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APP Name Idle Human
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Unlimited Diamond
Size 135MB
Latest Version 1.10.0

Have you ever wondered how our body and components are made of and how do they work? We really want to find out, but we’re too busy to learn. Now there is a game about our body, which is Idle Human a simulation game, made and released by the producer Green Panda Games. They are a producer of Idle games extremely popular with the majority of players. The game is the manufacturer simulated human body structure from bones, organs to muscles, and skin. More than that, we can observe how all of these things are formed and how they work. During the game, players can know many things thanks to the interesting facts that the manufacturer put in.

Adventure games with puzzle elements always give players the imagination. Basically, it’s not as boring as regular puzzle games. They are a clever combination of adventures in which players use their intelligence more than fighting skills. Actually, at the present time, any game maker dares to do it in this direction without equipping themselves with an attractive enough gameplay. “Agent A: A puzzle in disguise” indeed did breakthrough itself in the market and became one of the game products that people paid the most attention in this category.

Hitman Sniper1.7.193827 - Unlimited Money Games, Action

It can be said that shooting is always one of the topics that the game developers to exploit thoroughly to bring more colours in the entertainment game. Many names have become legendary games and attract a large number of players around the globe. In particular, Hitman Spiner, a mobile shooter released by Square Enix, has been around for quite some time now, but its appeal has yet to show signs of cooling. This game brings a new breath than the previous Hitman Go. The game is the most realistic reproduction of a gunman’s life with the same difficult but unique task. Spiner is built on 3D graphics with great gameplay that will surely impress many players.

  • Because Idle Human hack mod apk is an idle game, the gameplay of the game is straightforward. All you do is get more DNA and upgrade the right side of the game until we can ultimately build a perfect human body. The parts in the right corner of the screen are opened when you have had enough upgrades before, and you have to upgrade them in order of each piece. Starting from the bone to the organs, muscles, and finally, the outer skin. That’s how you can find out what organs our organs are made up of. We even know the number of DNA cells that must be made and consumed every second and the amount of DNA that must be spent to develop and develop any part. The gameplay is simple but extremely attractive to players. Especially those who are too busy to be able to online often, they can also receive offline rewards and spend a little time to upgrade parts until it is complete.
  • Idle Human has a realistic 3D graphics layer, clearly observing everything inside our body more clearly.
  • Idle Human hack full mod unlimited diamond has received over 1,000,000 downloads on Google Play and approximately 6,000 reviews and comments from players including many positive compliments to the game team for the fun of the game. With only 111Mb of internal memory, you can immediately download this game. So you want to learn about our bodies? If you wish to, why not instantly download Idle Human mod apk full mod unlimited diamond to have more exciting things about our bodies yet.
  • If the player looks up on the screen, you will see a thin line, not too long, and only wrapped into one sentence. It is a collection of interesting facts about our own bodies. So if you’ve never noticed it so far, be sure to watch next time. Fragments of knowledge that continuously appear in front of your eyes are a handy and fun way of passive learning. If you are a curious person and wonder how your body is made, how it works, Idle Human full mod unlimited diamond will be a game you cannot ignore. With straightforward gameplay, real 3D graphics, sharp in every detail helps players see the most accurate simulation for their own body. Download the game now to know more interesting facts about the human body.
  • Idle Human (MOD, Unlimited Diamond)
  • Lead you to the perfect body in the most straightforward way.
  • Idle Human (MOD, Unlimited Diamond)
  • The manufacturer has equipped a 3D graphics in the game to help players have a more realistic and comprehensive view of the human body overview. Players can observe everything from the anatomical perspective to be able to monitor the formation of each internal organ comfortably; every inch of flesh is forming. The layout of Idle Human apk mod is hugely arranged by the manufacturer so that players can easily control and admire the magnificent beauty of our bodies. The numbers at the top of the screen are the amount of DNA in our bodies. That number increases with time, and every action we take in the game affects the amount of DNA in the body. Looking to the right, we see a selection of parts of the body that can be selected for upgrades and growth. In addition, you can upgrade many components at once to receive an individual aesthetic perfection. Parts such as bones, organs, skin, and muscles are all made very honestly and slowly formed in the game. This is a game for those who are curious and passionate about science to download.
  • Idle Human (MOD, Unlimited Diamond)

Download Idle Human Unlimited Diamond 1.10.0

Download (135MB)

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