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APP Name League of Stickman 2020
Genre Games, Action
MOD info Ability/Shopping/All Heros
Size 132MB
Latest Version 5.9.6

DreamSky is a well-known game development company with stickman-style action games. Maybe you have known one of the games like Stickman Legends, Shadow of Death, Stickman Rope Hero. These games are designed to be quite simple and highly entertaining. Players can participate in battles and slashes comfortably to reduce daily stress. DreamSky has quite a lot of stickman games and can be a bit confusing for you to download. And I have an advice for you with League of Stickman 2020. Compared to other games, League of Stickman 2019 supports players to play online and replenish PVP features so that all players have a chance to fight with each other. Besides, it also has a fascinating story for you to explore.

Zombieland: Double Tapper2.3.0 - Unlimited Money/God Mode Games, RPG

The movie Zombieland is a comedy film revolving around the very famous zombie theme of the United States, this is one of the movies about zombie themes that are worth to watch. Although it has been released from 2009 until now, in 2019, the second part of the film has been released with the name Zombieland: Double Tap. Part 2 of the film has also achieved tremendous success, though it has only recently been released that films have grossed a considerable amount of revenue. This film has inspired game producers around the world and many games around this film that were born. The heat of season 2 was released that caused many manufacturers to release many games around this movie.

Idle Construction 3D2.11 - Unlimited Diamond Games, Strategy

On the mobile market today, the Idle Clicker genre is one of the categories that easily attracts many players in a short period of time. Even it has become a trend with publishers. Idle Clicker games have very simple but unique gameplay and features, players will constantly manage everything inside the game, constantly producing and upgrading to be able to scale operations in that world. And the player has only one control action, which is tap. When taping, the game mechanism will start operating in a short time and will produce products or create in-game currency. From there, players can use them to be able to upgrade or unlock more special features to free up their tap time. And especially, these games will continue to operate 24/7 even when the player is away or inactive. This gives players more time to spend on other things.

  • Join the League of Stickman 2020 full mod ability shopping all heros, you will be cast as a stickman hero and control him against monsters. At each stage of the journey, you are taken to a map. There will be many monsters here. They constantly attack you and you need to use the stickman’s skills to fight back. Finally, you will fight the Boss to finish the current stage and move on to the next stage. Keep in mind that monsters will become stronger through each stage and make you more difficult. Therefore, you should accumulate money, power stones and rare equipment dropped by them to improve your character’s power.
  • League of Stickman 2020 mod apk full mod ability shopping all heros has more than 10 characters for you to play: Ninja, Gus, Athy, Feist, Bladey, Zilong, Shadow Fighter, Monk,… Each character belongs to a different class and possesses Special combat skills. Class is capable of controlling the attributes of each character. The red class character will have a stronger fighting ability, the yellow character has a greater amount of vitality and is able to recover vitality during the battle, while the character has a green class. able to move faster. However, if you are a beginner, these characters are not available. You can perform quests or accumulate gold coins to unlock them.
  • Upgrading is an indispensable feature in every role-playing game and League of Stickman 2020 apk mod. Upgrading helps characters become stronger in many respects. If you upgrade the equipment or pair the jewels into the equipment, the attributes of damage, defense, combat speed, vitality, etc. will be improved. In addition, you can also upgrade your character’s combat skills so that they have stronger fighting abilities. Moreover, when skills are upgraded, the skill recovery time is also reduced so you can use more.
  • League of Stickman 2020 hack full mod ability shopping all heros is developed on a 2D platform, so control is also simpler. The game’s control panel is composed of 2 parts, including movement and skill. In the move section, there are 2 arrow buttons to control the character moving to the left or right. The skill part consists of 5 buttons. Including 4 special combat skills button and 1 normal skill button. Each special skill has a recovery time. You will have to wait for that time to continue using again.
  • On the annual Halloween holiday, hell opens the door, allowing ghosts and demon spirits to find a suitable person to usurp the body. An unfortunate event happened. The Demon Lord was freed by his retainers after thousands of years of imprisonment. He used his power to destroy the gates of hell and free all evil spirits. He built an army to slaughter mankind to achieve world domination. Stickman heroes have noticed these dangers. They used all their strength and courage to fight the dark forces to protect human peace in League of Stickman 2020 hack mod apk. The darkness is spreading everywhere, lightning is running across the sky as if signaling bad things. After this war, can heroes survive?
  • If sometimes you feel a bit bored because you have to fight too many monsters in plot mode. Join PvP mode to connect with other players around the world. You can team up with them, then cross the lagoons, or fight them on the Arena arena. However, if you want to join this mode, you need to connect your game to a social network account (Facebook, Google+) and have a stable internet connection.

Download League of Stickman 2020 Ability/Shopping/All Heros 5.9.6

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DRAGON VILLAGE12.06 - Food/Gems/Coins Games, Simulation

From ancient times to modern times dragons always play a very important position in human ideology. In ancient times, it was a goal for people to worship as a force that contained supernatural powers. It influences on many cultural and social factors. At the present time, when science has developed dramatically, dragon species become more clear in the eyes of modern people. They all realized that these mythical creatures could not exist but it made many people feel more excited than scared. They made it a lot of entertainment products with millions of dollars. Animated movies created by famous studios, or popular game products.

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Previously, when smartphone technologies were not yet too developed as today, gamers must use specialized gaming machines. On those console systems, many game legends have been born and are still mentioned a lot today. METAL SLUG is a famous game released on many platforms such as Gameboy, GBA, DS and supported by tens of millions of people around the world. Currently, there are even players playing this game on those devices.

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Thanks to that brand, so many different versions of it are released to exploit its full potential. Not so Angry Birds have exploited images in many game games have different games. It has now become a brand image, not a pack of games released in 2009. Rovio Entertainment Corporation has been successful with the Angry Birds product so they focus on developing this brand. If you follow their game release route, you will find this manufacturer does not seem to have any products other than that brand.

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People always need a home to live working and building a family. Each person’s home is not the same because they all have their own preferences that create diversity and customization. Property Brothers Home Design as a game will allow players to enjoy the experience of designing these beautiful and pleasant houses themselves. In this game, the player will not be alone but will be supported by two brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott. These are two extremely famous people in the interior design and housing world. They have a popular TV series in the US and are well known as the Property Brothers. These two men will become by their resources to support you on the way to becoming a talented and most loved designer.

Blade 2: The Return of Evil is the latest release by Action Square and Kakao Games. After a few months of silence, the marketing team officially announced that the game would open the closed beta in Korea in February. For those who do not know, Blade 2 is the next version of the blockbuster Blade stirred the Korean mobile game market in 2014. The game is a sequel to the story of the old version but very Significant improvements. Especially high-end 3D graphics platform.

Minecraft has made the game market much more interesting. At the time of its launch, the products have sharp full 3D graphics, and sophisticated gameplay is in vogue and favorite. It brings fresh wind and also shapes a different style of play. 8-bit cube design and natural survival gameplay have affected many of the following products. Either way, it can be considered one of the legends in the current game village.

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Another World for Android in survival game genre with the storyline is time travel. Another World for Android brings players to many periods of time, both future and past full of dangers. What would you do to survive until the day you back to your timeline?

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Undoubtedly the gamers who have experienced the game FINAL FANTASY have dominated the ranking of the most exciting games. So this is good news for fans when the publisher of SQUARE ENIX recently released FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS version on a smartphone. This is expected to be a successful game because it is an entirely new RPG made in the classic FINAL FANTASY style.