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APP Name My Cafe Recipes Stories
Genre Games, Simulation
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Latest Version 2020.12.1

The coffee shop is a perfect place to work as well as to meet your friends; this is also a straightforward place to find inspiration. There are many people who, instead of working quietly at home, find a way to go to a crowded coffee shop to work. So compared to the past, now more and more new coffee shops are opened to serve everyone’s needs. To be able to open a cafe, it takes a relatively large amount of money to buy the necessary things for your job. And not everyone is qualified to do that, and running a cafe also brings a lot of risks, even leading to bankruptcy. Therefore, before deciding to do business, it must be considered many times. But if you still want to have the experience of owning a cafe but without any risk, the game My Cafe – Restaurant will be a perfect choice. If you want to be a manager, then this game is a great choice to do it.

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No need to introduce too much, Minecraft is the most popular game in the survival genre. This is a game in the direction of survival, with elements of exploration, adventure, and accompanying fighting. In general, we will continue to live the life of a human being in a fantasy world. You have no power at all, except for the intelligence and courage of an ordinary person. Are these challenges worth your investigation?

Grand Mountain Adventure1.176 - Unlimited Money/Unlocked Games, Adventure

For the average gamer, March 27 is nothing too special. But for those who love skiing, maybe this is the day they have been waiting for a long time. Official information comes from the publisher Toppluva AB that they will release their latest game on this day. Last year they opened a topic on Reddit and received the attention of many gamers with the product called “Grand Mountain Adventure”.

  • Players will be playing the role of a girl named Ann on the journey to fulfill their dreams. She has a goal of owning a chain of famous coffee shops in the city. Although she knew it wouldn’t be easy, the girl decided to start fulfilling her dream. She decided to open a coffee shop in the town to start her business in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories full mod unlimited money crystals vip 7. But things did not seem so easy; she had a lot of difficulties in the early days of opening her store. When times were tough, she decided to ask for your help to support her during this time. You will be the one who will help her grow her coffee shop so that they can become bigger.
  • My Cafe - Restaurant (MOD, Unlimited Money/VIP)
  • Players own a cafe, so they will have to serve a lot of customers to make money from them. Every time a customer walks into a player’s bar, they will order something to drink, and you will be their waiter. The player needs to create for My Cafe: Recipes & Stories hack full mod unlimited money crystals vip 7 what the customer asks for to get the money from the customer. If the customer walks into the store and wants a cup of tea, you need to go to the tea machine to make a cup of tea for the customer. In addition to tea, there are also many different drinks on the menu for players to sell to customers. Each customer coming to your cafe will require the other type, so when there are many customers, the player needs to do many things quickly to serve. Don’t let the player’s customers wait too long because everyone has their limits, and if they have to wait too long, they will leave. So let’s try to be able to serve everyone as quickly as possible.
  • Once the store’s interior and appearance have been changed, more customers will come here, and players will be able to make more money in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories hack mod apk. When the store is too large, the player will not be able to do it all by himself, so you can hire staff to work. Every month, players will spend a certain amount of money to pay for their staff.
  • This is not only a cafe shop but also a restaurant with a variety of dishes waiting to be served to customers. But at the time the player just started the My Cafe: Recipes & Stories apk mod, the player did not have enough money to buy the necessary items of a row. The My Cafe: Recipes & Stories mod apk full mod unlimited money crystals vip 7 owner will provide a small amount of money to purchase some things required for a cafe only. When the player has a lot of money, the player can buy a lot of new equipment to expand the menu of the restaurant. Players can buy an extra cake cabinet to start processing cakes to sell to customers.
  • Besides the task of serving customers, players also need to perform another task that is to expand the size of the store. When a player is just starting, you can only own a small store but get all the necessary things. The original design of the store wasn’t that beautiful either, so players needed to refurbish it to attract customers. Players will have two ways that are to save a lot of money and complete the work in a single time. Or you can do it slowly, which will save a lot of money, but it will take a lot of time.
  • My Cafe - Restaurant (MOD, Unlimited Money/VIP)
  • My Cafe - Restaurant (MOD, Unlimited Money/VIP)
  • My Cafe - Restaurant (MOD, Unlimited Money/VIP)
  • My Cafe - Restaurant (MOD, Unlimited Money/VIP)

Download My Cafe Recipes Stories Unlimited Money/Crystals/VIP 7 2020.12.1

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