous little boys dodging obstacles placed in front of them by swiping right, left to go right or left, swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide down.

Identity V1.0.681367 - Original Games, Adventure

If you’re a gamer who likes horror movies or stories, you’ve probably played at least once or directly listened Dead by Daylight – a horror-themed game with real elements. It will make some people feel exhausted and scared if they play for a long time. And recently, the NetEase game maker has relied on the idea from Dead by Daylight incidents to design and launch the game Identity V. The game is a horror game developed for mobile phones has the same way of building the story with its predecessor. For example, the game divides players into two opposing Killers and Survivors for their choice and discovery. 21.8.1 - Unlocked/God Mode Arcade, Games 2 – If you love the agility and appeal of the io game then you can look to the prestigious studio like VOODOO or Playgendary. In fact, io games have a lot of complex variants, but most of them are simply because the gameplay is hard to develop in terms of content, and can only improve graphics. But actually, there are a lot of manufacturers trying to put it into an RPG.

Monster Legends10.5.8 - Damage/Always 3 Stars Games, RPG, Simulation

If you are a fan of simulation games but are too bored with the farm, shooting, The familiar mediocre characters begin a new experience with the strange monster training world that has never been known before. Join the Monster Legends team from the famous game publisher Social Point, ensuring that you will not be able to take your eyes off the screen because the fun of the game is too much to expect.

Penguin Isle1.28.2 - Free Shopping Games, Simulation

Penguins are one of the cutest and adorable looking animals, and these birds are often loved by little children because of their looks. They are winged, but not for flying, but swimming. Because their main habitat is in Antarctica and their main source of food is fish, they have to be able to catch fish by underwater. They even got into the popular animated movie Madagascar, which featured five penguins with the abilities of a top spy. How many of you have ever been to the zoo and witnessed the cute penguins? Because of their cuteness, there have been lots of people who like them and since then there have been games about penguins. Do you want to raise penguins?

Shadowgun War Games0.4.0 - No Spread/Hide Weapon Action, Games

Have you ever heard of the publisher’s MADFINGER Games? Yes, that is the father of famous games such as SHADOWGUN series, Unkilled, Dead Trigger, … They all have great gameplay and graphics and have never let players down home this release. And recently it was announced that this publisher will launch a new game under the SHADOWGUN series, which is “War Games”. This is a game mixed with many different genres, but its core is the act of shooting MOBA.

Merge Magic!2.7.0 - Unlimited Money Games, Puzzle

Games that belong to the puzzle genre must have been a familiar concept to many gamers. Games of this type are always appealing to players because of the simple way of playing, but it contains many mysteries, challenges, and makes players have to think and use many logical tactics. The gameplay is somewhat attractive, but the difficulty and challenge in each puzzle is the point that makes many people not interested in the puzzle game genre. However, there are still some exception games. If you are a gamer who has a real interest in puzzle games, then in this article, I will introduce you to an extremely attractive game – Merge Magic!. Created under the magic hand of the game developer Gram Games Limited, Merge Magic gives players a puzzle game with new gameplay, compelling storyline with cute and extremely stunning graphics. The game promises to make players have extremely satisfying moments in the magical world full of mystery.

Recently, the popular sports game Konami has launched their latest PES game, but surprisingly it is a card game with the name PES Card Collection. We are surely all familiar with PES or Pro Evolution Soccer – one of the best football games ever to be sold out when releasing each year. But Konami recently surprised fans by releasing a new mobile game called PES, which is PES Card Collection, but with a completely new style of play.