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APP Name My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Unlimited Money
Size 92MB
Latest Version 4.3.2836

My Gym is an Idle game that allows players to self-manage a gym studio and develop it based on their preferences. Many of us often have a hobby to work out to get a hot and healthy body. So how does it feel to run a studio gym? What do you need to do to satisfy customers? What do you need to do to keep your customers in the best shape? What do you need to do to ensure the quality of the gym? Every question in managing a gym studio will be in this game. If you are an Idle game lover or want to experience managing a gym studio, this game will give you all that it has.

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  • Players can buy much different equipment, not only gym equipment, but also equipment in other sports services. The number of services that players can offer to customers is endless, and there is even a training area depending on the player’s construction. Each service will have a membership fee per person, and it will increase if the quality of the gym is improved. Each device can only contain a maximum of one customer, and after a while, customers will generate money for players to collect. The automatic collection feature will be activated if the player distributes the coach in every area. The coach will vary in the level and level of effectiveness for the customer, and coaching can be level up to improve productivity.
  • The imagination of the players is endless, and they can build many great gyms to suit their style. But to let players do that, My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager hack mod apk must support the players with the best features. Players will be supported with many construction features, allowing players to renovate the interior, expand, even open new sports services for customers. And the tool placement feature helps users to build things neatly to save space. The number of tools in a gym studio is endless, as well as their models, and even the tools are divided into different levels of effectiveness. The higher the level of the tool, the greater the effect on the customer, and they will be satisfied with your services.
  • My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager full mod unlimited money uses the Idle element to develop the core, so it has many automated features that help users collect money every time they are filled. The player’s gym can be expanded endlessly or opened into multiple floors depend on the player’s desire. And the investment process will have to go through many stages, such as investing in training tools, furniture, and countless services for customers. If the player balances everything and always makes customers happy, the player’s studio will thrive in no time. Moreover, players will unlock more and more attractive features in the future, and make the management experience up a notch.
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  • My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager apk mod is a management simulation game and combines with Idle elements to build a diverse, in-depth, and engaging gameplay. The gameplay will also have more advanced features to make the player’s management process easier than ever. Players will start with a small gym, with poor quality equipment, and unattended furniture. From there, the player has a mission to invest in what is needed to attract customers, and help them have the desired body, the reward for satisfying a customer is the increase in reputation of the gym. In the future, players will have to constantly repeat this process, support customers, receive rewards, invest in upgrades, and build the best gym studio in the city.
  • My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager hack full mod unlimited money also has many mini-games for players, and these mini-games will make the gym management process more realistic than ever. Moreover, the purpose of mini-games is to help customers relax and even increase the efficiency level of customers. Players can also build the exercises suitable for each customer, even for each tool. Building exercises will increase the level of efficiency more than default lessons. Mini-games also allow players to bring back great gifts such as gymnastics, decorative items, and many new features. All of them will always give players a great benefit that the player can not refuse.
  • Fruits are a great source of nutrition for bodybuilders. If you know how to balance nutrition, the gym progress will be greatly improved. The game will feature allowing players to prepare nutritious drinks for customers. It can be considered as a kind of mini-games because the player will have to serve all customers the smoothies that match the formula provided. Of course, players can also create random smoothie and serve customers. If smoothies match the customer’s taste, then their progress and mood will be greatly improved.
  • My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager mod apk full mod unlimited money is an idle game, so the game will work even when the player is away. Some coaches can increase players’ income while offline. My Gym is an entertaining game that is suitable for bodybuilding lovers, and it will give players the most realistic studio gym managing experience.

Download My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager Unlimited Money 4.3.2836

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