Download My Town: Bakery & Pizza Store Free version 1.14 mod apk hack Unlimited Heart for android

APP Name My Town: Bakery & Pizza Store Free
Genre Games, Casual
MOD info Unlimited Heart
Size 62MB
Latest Version 1.14

For some people, eating and cooking is an essential part of life. We can make many new dishes, especially to satisfy their preferences. Therefore, to create a new and more meaningful playground for everyone of all ages, My Town Game. Ltd has launched My Town: Bakery to continue the My Town series. Are you a cook? If so, please join now.

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  • Confidently show off your skills as a chef in My Town: Bakery & Pizza Store Free apk mod. Free games on google store so you can download at any time, or if you want to see more, players can enjoy the trailer in just a few minutes. Surely this will be a fun and relaxing playground for everyone who loves to cook.
  • The materials used to make the cake are available, players only need to select the ingredients needed, and make the cake in a straightforward way. If the store sells well, the number of customers will increase as well, so it’s clear that providing enough of the essentials is important. You can do a lot of different jobs without employing them. For example, while baking or waiting for the cake to ripen, you can mix the drinks that customers demand. There will be customers coming to order a birthday party. This would be a good opportunity for the player to promote the store’s image.
  • Help customers decorate the venue, make the cake on request, the drink that guests give. In addition, the player can also organise a pizza party called pizza house. Inside the store, there are pizza pizzas; the interior is decorated with pizza motifs and, of course, the menu is pizza, a variety of biscuits for customers to choose from.
  • When it comes to cooking, of course, the essential thing is a kitchen. Come to My Town: Bakery & Pizza Store Free hack mod apk, players will have a place to show their talents. Kitchen with full amenities from the oven, dough machine, ingredients with full of fruits like strawberries, blueberries, chocolate creams, vanilla … all are available and you only I need money. Become an owner of a small bakery and always make the most delicious, most beautiful cakes and try to become the most friendly shop to attract customers.
  • My Town: Bakery & Pizza Store Free hack full mod unlimited heart is a fun, and engaging game so makes friends if you want to, finding or inviting friends will help people stay close to each other. Join in the culinary exchanges in the game. Everyone can become a chef when coming to My Town: Bakery & Pizza Store Free full mod unlimited heart. Children can be shown cooking passion in a healthy environment, learn new cakes through the phone screen, adults peace of mind about children’s games, can join the children to participate in meals Feast and make the most beautiful cake possible.
  • Your service is valued by the customer by expressing emotions when receiving the product. There are a lot of expressions on a guest like happy, sad, crying … this is a new feature for the players, so they know the food of the shop they are serving is thoughtful and satisfied guests. Or not. If they are satisfied, they may visit the store later, and it will be the premise for the store to grow in My Town: Bakery & Pizza Store Free mod apk full mod unlimited heart.

Download My Town: Bakery & Pizza Store Free Unlimited Heart 1.14

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