Download Subway Simulator 3D version 3.5.4 mod apk hack Unlimited Money for android

APP Name Subway Simulator 3D
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Unlimited Money
Size 76MB
Latest Version 3.5.4

The subway is one of the most used public transportation in the world. Only in Japan, the number of passengers using the subway has reached over 8.7 million people per day because it could take passengers to every part of the entire country in a safe way. Outside of Japan, for example, in the United Kingdom or the United States, the subway still holds the position of the most favorite transportation. So have you ever wondered how do they work? If you want to find out, come to the game Subway Simulator 3D, this is a game that simulates the operation of a subway station. Released by Simulators Live, this is a publisher that has released many great games in the simulation genre.

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Since being a kid, I have shown myself to be speed lovers. Almost all of the racing programs, or the famous tournaments in the world I have never missed. I use my pocket money and buy toy cars, once a car. Once, accidentally I ruined my car, I cried a lot, because of the passion of a broken child. From there, I wish I had grown up; I would have plenty of money to buy expensive racing cars and become a talented racer. And without waiting until then, Drift Max World – Drift Racing Game helped me realize this dream at the age of 20. This is a racing game released by Tiramisu if you are ready to conquer the roads, Let’s start our game right away!

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Cyber ​​Hunter Lite – an ARPG mobile phone game with unique gameplay and the highest quality graphics for smartphones. Are you ready to engage in dramatic and engaging strategic battles?

  • The game gives players a professional feel thanks to the fact that the game brings nothing different from real life. In Subway Simulator 3D hack full mod unlimited money, you have up to 4 different subways to choose from. In addition, players can upgrade their trains to expand capacity, speed,… for the purpose of serving customers and bringing profits to themselves.
  • Subway Simulator 3D mod apk full mod unlimited money will bring many interesting features for players to get the best experience.
  • When you come to Subway Simulator 3D hack mod apk, not only do you transform into a train driver but also take the role of a station manager. You have to choose the route for your train to travel to. Find a way to expand the station system and upgrade your transport to accommodate as many passengers as possible. On each trip, you will stop at each different station to drop off and pick up passengers, plan a smart route to receive as many travelers as possible.
  • Players can also collect accumulated points to expand the new railways in your system. The railway system in the game is inspired by what is in reality, so they are extremely complicated. You will receive points for completing the routes, but it is also depending on the number of passengers you take to get the relatively points. The later you play, the route will become longer and will have more stops for you to welcome more people. These routes usually have many passengers, so the money you make will be more. Be a professional train driver!
  • 3D full of realism and liveliness in every detail. The scene in Subway Simulator 3D apk mod is set in a station that really comes from reality, and there will be daytime and nighttime. During daytime transfers, your terminal will be bright with a large number of passengers coming in and out to start a new working day. When evening falls, the passengers in the game will return to their homes to be able to relax and rest after a day of work. At night, the station became deserted, no more crowded scene anymore, only a few overtime workers return.
  • Effects are carefully polished to give players the most realistic feeling as possible. You will feel like you are a passenger in the cabin and also is a train driver, this is the interesting and awesome features that the game brings. The sound of the train running across the tracks or the noise of the crowd on the train are also sounded so real and distinct. Download Subway Simulator 3D full mod unlimited money right away to feel the unique attractiveness that the game brings!
  • The amount you earn will depend on how many passengers you carry. The more you carry, the more money you’ll make. Money in the game will help you in upgrading the ship and expanding the platform to welcome guests. To open or close the door, there will be a “Door” button to control these. Use the lever bar located in the control room in the game to speed up the departure and slow down when you reach the station. Be careful of speeding on the prescribed stages if you do not want to be fined and lose your money. Look out for dangerous signs carefully to avoid unfortunate accidents, because sometimes the tunnel will have problems and need to be repaired. You can choose between the first and the third perspective. The first-perspective helps you observe the path to control the trains and of course, to know the warning signs ahead. Meanwhile, the third perspective is to observe your customers in the carriages.
  • The game has received a lot of compliments from the majority of players thanks to the gameplay and its honest graphics. Although it was launched in 2018, it is still being rated as the best subway simulation game currently. Coming to the game, not only do players get the entertainment that the game brings but also gain knowledge about how to operate a station. So do you want to try to be a train driver right now? Download Subway Simulator 3D now on the app store.

Download Subway Simulator 3D Unlimited Money 3.5.4

Download (76MB)
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