Download Maleficent Free Fall version 9.1.0 mod apk hack Infinite Lives/Money for android

APP Name Maleficent Free Fall
Genre Games, Logic
MOD info Infinite Lives/Money
Size 230MB
Latest Version 9.1.0

Good news for those who love puzzle games is the launch of the Maleficent Free Fall game from Disney. The game takes the image of the powerful witch Maleficent and magic holder. The game is set from the famous Disney animated film, players will have a fascinating adventure when solving puzzles from easy to difficult. Players are tasked with moving and arranging the magic stones in the board to match 3 or more and get bonus points. The more colors the stone has, the more bonus points the player will have. The difficulty will gradually increase with the level, the goals will be conquered gradually when you have high intelligence and thinking.

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Managing the army, expanding the area, training recruits, upgrading motor weapons, … a lot of things to do in a busy army base. Want to experience those? So join the game “Idle Army Base” and start building your own military base. The exciting thing about this game is that it belongs to the Idle genre, which means it will automatically manage for you while you’re away. Because of the Idle mechanism, the only thing players need to do in this is an upgrade, unlock, and expand everything.

  • If you are a gamer who loves games like Candy Crush, do not ignore this Maleficent Free Fall full mod infinite lives money game, ensuring it will make you admire by the outstanding advantages. The game has a separated style and no game matches. How to play is easy to understand and not too difficult to discourage you, but you will need flexibility when playing so as not to get into too much trouble. Maleficent Free Fall apk mod is free to download and play, however, some items in the app store will require cash to purchase, please consider carefully before making a decision. The game offers rankings of outstanding individuals who overcome many difficulties, invite friends to download and experience this challenging, challenging adventure to be part of the weekly chart. The game is also suitable for those who do not have much time to immerse in the fighting game, action. You will experience a light game but not too boring to entertain after stressful working hours.
  • The presence of Diaval – Maleficent’s black crow is also a highlight for the game, its work is the same as in the film, which is Maleficent’s powerful arm. Occasionally you will come across multicolored gemstones that combine from more than one gemstone and that multicolored gemstone when combined with another will destroy several precious stones. Create those special stones to increase points and shorten the playing time. Besides, during special seasons of the year, you will receive billions of different opportunities await. Quickly grab those opportunities to collect special items from Maleficent. In terms of graphics, the game takes overcast colors as the main background, highlighting the colorful synthetic stones.
  • The game also invests in a beautiful, mysterious Maleficent image, a ruse as the main background for the magical expedition. Also, players can save the game’s data to social networks to facilitate the experience on multiple devices. You can also be overwhelmed by the mystery and shimmer when admiring the 3D technique of the game, ensuring the movements and changes of the gems will be smooth and smooth.
  • To achieve these goals, the Maleficent Free Fall hack full mod infinite lives money requires players to have a clear strategy and strategy, otherwise, you will have a lot of problems making solving difficult. If the player falls into a deadlock but has no way out, use Maleficent’s dark magic to instantly dissolve any stones depending on where you choose to use the magic. There is another way that players can let the system rearrange the table, then continue to conquer the gems as usual. If the player continues to feel awkward because he is entangled in trouble that cannot be taken down, use the last way is to release the barbed wire to delete the entire row and column. However, these convenient ways are limited, use them when you need them most and don’t waste them. Players can also use real money to buy additional support to serve their passion.
  • During the journey, players will meet special rewards when they meet the requirements of “Maleficent”, continue the journey and can receive even more valuable rewards. A noteworthy plus point for the Maleficent Free Fall hack mod apk is a great guide from the official social networking sites of the game, visit there to learn tips and shortcuts to early completion of the next level. The game also contains many secrets waiting for players to solve after some levels, conquer it and bring the truth to heaven. The game is not only the appearance of Maleficent but also the connection between the game and the movie. In Maleficent Free Fall mod apk full mod infinite lives money, players will also experience the development stages of Maleficent from childhood to event and ultimately the result is worthy. Depending on the part, the difficulty is increased or decreased accordingly.

Download Maleficent Free Fall Infinite Lives/Money 9.1.0

Download (230MB)
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