Download Sonic the Hedgehog Classic version 3.6.3 mod apk hack Unlocked for android

APP Name Sonic the Hedgehog Classic
Genre Games, Adventure
MOD info Unlocked
Size 63MB
Latest Version 3.6.3

Sonic the Hedgehog for Android is a non-stop run game with a classic hedgehog of the Sega. Who loves the game of Sega knows that the Sonic hedgehog is a short image attached with the success of the game developer. Coming to Sonic the Hedgehog for Android, you will be engaging in exciting adventures with the hedgehog to collect the extremely attractive loops. Download Sonic the Hedgehog to get started.

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Hotel services are seen as one of the endless inspiration for game developers to create great games. One of them is Grand Hotel Mania an arcade game of hotel management simulation, where players must continuously meet the requirements of the customer and constantly upgrade everything. When coming to this game, players will be introduced to many mechanisms, gameplay, and attractive features to have an enjoyable experience. Not only focusing on hotels, but players can also experience other types of services in the same field, such as transportation, resorts, etc.

Hidden Hotel1.1.55.1 - Energy/Coins/Stars Games, Logic

Today, as human life develops its recreational needs, human travel becomes more critical and more attentive. As the tourism industry develops, the hospitality industry is growing, providing travelers with a place to rest, eat and stay longer. In fact, the industry is occupying a small part of the world economy. Do you want to try once to become the owner of a hotel and begin to build your career from this service industry? Hidden Hotel will provide you with a real gaming experience. If you are looking for a new experience, do not miss this game!

  • Compete for ranking on the ranking
  • Save progress anytime
  • Improve quickly: Challenge yourself in a whole new Time Attack mode
  • Choose a lot of new characters: In the first time, players can play other friends of the blue hedgehog-like Tails and Knuckles. – Use their unique ability to fly, climb and slide through multiple levels. This innovation brings many exciting new discoveries.
  • Play without the Internet
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Classic full mod unlocked to start this exciting chase.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Classic (MOD, Unlocked)
  • Optimize for mobile: Sonic the Hedgehog Classic hack full mod unlocked is now being played in the big smooth screen with speed at 60FPS, bringing remarkable performance and legendary game music that is completely refreshed.
  • Probably, the run theme is too familiar with the game versions: Temple Run, Subway Surfers, etc. But each game will be a different challenge that you want to explore to the end. There are no big tummy protectors, creepy foxes, and instead, we’ll see a wicked doctor who you really want to kill him in Sonic the Hedgehog Classic apk mod.
  • Play for free
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Classic (MOD, Unlocked)
  • Cute hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog Classic mod apk full mod unlocked will have the task of collecting gold loops are scattered everywhere to defeat the enemy, we will have to overcome many challenges along the way. The harsh journey, with many obstacles, will challenge the swiftness of the player. The Sonic image was quite familiar in previous games such as Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Dash, and so on. You have a mission to help the hedgehog to complete the task of destroying Eggma with dark conspiracy, the journey of conquering each destination will make the player excited when controlling a very nimble hedgehog, running as fast as the speed of Light, however, it is sure that we do not just need that but more.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Classic (MOD, Unlocked)
  • Collected gold loops are the scores to buy more support tools, the more you collect the more you will achieve the goal quickly. You will discover 6 different classical spaces in turn to defeat Dr. Eggma Professor. A lot of power will be updated after the player completes the quest. As you progress your quest becomes more and more fun with dense obstacles. Along with that, your abilities will also increase, we can now fly, climb over the obstacles without too much difficulty, and with the available skills. Even jumping off the wall from one rock to another rock has become very artistic.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Classic hack mod apk monopoly supports Power Controllers A, Moga, Nyko, XBOX and all HIDs.

Download Sonic the Hedgehog Classic Unlocked 3.6.3

Download (63MB)
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