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APP Name Prison Empire Tycoon
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Unlimited Money
Size 104MB
Latest Version 2.2.0

To be honest, the prison is a hazardous place when it says it contains a lot of offenders. Little is known of what has happened in prisons. This is the place to minimize contact with the outside world. If you want to get an overview of life in prison, as well as how everything in it works, then try Prison Empire Tycoon. This is an exciting game built in Idle style that allows you to become the boss of a prison. The experience in this game will be completely new compared to what you know before.

Emotional stories are always a rich and diverse topic with many bows Different emotions. Sometimes happiness makes people satisfied; sometimes sadness makes people nostalgic. The manufacturer has always focused on simulating romantic stories so that players can comfortably venture into it. Some games can be mentioned like Dream Girlfriend, Choices: You Play Stories, etc. If you are looking for a romantic and full-of-emotion game, Heartbeat: My Choices, My Episode will be right for you.

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Matchland is a puzzle game with unique, exciting, and impressive gameplay; it is an escape game genre which allows players to rebuild everything back to its glorious time. And in this game, players will rebuild an abandoned theme park and bring laughter to everyone like the old days. Players not only succeed in rebuilding a fun theme park for everyone but will also experience the endless puzzle challenge of this game. If you are interested in restoring everything, from the exterior to the interior, restore each area, build parks, plant trees, etc., then come to this game and start your journey.

  • While the service quality is quite good, Prison Empire Tycoon apk mod is not that there are no prisoners planning to escape. Dangerous prisoners with life imprisonment will try to find a way to regain their freedom illegally. Players will have to try their best to track each of their actions; do everything to keep them in prison, not to harm people and society.
  • The prisoners brought here are sure to always wish to someday they will regain their freedom. In fact, there are some policies to help them reduce their sentences. In the process of detention, they will have to do good deeds to help those around them as well as society. In Prison Empire Tycoon full mod unlimited money, the game system will set out quests so you can make use of the human resources of existing prisoners. If you send them on these missions, you will definitely receive rewards. This money will be transferred directly to the account as well as help you increase EXP. In addition, for those prisoners who work hard and help society, they will also be discharged.
  • As the scenes you see in the movies, prisons are boring. It’s just a stone room, equipped with a sketchy bed, along with a dirty toilet. That scene is real in most prisons in the world. However, Prison Empire Tycoon hack full mod unlimited money did not want this to happen. Players will have to upgrade their jails so that prisoners can live in it comfortably. The first is to give them a very comfortable bed. Then try to promote the sanitation system, as well as clean the room for cleanliness. With the large number of prisoners brought here, you will have to manage extremely strictly and strictly. As you progress to higher levels, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage.
  • First, it will have a relatively small area, and the services in it are minimal. You only have a few rooms to house prisoners. In addition, there is no such thing as anything. You will have to try your best, making the most of the prisoners’ resources to create material wealth. This money is definitely not able to keep for yourself already. Basically, if you store too much money, they will not be able to exert their effects. Your prison will be forever poor if you do not use money wisely. Use the income you have to invest in short-term services to pay back immediately. Once you have a certain amount of capital from your profits, invest in bigger, longer-lasting things. Finally, you need a large prison with many rooms for prisoners combined with different services to enhance the spiritual life of their material people.
  • Prison Empire Tycoon mod apk full mod unlimited money is actually making an interesting, simple, and entertaining game. Your main job is to do business and make money on the basis of being prisoners. This topic seems to be quite new, so it caught the attention of many players. Can you become a wealthy tycoon, own a thriving prison chain, and get the best deal?
  • Starting to enter Prison Empire Tycoon hack mod apk, you will be provided with a prison of quite low quality. This means that your prison has a bad security level, and the criminals sent here to have a very high escape rate. In addition, the prison guards’ system is not strong and disciplined. Players will have to try their best to be able to build a high reputation. In order to do this, the quality of Security, as well as the level of discipline, must be clearly increased. The most obvious proof is that the most dangerous criminals in the world are sent here, and you must keep them strictly.
  • Prison Empire Tycoon (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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