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APP Name Stick War Legacy
Genre Arcade, Games
MOD info Unlimited Money
Size 95MB
Latest Version 2020.2.131

Stickman is a type of graphics that have been adopted by many manufacturers and achieved unexpected success. You can find games designed in this way in a variety of genres from multiple game genres such as role-playing, tactics to simple games like puzzle or arcade, … Max Games Studios also It is no less competitive than other game makers with their Stick War: Legacy product. Although it is not the first product to be produced in this category, “Stick War: Legacy” has been one of the most resounding successes. With over 50 million downloads worldwide, this is one of the names that represent Stickman play.

Hungry Shark Evolution8.2.0 - Unlimited Coins/Diamond & More Games, Arcade

If you have ever been passionate about Feeding Frenzy, you will definitely love Hungry Shark Evolution. This game is arguably one of the most successful follow-up games ever. Actually, this is a product from the famous game company Ubisoft, so its success is not too strange. The game is very well invested in terms of graphics so the player also sympathizes with it too. In addition, the gameplay is also constantly improved so that players do not feel bored. If you also feel that you like the power of the shark, you should try this game once. Feeling playing the game will be faster and stronger and more nervous than playing Feeding Frenzy.

War Machines5.14.1 - Gems/Fuel/Radar Games, Action, RPG

Tanks have become one of the most effective war tools most ever when talking about land battles. People participate in fighting and see the dangers and horrors that this war machine creates. We all know Nazi Germany and this army is famous for its nicknames of tanks with modern technology and the bravest soldiers. Until now, many people want to experience the feeling of battles in which tanks play a decisive role. Although it will not be as fierce as what the battles happen, it has also purchased a part of the difficulties that soldiers have to go through. War Machines is a famous game released on Google Play and has received the attention of many people; more than 10 million downloads is a clear demonstration.

  • When you enter a real game, you have to deal with an enemy that is not inferior to you. Firstly, everything is slow with a steady pace. At this point, the player will summon as many gold diggers as possible and only need a few fighting forces to defend. Gold miners will assist you in making lots of money. This money will be used to summon the warriors you want to use in battle. The more powerful and influential characters in the match will require a lot of money. Be balanced by asking different elements to create a beneficial face for you. Also, try to upgrade the power of workers so they can exploit more resources in a shorter time.
  • Besides, you can use many different skills to create events in battle. These skills will be unlocked in the store with the number of rewards you receive when winning Stick War: Legacy apk mod. They will be free to use in your battle but need a little time to cool down. A battle after the end will not be saved because it is just a single game. When entering other actions, you will have to build yourself from basic to advanced, but surely the difficulty will change.
  • If you have seen the epic episodes, Stick War: Legacy mod apk full mod unlimited money product also achieves the same quality content. Although graphics are not a strong point, it also does a great job of what is worth showing in the fierce battle. Players will see many elements involved in battles such as Spartan gladiators or skillful archers. But the Stick War: Legacy hack full mod unlimited money epic does not stop there; it will give players many different characters. The shamans will be responsible for creating wide damage with their spells, but the Giants are slow but have high resistance and considerable damage, or are small gold diggers who are diligent but bring volume Extremely large economy.
  • Stick War: Legacy (MOD, Unlimited Money)
  • Stick War: Legacy (MOD, Unlimited Money)
  • We’ve talked a lot about its graphics, so the gameplay also has attractive features that appeal to players. Stick War: Legacy full mod unlimited money is designed in the style of a strategy game with many complex elements included in the game. With a rich experience in strategy games from Max Games Studios, they have produced an extremely quality product to serve their fans. Not only that, but Stick War: Legacy hack mod apk also ranked fourth as the top free game of Google Play.
  • Stick War: Legacy (MOD, Unlimited Money)
  • Stick War: Legacy (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Download Stick War Legacy Unlimited Money 2020.2.131

Download (95MB)
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