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APP Name PetrolHead
Genre Games, Racing
MOD info Unlimited Money
Size 510MB
Latest Version 2.0.0

Racing games have been around for a long time in the gaming industry, appearing on a variety of platforms, such as PCs, consoles, handheld gaming consoles, and even mobile. Compared to other platforms, the mobile platform seems to be inferior and distant, but it still has many famous racing games with realistic graphics and well-developed gameplay. One such game is PetrolHead, a new generation racing game, using advanced 3D graphics, along with many attractive features for players to customize their cars. Besides, the game will add more classic and iconic cars, regardless of era or manufacturer, this game will have everything to satisfy car enthusiasts.

Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World1.048.05 - Free Build/All Items Games, Simulation

Have you ever felt bored with your life? I assure you that there are times when you will not want to live in life. This life, because modern life makes people encounter difficulties that they have no way to solve, can not escape the spiral of life. With the stress of that life, many game makers have come up with a great idea. With the power of technology, they have created new lives, where people can temporarily forget their complicated lives to live other lives. Here people can do whatever they want; it’s a life simulation game.

FIFA Soccer14.1.02 - Original Games, Sports

Have you ever wondered why the whole world calls the football sport with a beautiful name that is king sport? One of the simplest things we can recognize for certain is that this is the sport that gives people the most special emotions. All the audience’s emotional levels, players, commentators, are watching each movement on the field. And to describe all the most interesting things, the manufacturer ELECTRONIC ARTS spent a lot of time researching and developing. Thereby, a unique game called FIFA Soccer was born to satisfy the fans’ passionate passion around the world. Quickly install the game to learn about a special game!

  • If you are looking for a new generation racing game with top-notch graphics, well-developed gameplay, and diverse features for the best experience, PetrolHead hack mod apk will be a perfect choice for you.
  • If you have played new generation racing games like Asphalt 9, then you will notice that its controls and features in gameplay are well-developed and full of detail. The same goes for this game, but it becomes more straightforward and accessible to players. The game will introduce a control mechanism mixed between automatic and manual, giving players a completely new control experience. Not only that, but the game will also apply many physics mechanisms, making the environment become real, and players will have a lot of entertainment while enjoying the game. Players will also be introduced to other advanced control mechanisms, such as drift and nitro, and even other professional driving techniques. In most other new generation racing games, players will also have access to a vast car library, and also where players can customize all their favorite cars.
  • PetrolHead full mod unlimited money possesses well-developed gameplay, and along with advanced 3D graphics makes the player’s environment more realistic. It also has a variety of racing modes and many other activities for the player. Not only the story mode, where players unlock new features and opponents, but players can also do side quests or participate in weekly event activities. Moreover, players can also practice with AI through custom racing modes, where players testing new cars and earn additional income to be able to cover career and upgrade the vehicle. Each racing mode has its unique feature, but all of them always give players endless fun. Not only that, but players can also participate in the hottest races between real players through online multiplayer.
  • The racing car will come in many different shapes and performances, as well as origins and many other variations for players to collect and enjoy. PetrolHead mod apk full mod unlimited money will introduce a rewards system, where players receive a new vehicle through the progress of the game or achieve a particular achievement while racing. Each car has its characteristics, like the speed, power, and even the number of custom slots that the player can equip. The unique thing is that each car is made up of many different parts, so players must collect each part separately and upgrade them for each car. Not only upgrading the parts, but the player can also customize their appearances, such as changing the color, changing the rim, spoiler, exhaust, and more to make them stand out. Moreover, through the reward system or completing races, players will also have the ability to receive components to upgrade vehicles.
  • PetrolHead apk mod will introduce an online multiplayer, where players can participate in bustling races with friends or strangers. In the multiplayer mode, there will also be many different racing modes, and the track will be located at various locations in the city. Of course, through online multiplayer, players will have many opportunities to find new rewards, fame, and even new achievements. In the future, the multiplayer mode will also be updated with many new things such as game modes, events, activities, and new maps for players to enjoy with friends.
  • PetrolHead hack full mod unlimited money is not built in a mission-based gameplay style, but players will explore a vast and authentic world built by extraordinary 3D graphics. Moreover, the city will also come to life with dense AI traffic, creating new feelings when players are driving around. Of course, the interaction of the environment will also be improved, as well as making the environment destructible for players to entertain with friends. The game’s graphics promise to give players the best experience, such as eye-catching effects, well-design vehicles, and much more so that they have a lot of entertainment with the racing genre.

