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APP Name My Talking Hank
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My Talking Hank is free taking care of pet game released by Outfit7. After a series of success with the My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela, Talking Tom and Friends, Outfit7 wants to continue to affirm their position along with the cute puppy named Hank of the game My Talking Hank for Android. Let’s download the game My Talking Hank for Android to start coming to the island with this lovely puppy.

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Cooking games are quite easy to play and also bring emotions to a lot of people. Therefore, even though there are a lot of cooking games on the market already, there are still vendors who continue to produce something like this. More and more later, the game becomes more complex to satisfy the needs of most gamers at the present time. Regarding the cooking game shop, if you are bored with the children’s games, you can try Cooking Simulator Mobile. This is really going to be a battle where you have to use all your skills to cook the best food. Everything will not be as simple as you put the ingredients together and then they will create delicious food. The player will have to do each step just like real cooking.

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  • During the time for Hank to sleep, players have a lot of things to do. To make money the most quickly, you can play mini-games or watch videos to go to a lucky rotation. This lucky rotation has many denominations including gold and diamond to have the opportunity to receive, luckily you can get up to 1000 gold coins or 60 diamonds.
  • In order to obtain the items at the newly unlocked location, players must use gold coins – denoted as puppy’s footmark to buy and display everywhere, the more expensive the item is, the more rare animals we attract. Each animal will be at the location of objects for a certain period of time so that Hank can take a picture of different moments satisfied most. Each animal needs only one photo in one location so the next picture of the animal you will have to choose to leave which picture.
  • A relatively interesting task for girlfriends loving fashion is choosing the costume for their lovely puppies. There are items such as hats, eye color or clothing that will be incorporated for each person’s personality. In addition to the available free items, after each level of My Talking Hank apk mod, the items will gradually be unlocked to make Hank puppy become more modern and fashionable. The interface of the My Talking Hank game for Android really impressed when taking the natural beauty of the island of Hawaii makes everyone feel excited. Colors and sharp graphics are good for the players, especially the children. If you love Hank puppy, please download the My Talking Hank full mod unlimited money diamond game for Android to explore Hawaii with this lovely puppy.
  • Each level of My Talking Hank mod apk full mod unlimited money diamond will be unlocked a different location to attract the animals and Hank will take pictures of them. However, in order to persuade them to stand still, you need to prepare food as well as toys to lure them out. Each animal we need at least one photo for Hank to add to the pet photo collection on Hawaii.
  • We will take care of our puppy and visit around Hawaii island with lots of cute animals on My Talking Hank hack mod apk. A completely new task for Hank puppy is to take pictures as many animals as possible to add to Hank’s collection. Not only Hank’s image is built in detail, but also the animals here are carefully tended to create beautiful game space.
  • Like My Talking Tom, we will take care of the Hank puppy with the task of feeding puppy, support to take it to the toilet, take a bath and make it sleep as well as wake up it every day to make puppy have the best health. However, My Talking Hank hack full mod unlimited money diamond is not just taking care of the puppy that players will do a lot of interesting work to cater to the puppy’s passion for photography.

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Zombie has always been the subject used by movie and game studios as one of the biggest bait because of the horror and somewhat violent elements. They are often defined as a virus strain that causes humans to die and turn into another form of a creature with the disgusting appearance and wobbly gait. The main goal is to eat human beings (sometimes the brain) of all the more frightening, living creatures, this virus is so scary that even if there is no heart, no liver, no intestines, just head with brains and sharp teeth, they can still devastate and continue to spread the disease, which brings obsession to humanity. Thus, killing Zombie is an urgent choice to protect the last civilization. And the game we would like to introduce to you in this article is Zombie Hunter Sniper. Developed by the publisher Genera Games on the phone platform, Zombie Hunter Sniper is really one of the few survival action FPS games with many rare horror elements that promise to bring Players to feel a sense of satisfaction and equally dramatic.