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APP Name Idle Mechanics Manager
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Unlimited Coins
Size 45MB
Latest Version 1.34

Tycoon games are an automated system that applies basic knowledge of a certain area of ​​life to create a complete game. When players come to these games, they become the head of a business, gradually developing, upgrading, and expanding the process. However, they need to work hard at foreplay, like tap or run machines all the time and get a decent amount of money while offline. A game with such elements is Idle Mechanics Manager, which reimagines building a modern vehicle-building business. In this game, players will build components, assemble, advertise, invest, and do everything to make their mechanic empire thrive.

LoveUnholyc1.32.0 - Free Shopping Games, Simulation

Stories of love are always something that attracts a lot of people because it brings the color of life. Whether sad or happy, love is still a must-have memory of every human being; without it, life will become much drier. Poems, literary works on the subject of love have existed many throughout history and are still handed down to this day. The game world also has many games with fascinating love stories, and one of them is the game Love Unholyc: Like Vampire Ikemen. If you are a girl and have yet to find your love, this game is a game that brings an exciting experience of love.

Homo Evolution: Human Origins is an idle game that lets players witness the development of humankind. This game not only focuses on the earth’s civilization development, but it will also let players witness civilization’s development from other planets. It is a game with funny and strange content that you do not see in other Idle games, but its content is also gentle and enjoyable, which is good for relaxation.

  • Idle Mechanics Manager apk mod will have a special function for those who have dreams of owning a private vehicle for themselves. It’s the ability to craft a hand-crafted random vehicle, whether it’s an airplane, a car, or a motorcycle. The game’s design functionality is endless, and players can bring them to the market for additional investments or extra revenue.
  • Idle Mechanics Manager
  • Idle Mechanics Manager
  • The tycoon gameplay is simple and player-friendly in many aspects, such as instructions, operation, and game mechanics. The Idle Mechanics Manager full mod unlimited coins will make the player ahead of a machinery business, specializing in the fabrication and assembly of vehicle components. Players can craft almost any vehicle they want but need to unlock or collect all the necessary components. At the beginning of the game, it will only be assembling cheap vehicles. Players have to invest, expand, and develop fabrications to be able to assemble in larger numbers. Although Idle Mechanics Manager hack mod apk is complex, it is simple when indulged in, and the idle system will support the player during facility management.
  • Idle Mechanics Manager
  • As the player’s facilities grow, they will need to focus on products that can bring more revenue to the factory. After the player completes the game’s task, they will receive fragments of new vehicles. The player can collect fragments of different vehicle types, such as cars, planes, yachts, etc. As long as it is a vehicle, the player’s factory can be crafted to bring to the market. Also, players can get these luxury vehicles through events, activities, and tasks.
  • All Tycoon games will always have an upgrade system accompanying players from when they start the first job. The Idle Mechanics Manager hack full mod unlimited coins makes that system the key for players to grow their empires, even a way for players to invest in new products. Each fabrication area has its own upgraded system, and players can improve the build speed, number of assembling lines, and a product’s value. The upgrade system is endless and can be developed if the player levels up the entire crafting facility to a higher level. Not only the manufacturing plant, but the player can upgrade other units, like marketing, design, etc.
  • The Idle Mechanics Manager mod apk full mod unlimited coins will reimagine the entire vehicle-building realm, and players will experience being at the top of everything. This game is also highly entertaining, and players can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Players can even develop their own vehicles, build, and market them. The Idle system is at the heart of this game, and it will constantly bring you many attractive benefits if you continuously invest in it to develop your own empire.
  • Idle Mechanics Manager
  • Idle Mechanics Manager
  • Idle games always stand out for their ability to generate revenue, whether the player is away or offline. The Idle Mechanics Manager will also mention it, and the player can automate all plant processes using the manager. However, each zone can be assigned only one manager to improve overall factory performance to new heights. Many managers also have special skills that can factor a player’s revenue multiplier or speed up vehicle manufacturing. Players can collect managers through reward chests, events, and quests.
  • Idle Mechanics Manager
  • If the player wants to generate revenue, they need to build a complete vehicle and send them to distributors. However, the player needs to build everything from scratches, like tires, frames, interiors, and more. An assembly line will only hold one unit, and the player only needs to tap on them to begin the fabrication process. After a while, the product will be finished, and the player needs to move it to the transport area, which will generate revenue for the entire business. All processes need to be ensured in an orderly manner, and the player will have to operate them without managers manually. The game will integrate with an endless upgrade system, with hundreds of possibilities for players to grow their business to new heights.

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