Download Plumber 3 version 4.1 mod apk hack Unlimited Diamonds for android

APP Name Plumber 3
Genre Games, Puzzle
MOD info Unlimited Diamonds
Size 40MB
Latest Version 4.1

There are many professions all over the world for players to choose and make money from. As a child, we always wanted to be in jobs such as firefighters, police officers, doctors, and more. So how many of you want to be a plumber? If so, today, with the game Plumber 3, your dream will come true when coming to this game to experience. This game belongs to the puzzle category and will make players have to think a lot to find the answer.

Sins Raid1.8.2 - Damage/God Mode Games, RPG

Strategic games require players to use the logic ability for my reasoning so that I can take advantage of my strengths to attack the enemy’s weaknesses to win. Meanwhile, roleplaying games have a thrilling storyline, allowing players to play the role of protagonists, discover exciting stories. What if both of these genres coexist in a game? Sins Raid is the answer. Sins Raid is a unique combination of immersive and tactical genre, released completely by Cube Magic Interactive. This game promises to bring many exciting things for you.

Legend of Ace1.46.10 - Mini map Games, MOBA

Fascinating battles are always the first choice for gamers today. The most popular game genres like FPS or MOBA have been making the revolutionary gameplay so that they can find new ways for them while keeping their core combat elements. In recent times, FPS games have had a feverish mode called Battle Royale and many FPS makers have added it to their games as a way to engage their gamers. Therefore, MOBA games must have their own reforms to find out the individual points to bring new experiences for gamers.

  • Plumber 3 mod apk full mod unlimited diamonds has many different stages for players to experience, up to the present time, the number has been more than 300 different stages. Players can freely play the game without worrying about no stage to play. The number of stages of Plumber 3 apk mod is increasing day by day with each game update, so players are getting more and more stages to play. Each stage will have a different arrangement and will need a different answer to be able to complete that stage.
  • Plumber 3 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)
  • When starting a stage, the player will be given a certain amount of money to be used for moving pipes. Each time the player rolls a part of the pipe, the player will lose 5 cents, and if the number of coins that the player has not completed will lose. So players need to calculate carefully before moving water pipes, so they do not have to move them in the wrong position. Plumber 3 full mod unlimited diamonds has a bright design of connecting the pipes for players to observe. But to use it, the player needs to spend a certain amount of money, so please limit the view of the blueprint.
  • Plumber 3 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)
  • When coming to Plumber 3 hack full mod unlimited diamonds, the player will play the role of a plumber and have the task of troubleshooting the pipes to complete the stages. Although the task sounds simple, the player will spend a lot of time to complete it. The tubes in the game have been arranged in a messy way for players to correct their positions. Players need to customize the position of the pipes so that a seamless line extends from the factory to the required place to complete the stage. But the pipe positions are not transparent; players need to think about how to connect them.
  • Plumber 3 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)
  • When the player runs out of money, the player will continue the game if the player’s savings are still there. Money saved is the amount of money that players have left when completing a stage and still not spending all the money that the game provides. The excess will become savings to be able to support players in an emergency. If the amount of money the stage has provided to the player has exhausted, the player can use the savings to continue playing Plumber 3 hack mod apk. But if the player used the savings to complete the stage, the number of stars the player would have reduced from three stars to one star. So players try to achieve that stage without the help of savings to get all three stars.
  • Plumber 3 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)

Download Plumber 3 Unlimited Diamonds 4.1

Download (40MB)

Horse racing is a very interesting sport and equally dangerous. It is also the favorite sport of many people; even horse races have become the custom of some lands. Betting around the racetrack is also a lot of fun. You will not know how popular and exceptionally it is. And to give people a clearer look at this dramatic sport, Photo Finish Horse Racing has been released and promises to bring you a fantastic experience.

Battleheart Legacy1.5.4 - Money/Points Games, RPG

It can be said that a game in the genre of adventure always has its own number of fans. Because to be able to complete all the missions is not a day-to-day affair, but that is the process of collecting items, unlocking locations, and adventure to new lands. Those are always the points that make the series like GTA become famous and have a considerable number of players. But finding such a game on your phone is really difficult. Because to achieve specific standards in terms of storyline, graphics, or visualization is always a problem that manufacturers have a headache. The problem is to make it so that the elements must be harmonious without taking up too much space on the player’s phone. And must give a compliment to Mika Mobile for creating a game that will appeal to those who love the adventure genre, and that is Battleheart Legacy. And to explain why the game is appreciated as well as for those who do not have any concept of this game can get an overview and objectivity. Before making a decision whether or not to bring this game to your phone.

Metal Squad2.3.1 - Unlimited Money Games, Arcade

If you’ve tried the legendary Contra series before, there’s no reason to ignore Metal Squad. Honestly, it doesn’t have any connection between these two products, but if you look briefly, you can quickly see that these are two games that have quite similar gameplay. Although there is a gap in the generation between the two games until several decades, Contra’s breath is still deeply expressed through the game. “Metal Squad” will bring the most exciting shooting combat experience that you can play right on your Android device.

Idle Life Sim1.3.1 - Unlimited Money Games, Simulation

Idle Life Sim is a simulation game that simulates our lives through lively and funny 3D avatars. Avatar represents the player’s character, and they can create the avatar the way they want and start building a life of their own. Yes, this game will simulate everything in our lives and ready to let players experience them at the fullest.

Hotel Empire Tycoon1.9.6 - Unlimited Money Games, Simulation

Surely we have always wished that we would become the manager of a luxury hotel. To do this must not be simple at all. But not without solutions for you to experience this extremely interesting job. I will introduce to you a game called Hotel Empire Tycoon, released by “Codigames” – a game developer who must be familiar with many people. Coming to Hotel Empire Tycoon, you will be managing an extremely large and luxurious hotel of your own! Are you ready to become rich by managing your hotel chain? If you’re ready, build your own hotel empire and become a travel tycoon!

Frankenstein is one of the most famous stories in American literature. It represents a kind of person, a way of life, a culture. Thanks to such extensive influence, this work will surely be recognized by many people immediately. However, it is really a difficult topic to explore because of its high philosophy. Speaking of games, perhaps, The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature will be a story you want to enjoy. A journey that you have never been told. The things that THE CREATURE passed during the time that the villagers chased it away. The journey in which it becomes a sentient being, with intelligence and even love.

What is a dream city in your definition? Do you know what it takes to build a worthy city to live in? If all the above questions make you feel wondering or if you don’t know anything about this term yet, then the game about to be introduced right here will appeal all to you. The most realistic game genre is not the legendary RPG games, nor the dramatic FPS action games but the type of Simulator game. The best way to know how a stable and prosperous city is like is by experiencing the game Megapolis. Developed by Social Quantum, Megapolis is precisely a typical simulation game about building an old city. Through this game, players can understand the market principles and the ways to make a stable economy of a civilized city.

Mad Truck Challenge1.5 - Unlimited Money Games, Racing

Do you want to join the life and death arena, where monster trucks vie with each other to become the first vehicle to reach the finish line? Not only that, but your car should also be a car with the largest size, as well as the fastest speed to crush all other competitors. Of course, this is an adventure game, so it shouldn’t be done in real life. However, if you have the desire to have this experience, I will still have a way to satisfy you.