Download PetrolHead Unlimited Money 2.0.0

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The Arcana: A Mystic Romance1.98 - Unlimited Money/Keys Games, Simulation

Simulation game can be considered one of the genres that are being appreciated at present. Because it gives players the world, they want. In Japan, there is also a concept for this type of game called “otome game.” This type of play is also a genre of simulations, but it tends to be romantic stories. And often it will pass a romance that is very much twist, as well as the mystery, the fascinating adventure. Since then, the feelings that they have built become more profound, and it is more like an anime.

Scary Teacher 3D5.7.3 - Unlimited Money Games, Simulation

Scary Teacher 3D is a Simulation game with an open world, and more specifically, it is a large interactive house. The game has very attractive and new gameplay, promising to bring difficult moments to leave the play screen for players. With evil and sly pranks, the game is labelled 12+.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion – An RPG role-playing game is featured on Ubisoft Entertainment’s products. And recently, Ubisoft has launched a product that combines the two types: Assassin’s Creed Rebellion. As a sequel to the Assassin’s Creed series, Ubisoft certainly made significant changes in texture and content to welcome newcomers and attract gamers to the next child. In this new version, the most significant change in Ubisoft is the image of the killer character. The killers will be chibi style, lovely than cool and cold as before. But if you improve to change the appearance of the real Rebellion is not attractive to gamers, Ubisoft knows that this has changed the gameplay so that Rebellion different, more unique.

Rebel Racing1.61.13083 - Activate Nitro/Frozen AI Games, Racing

Since each of us is a child, toy car models are always one of the best-selling items in any toy store on sale. Or the movie titles about cars are also always loved by people that typical can be seen as the movie “Cars” and the famous action movie title “Fast and Furious”. Therefore, the game genre that is played by the most people of all ages cannot help but mention the racing game genre. We must be familiar with the very good racing games that came out some time ago such as: Project Cars, Split / Second, iRacing, Dirt 3, … But putting those games aside. Today I will introduce to you a racing game that you cannot miss, which is Rebel Racing released by Hutch Games – a manufacturer doing very well on these games – promises to bring you the intense battle of the super car possesses tremendous speed.

RAID: Shadow Legends3.00.1 - Battle Speed Games, RPG

Speaking of MMORPG, surely we all know the famous video game World of Warcraft developed by Blizzard. First released 15 years ago in 2004, World of Warcraft was the video game that inspired and opened a new era for the MMORPG genre. Until now, apart from World of Warcraft, surely many people would know some famous video games with the same genre on many different platforms such as Sword Art Online series, Blade and Soul, Final Fantasy XIV,… This article will introduce you to a video game that also carries the famous MMORPG genre, and it is completely free on smartphones, it called RAID: Shadow Legends.

3DTuning3.6.440 - Unlocked Games, Simulation

There are many racing-related games on the market for players to choose from for entertainment. But most of them are racing games, but there are very few other style games for players to experience. All that a player does is what makes your car fast to finish first. That is what regular games can bring to players for you to experience. But also because of many similar games, players do not seem to be too much interested in such games. Everyone wants to have a new experience, an experience that few games can bring. If the player is looking for a game like that, the answer for you is 3DTuning – a car-related game. Although it is a car-related game, the game is far different from the other games for players to experience. When players come to the game, they will experience a lot of new things that the game brings to you.

City Island 53.4.2 - Unlimited Money Games, Simulation

The city-building simulation games often give players the most authentic experience in managing their dream city. Many games also apply stunning 3D graphics, along with a variety of gameplay so players can enjoy managing their city anytime, anywhere. And for the Android platform, a series of construction and management simulation games are called City Island. In this article, it will refer to the series’ 5th game, City Island 5, with improved graphics featuring many novel architectural patterns from around the world.

1945 Air Forces7.83 - Unlimited Money Games, Arcade

For a long time, games with Flight Shooting gameplay have appeared on older consoles such as Nintendo Wii,… This is always one of the most popular games. Over the time of development, many games of this genre have been released on many different platforms on PC as well as Mobile. There are even those who cannot afford to buy a console to play. They have to go to the game center to play on the Arcade Game machine and spend a lot of time and money on that. But with the technology growing, you can play games right on your phone. Download the 1945 Air Force immediately to revive your childhood memories.