Download Idle Air Force Base version 1.0.2 mod apk hack Free Shopping for android

APP Name Idle Air Force Base
Genre Games, Casual
MOD info Free Shopping
Size 55MB
Latest Version 1.0.2

According to the game’s developer, this game will be the most interesting idle game you need to play this year. Idle Air Force Base will be a strategic military game that attracts a lot of different elements. The game will bring you very interesting experiences about military strategy in the air such as building the best air system in the world, fighting with other air forces, and quickly capturing cities, different countries. In addition, there will be many other factors to create the special of Idle Air Force Base compared to other games of the same genre.

Tank Stars1.5.4 - Money/Premium Games, Arcade

In the infantry war, what is the most frightening? Of course, the sturdy armoured vehicles with great destruction. Cannons fired at thousands of yards, the fire that made the powerful explosions sweep the enemy, was the terror of all soldiers on the battlefield. Tanks can easily destroy everything, but it is not easy to destroy a tank. They are like huge beasts that are operated by the god of death. But today, the tanks will no longer be dreaded, but will simply be the extremely cute cars in the game’s extremely attractive Tank Stars game with full of interesting ideas – Playgendary.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 31.1.0 - Free Shopping/All Unlocked Games, Simulation

Racing games are always a preferred choice for users because of the thrills and appeal that it brings. Catching that trend, many game versions were released and attracted a large number of players. And Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is a perfect predecessor version that provides players with a range of attractive features. Join the journey of Motorsport Manager Mobile 3, players will experience the dramatic feeling every moment. This is a unique team racing strategy game on mobile. In the game, you play as the manager of a professional sports car racing team, deciding to finish and win the tournament.

  • Heavy rifles have been included in the Idle Air Force Base hack full mod free shopping by the publisher. The guns with huge damage like RQ-4 Global Hawk, F-16 Fighting Falcon, A-10 Thunderbolt, C-130 Hercules, SR-71 Blackbird, F-35 Lightning II, B-2 Spirit, C-5 Galaxy, … All of them will be unlocked on your battle and training journey. Imagine what the power of airplanes would be like if the quality guns with such high damage potential were added?
  • And as you know Idle Air Force Base hack mod apk is an idle game so your job is to let the game build a strong squad for you. No matter what you are doing, wherever your air force is trained. When you are shopping, going to the park, exercising, going to the hot water area, travelling, … wherever you are, you can become talented pilots and build bases, train
  • Become a person who owns in the hands of a powerful air force of the world’s leading. Along with that are great and interesting tactics designed for your battles with the enemies and at the end of the battle, you will be the occupant of the military territory. Besides, the state-of-the-art weapons will be given to you on heavy fighters. To experience an interesting idle game with attractive features, you just need to join Idle Air Force Base full mod free shopping and become talented pilots.
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  • A very positive review was given to Idle Air Force Base apk mod by a former US Air Force pilot: “I find this idle game especially amusing and fun!”. And indeed the game has brought players a great experience. Along with that, the motto of this game will be “TRAIN TO WIN”. When you are an Air Marshall and the enemy is everywhere every day. Therefore, the most essential thing you now need to do to maintain your position is to train high-quality aviation students in the toughest and harshest environments. All basic to advanced skills such as practicing with ejection seats or dismounting bombs, skydiving. Your students need to master these skills to be ready to fight to protect your forces in the future.
  • After completing the training work, a quality team from Idle Air Force Base mod apk full mod free shopping with the strength and ability to defeat the enemies. Congrats, it’s time for you to get some sweet fruit from these training sessions. Take your army to the battlefield, and launch what is considered the strongest to defeat the enemy. From drones to balloons and especially heavy fighters, it will quickly give you an advantage. No need to be a tycoon with a large investment, just your effort and effort to train new generations will be the main strength for your army.
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Download Idle Air Force Base Free Shopping 1.0.2

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If we say that Virtua Tennis Challenge is a new game for SEGA, there will be a lot of people who do not believe that SEGA is always doing light entertainment and the main character is the cute sonic hedgehog. But this time to meet the wishes of many fans, they have invested and released a great game that is Virtua Tennis Challenge. After launching a three-month trial on Android and iOS, SEGA released the official version on December 18 and anyone can download the game from the mobile app store.

I Am Monster: Idle Destruction – Do you see the movie about Godzilla or Kong that was famous for the love production of the prominent directors of Hollywood? Soon, the latest part of the Godzilla movie is about to be released, attracting much attention from many viewers. If you have a little attention to this genre, you already know how to become a monster. They were vast and large, about the size of a high-rise building, a vicious appearance accompanied by vandalism, threatening people’s peaceful life. Do you want to try being a monster once in your life? I am Monster is the latest game product of Pik Pok studio.

Flying Arrow4.6.2 - Money/Ad-free Games, Arcade

Today, the shooters have become so popular that it affects all the remaining games. There are MOBA games, but simply weapons such as ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile or even the favourite Battle Royale games now also use 80% of the game’s duration. Frequently, on the contrary, making this weapon somewhat boring, despite the fact that the manufacturer is still struggling to bring real guns into the game and create new guns. If one day you will not be able to use the gun and instead have the same bow as the old Robin Hood. Do not be afraid because this weapon is easier to use than the other kind, you just pull the bow and shoot only. Recently, the famous mobile game maker Voodoo has launched another addictive video game called Flying Arrow. Gameplay is sure to have the customization that gives players incredible creative experiences that they never imagined before.

Paper.io3.7.8 - All Skins Unlocked Games, Arcade – For a while, io games have become a trend and are loved by so many people. Because this type of gaming is extremely simple as you can enjoy anywhere and anytime. Its gameplay itself creates a style, not like any other game. Besides, that type of gameplay can grow to levels that are extremely complex, not a single drop at all. But casual game makers still dominate when using this source of power better than others. VOODOO is one of the most explosive studios in this casual game and in their treasure also contains a lot of games.

Helix Jump3.5.8 - Unlocked/Revive Games, Arcade

If to comment on VOODOO, I think what they do is excellent. After only two years of establishment and development, they created a lot of arcade games for mobile phones. After the success of Baseball Boy!, just a week later, VOODOO released a new recreation game, the game called Helix Jump. Just a week after it was released on Google Play, the game brought over 1 million downloads and installs to the publisher, along with a lot of good reviews of the game.

Bumper.io1.1.8 - Original Games, Arcade

Voodoo is a famous name that almost every gamer knows. The games they develop are always fascinated by the strange content, and the gameplay is not the same with other games. There are games like Helix Jump, Color Road,, The Fish Master !, Snake VS Block, Ball’s Journey … And recently, Voodoo released the highly entertaining game. Voodoo will be releasing new games on the AppStore for iOS devices and will be available on Google Play sometime later.

Cat War22.4 - Unlimited Diamonds Games, Strategy

From the past to the modern, the human opinion was that dogs and cats were always hated each other. There are even movies about these animals’ confrontation. Not only is the film, but the dog-cat fight has also become an inspiration for many titles being released on the market today and is popular with many people. Currently, the game is being appreciated on the market and highly appreciated by many players. That is the game Cat War2 game is a wave in the market and is well received by many players. The game will bring the best entertainment experience for players to relax.

Jetpack Jump1.3.7 - Unlimited Coins/VIP Games, Arcade

Kwalee is the owner of many casual game games. This type of product does not value the complexity of gameplay but simplifies it. It allows players to have real entertainment hours. You just need to touch a few screens to be able to play the game. Jetpack Jump is a popular game with its popular graphic design and play style. It allows players to control a Jetpack, one of the many experiences that many people have wished they could do in real life.