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APP Name Shark Tank Tycoon
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Unlimited All
Size 90MB
Latest Version 1.17

The path to becoming a millionaire can start with simple things, even depending on the creativity and entrepreneurship of each person. And one of them is that through the Shark Tank, it is not an object, but a phenomenon where other millionaires are also involved in a struggle for power and fame. People have to contend with each other about many things, constantly investing, growing businesses, and doing countless things that an entrepreneur has to do. If you want to experience that job, go to Shark Tank Tycoon, where you build an empire with your business capabilities. It is also a business simulation game with a high level of accuracy, allowing players to experience the real battlefield of entrepreneurs, where they have to fight to advance or have a better life.

Kung Fu Z1.9.21 - Money/Diamond Games, Arcade

Speaking of kung fu, Bruce Lee cannot be ignored. He is an American, Chinese, and one of the largest martial arts figures in the world. With fast and powerful attacks, there is not a single opponent that can knock him down. Although his life was so short, what he left was glittering, and he fell into the list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. Ever wanted to be? a martial artist like you? Join Kung Fu Z and start building your martial arts career, following Bruce Lee’s unfinished path.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch3.15.5 - Unlimited Currency Games, Simulation

You dream of building a theme park for yourself and want to design it with your imagination? So come to RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch and start building a theme park the way you want. The game is a super realistic simulation game, allowing players to building an amusement park according to their style. The game will make players become a top manager of this theme park, and manage all activities in the park. This game also allows players to enjoy those activities, and bring new experiences to the Tycoon genre.

  • The Shark Tank system focuses on talented people willing to risk their careers to receive many attractive benefits. In Shark Tank Tycoon hack mod apk, players will have to invest continuously and many different businesses, even turning them into new sources of income for future development. However, each business can only produce one item, and players can decide for themselves what type of item they will sell, like a canned pizza. Each item has a value, and they will continuously generate idle revenue whether the player is away or offline. Players can unlock more advanced businesses, with new level products, such as heavy industries or electronic components. Each item has a value, and they will also come with a separate development system.
  • Players will take on a small area that can be expanded over time, which is where players build businesses and fabrication facilities, along with many other types of buildings. When players have enough money, they can invest in new items or use them to develop an idle system to generate revenue faster. The rate at which each business generates revenue varies, and many businesses have to be manually managed by the players. During the game, Shark Tank Tycoon hack full mod unlimited all will introduces players to an in-depth development system. That system will affect entire businesses, even individual businesses, and can be endlessly upgraded to improve revenue to new heights.
  • Events are great opportunities for players, giving them many attractive rewards and a significant boost in their empire. Players are free to participate in the event using their empire because the event is built for everyone. Their difficulty will be adjusted automatically according to the player’s level. The event rewards are engaging and irresistible, giving players even more attractive options to customize their crafting.
  • Most businesses need to be manually activated to start the revenue generation process, but in the future, players will not need to do so thanks to the managers. They will keep all businesses up and running 24/7, even when players are away or offline. They will even factor the turnover of each business, and provide players with many attractive benefits. If players collect enough cards for a manager, they can be upgraded to improve performance, even unlock special skills to boost the business process.
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  • If players want to become a millionaire, their priority will be to join Shark Tank and start building a name from there. Building an empire is arduous and begins with only a small amount of capital to build facilities or invest businesses. Shark Tank Tycoon mod apk full mod unlimited all has diverse and well-developed gameplay that offers players countless compelling options for becoming a millionaire. Still, they also come with risks that can get players to restart the process. When participating in the Shark Tank era, players will receive many attractive benefits, but at the same time, must meet the conditions given by the board to be able to develop for a long time.
  • The main source of income for players, although they come from the empire, actually they will need a system of daily tasks to develop well and steadily. The variety of missions and achievements is a form of challenge for players, as they provide them with many attractive rewards for them to invest in other areas. The mission system is diverse, but the new achievement system has many attractive rewards, even giving players many breakthroughs while managing their empire. At the same time, through the mission system, that players will understand more about Shark Tank Tycoon apk mod, how to manage, and many other things to have the best experience.
  • Shark Tank is always a place full of people with great ambitions; many people can rise to become a millionaire thanks to their abilities. Although Shark Tank Tycoon full mod unlimited all is a simulation game, it emphasizes entertainment rather than reality, but still gives players an experience of becoming a millionaire thanks to their idle empire.
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Hollywood Story10.0 - Diamond/Money Games, Simulation

Hollywood Story – You know actor Vin Diesel plays the guy in the movie Pitch Black Fast and Furious or her beautiful Jennifer Lawrence in the film Passenger? They are A-list celebrities in Hollywood, with acting talent as well as the big money they make in the movie industry, they have achieved the career success that everyone desires.

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Interior design is not only a profession but also an art. When you become an interior designer, you will have to use all your knowledge to create beautiful houses. Customers are satisfied you have money. Design Island: 3D Home Makeover will let you enjoy the feeling of being a designer as you try your best. In fact, this is a game for children so the image is also made extremely cute, close. However, if you are an adult, you can also enjoy the game for relaxing hours.

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For gamers, Minecraft is probably no longer a strange name. The game is designed in block form, giving a new experience in terms of visuals, effects and feel for the player. But there’s a combination of gardening and box-shaped graphics, a typical face in Blocky Farm. New to Jet Toast recently launched but received a warm welcome from players. Blocky Farm is also the first product to be considered as the best game with the Digital Dragons Award 2017, furthermore, such attention will be encouraging Jet Toast to regularly care for this product.

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