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APP Name Quest Town Saga
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Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Tickets/Stamina/Gold
Size 44MB
Latest Version 1.3.4

If one day suddenly wakes up, and you discover that you have supernatural powers and the fighting power like the heroes you’ve heard in myths, what will you do? Will you solve all the everyday people bullying you, or protect people from evil and evil? If you have such power, then your mission is to safeguard Saga Town in Quest Town Saga. Saga is in danger and is confronting monsters. Turn your mission into glory, join Quest Town Saga to fight evil and protect people right away.

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  • 1. Infinite Tickets
  • Quest Town Saga hack full mod tickets stamina gold is set in the main town of Saga, where monsters are being attacked. Previously, you were assigned by the government to serve as mayor in Saga; your task is to build this town to become richer and protect people living in peace. One day, an army of monsters calling themselves rulers appeared, and they forced you to hand over the town. Your refusal has angered them into a peaceful little town. It’s time you need to use your power and the army of heroes you train over the years to chase these monsters out of your land.
  • Quest Town Saga full mod tickets stamina gold also has a character system quite rich. Although it is only a simple 2D game, the character also has HP, MP, Damage, Defense,… and weapon systems and external equipment like other 3D role-playing games. Quest Town Saga hack mod apk takes place according to the plot, so you need to pay attention to upgrade your character to enhance combat ability, fight bosses. In addition to customizing weapons, every time your character levels up, the stats are also increased. Every time you hit monsters or complete quests, the system will reward you.
  • You can choose the class for your character: Thief, Knight, Wizard, Cleric, Monster tamer,… Each class will have a different development trend and use different fighting skills. Besides, you can customize the external map for the character in the function customize equipment.
  • Join Quest Town Saga apk mod; you’ve just embarked on a journey against the monsters that take place on many lands throughout the town. In the process, you will recruit heroes to fight monsters, and also struct buildings in the town, turning the wild town to become the most livable paradise on the planet. In many locations in the city, there are NPCs, who will guide you through the quests, and show you where monsters are going and give you valuable rewards. You will move to different locations, using the skills that characters have to attack them. Whenever monsters are destroyed, they can drop items such as coins, weapons, or mysterious chests for you to collect.
  • On the control mechanism, you just need to touch and hold the screen to move the character, then use the skills at the bottom of the screen to fight. Each character has only a certain amount of HP, so you need to maintain your HP. Every time HP shows signs of decline, use HP support items on Quest Town Saga mod apk full mod tickets stamina gold.

Download Quest Town Saga Tickets/Stamina/Gold 1.3.4

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