Download Resort Hotel: Bay Story version 2.0.5 mod apk hack Many Features for android

APP Name Resort Hotel: Bay Story
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Many Features
Size 87MB
Latest Version 2.0.5

Have you ever dreamed of owning and operating your own hotel? Imagine how great it would be to manage an entire resort. Now, that dream can come true by participating in the simulation game Resort Hotel: Bay Story. Coming to the game, players will experience the feeling of operating a resort. This game is the product of WhaleApp LTD, a famous game publisher and producer all over the world with famous titles like Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery … The game has also received a lot of attention from players. How about you? Do you want to be a manager? Let’s download the Resort Hotel: Bay Story immediately.

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  • Resort Hotel: Bay Story (MOD, Many Features)
  • Resort Hotel: Bay Story (MOD, Many Features)
  • Resort Hotel: Bay Story (MOD, Many Features)
  • The game has 2D graphics drawn in an animated, vibrant and colourful style to attract players. You will be immersed in the game to feel the difficulties of managing a large resort. Not only managers but also improvements must be made to return to their golden age, and beyond.
  • Resort Hotel: Bay Story mod apk full mod many features started with the image of a pretty girl named Alice who suddenly received the pleasure of being admitted to the University of Business Hotel in Los Angeles. One day, she stepped to Los Angeles to make admissions. Shortly, she remembered that one of her biological uncle who lives here once offered an invitation to her that if she had the opportunity to come to Los Angeles, she would definitely have to visit his hotel. It is an extremely luxurious resort located right on the romantic beach. However, when she arrived here, she realised that the facilities had been seriously degraded so that the hotel did not have a single guest. The business of the hotel is becoming a severe loss-making that her uncle no longer has enough money to maintain. In order to help her beloved uncle, she decided to turn the hotel from a shabby place into a top destination for tourists. As a reluctant hotel manager, you start refurbishing and improving the areas so that they become new and attract customers. Open more shops, bars, renovate the garden and decorate the venue with your own style.
  • Resort Hotel: Bay Story (MOD, Many Features)
  • The effects in the game are also elaborated carefully to make the player have the best experiences. The explosive effects in the match-3 game are clear examples of this. The sound in the game is integrated with soothing music tracks to help players relax easily. Other sounds in the game, such as when breaking the blocks, boosters are also extremely great. Resort Hotel: Bay Story apk mod is a perfect choice for those who want a game to relax in their free time. Stop hesitating and download immediately.
  • Players can build and improve the resort entirely at their own will. In Resort Hotel: Bay Story hack full mod many features, there are many options to build; each building will have different options from design style, colour, to size… You will be the one to choose those things for the resort to make it looks beautiful and gorgeous. You can also expand the size of the resort if you have enough money. The more you grow, the better your resort will be in the eyes of customers.
  • Resort Hotel: Bay Story (MOD, Many Features)
  • For match-3 games, the more you play the later stages, the harder it will be. Players must be very smart to be able to fulfil the requirements given by the manufacturer to win. By combining four or more of the same blocks, they will create booster units. When activated, they will scan horizontally or vertically, even sweeping a large array. Be smart in putting the blocks together to generate booster units to win the game easier.
  • You will be guided by the story of the game so that through each event occurring in Resort Hotel: Bay Story hack mod apk, you will be brought to a classic match-3 game screen. The gameplay is a combination of match-3 and hotel construction. When you overcome a manufacturer’s challenge, you will receive a reward that is gold coins. You will use those gold coins to upgrade your resort to become more advanced and attract more guests. This is a creative combination of the producer, which is also one of the main things that have attracted a large number of players for the game.
  • Resort Hotel: Bay Story full mod many features has a lot of exciting features; players please download and experience it now
  • The game also features an online connection with friends to create a community of players. You can go to your friends’ places to help them when they in need. There is also a rating system. When a player participates in a match-3 game, the system will record the total score and list them all in one list. Try your best to get the highest rank right away.

Download Resort Hotel: Bay Story Many Features 2.0.5

Download (87MB)
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