Download METAL SLUG ATTACK version 5.18.0 mod apk hack Infinite AP for android

Genre Games, Strategy
MOD info Infinite AP
Size 64MB
Latest Version 5.18.0

Previously, when smartphone technologies were not yet too developed as today, gamers must use specialized gaming machines. On those console systems, many game legends have been born and are still mentioned a lot today. METAL SLUG is a famous game released on many platforms such as Gameboy, GBA, DS and supported by tens of millions of people around the world. Currently, there are even players playing this game on those devices.

Angry Birds Dream Blast1.27.0 - Money/Moves/Boosters Games, Logic

Thanks to that brand, so many different versions of it are released to exploit its full potential. Not so Angry Birds have exploited images in many game games have different games. It has now become a brand image, not a pack of games released in 2009. Rovio Entertainment Corporation has been successful with the Angry Birds product so they focus on developing this brand. If you follow their game release route, you will find this manufacturer does not seem to have any products other than that brand.

Property Brothers Home Design1.9.8g - Unlimited Gems/Coins Games, Simulation

People always need a home to live working and building a family. Each person’s home is not the same because they all have their own preferences that create diversity and customization. Property Brothers Home Design as a game will allow players to enjoy the experience of designing these beautiful and pleasant houses themselves. In this game, the player will not be alone but will be supported by two brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott. These are two extremely famous people in the interior design and housing world. They have a popular TV series in the US and are well known as the Property Brothers. These two men will become by their resources to support you on the way to becoming a talented and most loved designer.

  • But thanks to the strong development of smartphones, people do not need to spend too much effort to bring a gaming machine just to experience such a game. For Android users, it is easy to download a more modern version of the game right on Google Play. It is called METAL SLUG ATTACK hack full mod infinite ap, which is almost identical to what the other franchise owns. Even its graphics are intact; there is not much change in shaping. This reminds memories and gives players a nostalgic memory. The old game has had a significant improvement, but METAL SLUG ATTACK mod apk full mod infinite ap still has to improve the processing speed to be compatible with today’s high demand.
  • If you still have doubts that this product will not be able to satisfy itself like the console version, then rest assured. METAL SLUG ATTACK hack mod apk is the main product produced by SNK Corporation. This means that everything in the game is original; there is no content to copy and fake. As a result, the game recently broke its old record and reached over 10 million downloads. If you like this franchise METAL SLUG, you can also log into SNK’s repository to search. They also have many versions of this game, contained in the Google Play platform. All of them can be downloaded for free and play comfortably.
  • You will have to build an army yourself in METAL SLUG ATTACK full mod infinite ap to protect your stronghold from enemy attacks. They will constantly spill up to attack your squad to destroy the buildings you have built. But that is not easy, control your troops to go out with a suitable tactic, protect the vital place. Besides, you must control special skills to turn the battle around if necessary. METAL SLUG ATTACK apk mod will have many different game modes for you to experience such as “POW RESCUE,” “COMBAT SCHOOL” or “TREASURE HUNT,” and more being updated. Each mode will have different variations in the gameplay, and the rewards will also vary according to its difficulty.
  • Everything is almost unchanged in the basic gameplay so fans will quickly recognize the lovely traits that they have experienced. In fact, the gameplay of the game is also very comfortable, so it is easy to learn if you are a novice to it. The most challenging thing is to set yourself a proper style and start practicing with it. Mastering a strategy is not an easy task because you will have to deal with a lot of remedial tactics. The player must practice a lot, predict the unfavorable variables and give solutions to overcome it.

Download METAL SLUG ATTACK Infinite AP 5.18.0

Download (64MB)

Blade 2: The Return of Evil is the latest release by Action Square and Kakao Games. After a few months of silence, the marketing team officially announced that the game would open the closed beta in Korea in February. For those who do not know, Blade 2 is the next version of the blockbuster Blade stirred the Korean mobile game market in 2014. The game is a sequel to the story of the old version but very Significant improvements. Especially high-end 3D graphics platform.

Minecraft has made the game market much more interesting. At the time of its launch, the products have sharp full 3D graphics, and sophisticated gameplay is in vogue and favorite. It brings fresh wind and also shapes a different style of play. 8-bit cube design and natural survival gameplay have affected many of the following products. Either way, it can be considered one of the legends in the current game village.

Another World1.2.5 - Full/Paid Games, Logic

Another World for Android in survival game genre with the storyline is time travel. Another World for Android brings players to many periods of time, both future and past full of dangers. What would you do to survive until the day you back to your timeline?

FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS5.2.1 - Many Features Games, RPG

Undoubtedly the gamers who have experienced the game FINAL FANTASY have dominated the ranking of the most exciting games. So this is good news for fans when the publisher of SQUARE ENIX recently released FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS version on a smartphone. This is expected to be a successful game because it is an entirely new RPG made in the classic FINAL FANTASY style.

Sonic Forces3.2.0 - Speed/God Mode Games, Adventure, Arcade

Sonic Forces is a “non-stop running” game released by SEGA. The game is inspired by Subway Surfers, but the characters will now be Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, and more.

Rival Stars Horse Racing1.15.1 - Weak Opponents Games, Sports

In the world, there are many sports that people love and play every day. But there are also more difficult sports that require different conditions such as horse racing. Therefore, it is unlikely that those who like this subject can play it regularly to satisfy their passion. They have a lot of free time, lots of money to hire horses and related equipment, and other professional conditions. A game is necessary for them to be able to play horse racing in the most natural way, the least expensive.

Bid Wars: Pawn Empire1.26.1 - Unlimited Money Games, Simulation

The world is made up of trading, so far everything has been transferred from the process of buying and selling, today it is called business. Have you ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur in the field of bidding? In order to provide users with the most enjoyable experience of the field, Taaps Game, maker of online gaming products, has provided the Bid Wars: Pawn Empire game for gamers to experience, about the auction and pawn world.

Starting in the last months of this year is the right time for sports game makers to start a new season. We can see the most popular games have begun to release Season 2021. And this is also a good time to launch new and exciting football games, to bring a fresh wind to the fans. These can also be good choices for fans to change their emotions after a long season. Score! Match – PvP Soccer is not a new game but it also brings you positive emotions.