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APP Name Operate Now: Hospital
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Unlimited Money
Size 465MB
Latest Version 1.39.1

Human life becomes more and more modern; strange diseases follow that appears. In many places, hospitals are continually being built to treat people. Spil Games took this topic and developed its game: Operate Now: Hospital. This is a simulation game about the hospital. If you’ve ever wished to become a great doctor, or become a person in charge of running a large organization, Operate Now: Hospital is worth a try.

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  • Connect with social networks and share your hospital with friends.
  • Operate Now: Hospital apk mod is an exciting hospital simulation game that you should not miss. In addition to the beautiful graphics and features, you can also explore many other mysterious stories that have been put into the game by the author to increase the appeal and suspense.
  • As an executive, you’ll have to worry a lot. The first is about building facilities and necessary tools. Your hospital is still quite small, and the facilities are in a state of shortage by using the patient’s pay, and bonuses from the mission. You need to build new sick rooms, new clinics, medicine rooms, reception,… to buy the necessary tools and equipment to work, such as ambulance, ultrasound, camera X-rays,… to meet the needs of patients. After that, you need to recruit people. Your hospital can only be sustained and can cure many patients when you have a team of doctors and talented staff. During Operate Now: Hospital hack mod apk game, some doctors will appear, and work for you. Don’t forget to praise and pay well for them, when they work well.
  • Not only makes a doctor simulator, Operate Now: Hospital mod apk full mod unlimited money also allows you to build a large-scale hospital system. You can own everything in the hospital yourself. Remember, you must be careful before deciding everything
  • Operate Now: Hospital (MOD, Free Shopping)
  • Operate Now: Hospital (MOD, Free Shopping)
  • Operate Now: Hospital (MOD, Free Shopping)
  • Operate Now: Hospital (MOD, Free Shopping)
  • Joining Operate Now: Hospital full mod unlimited money, you will become a central hospital of the city, where doctors scramble to revive their patients. You will have to take over the job of running the hospital’s affairs, as well as being a surgeon, directly responsible for the patients’ operations.
  • You will be able to perform the most realistic surgery as possible. This is a great feature if you are doing a real-life doctor
  • Become a senior manager at the hospital, supervising nurses, patients, and other doctors.
  • Operate Now: Hospital (MOD, Free Shopping)
  • Operate Now: Hospital (MOD, Free Shopping)
  • As soon as you start Operate Now: Hospital hack full mod unlimited money, you will meet nurse Amy. She is the person who receives the patient’s records and is the one who assists you in the surgery and instructs you to perform some tasks. As a doctor, you will be directly involved in the operations. Before the process, the system will display the information of support nurses and some other doctors (if necessary) to assist you. You will be the main person and perform many stages on your own, such as using the scalpel, laser, numb, suturing the wound,…
  • The corresponding functions will be displayed on the screen; you touch to select specific actions, then swipe up the screen to take action. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play. Initially, the system will guide you so that you will become familiar with the gameplay.
  • Directly receive CV and interview the staff working in the hospital. Then you will train them directly.

Download Operate Now: Hospital Unlimited Money 1.39.1

Download (465MB)
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