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APP Name Hero Park
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Unlimited Money
Size 67MB
Latest Version 1.8.1

Hero Park is a Tycoon game for players to experience the process of operating an adventure town in a Fantasy world. In this game, the player becomes a retired soldier and returns to his homeland after the destruction of monsters. Wishing to rebuild everything, he began to think about making a base for adventurers to resupply before entering the dungeon.

Aquapark.io4.2.9 - Unlimited Gold/No ADS Games, Arcade

Summer is so hot that it makes people feel frustrated and uncomfortable. This is true for most places with a healthy climate on this Earth (in Antarctica it is cold all year round). It is in such sensitive areas that cool places are the ideal place. There are a few people who choose to go to the sea; another part wants to go to the water parks. is a game that simulates an adventure to the world’s largest water park. Players will participate in a race where they will be immersed in the space filled with water. The colorful water slides will make your summer so brilliant.

Design Masters – Interior Design1.2.2206 - Unimited Money/Lives Games, Puzzle

A room is where a person will live for a very long time, so everyone wants to have a nice room to live in, but not everyone can afford to decorate their room. If you are passionate about designing, the game Design Masters – Interior Design is a game that players should try. The game gives players an exciting experience about the design; players can own their room and decorate it for themselves. Besides, the game is also combined with many other factors, such as puzzles, to bring a more interesting experience for players.

  • Hero Park (MOD, Unlimited Money)
  • The dungeon is a long-abandoned area, but players must take advantage of it to attract adventurers. Players will have to train monsters and drop them into the dungeon to entertain adventurers. But players also need to put in some fake loot to adventurers to continue their work. Everything is managed by the player, from the dungeon to their loot. Do this continuously to maintain the hunter’s traffic and increase the town’s income.
  • Hero Park (MOD, Unlimited Money)
  • Hero Park (MOD, Unlimited Money)
  • The reason why unicorns are a major source of the adventurers gathering is that adventurer love unicorns and will be lured by its beauty. Of course, this unicorn will risk himself to attract the attention of the adventurers. Players will have to choose many different hunters to invite them to their town and start destroying monsters in Hero Park mod apk full mod unlimited money. However, players need to pay attention to the maximum number of adventurers in your town. If the player tries to invite beyond the limit, it will consume one turn without being able to attract more adventurers to the town.
  • In the player’s town, they have to build many different functional buildings, and each building will have a unique use that is useful for adventurers. Players must provide enough food and supplies for them before starting the journey. In the future, players will also open more other services for adventurers, the more high-quality service, the higher the income. That’s how the town works in Hero Park apk mod, very simple and doesn’t take too much time to capture.
  • At first, the work of the player will rely on unicorns a lot, but over time there will be adventurers who automatically find the town. But if the player needs adventurers for the town, they can use unicorns.
  • Functional buildings that players have built can be upgraded, after upgrading, the number and quality of products will be more for players to shorten the time to monitor the town in Hero Park full mod unlimited money. Even new dungeons and monsters will unlock for players to entertain adventurers. However, everything requires money to operate, and even players need to spend a small amount of money to produce supplies for adventurers. Players must always be active to ensure everything is ready and adventurers can constantly flood the town.
  • The gameplay of Hero Park hack full mod unlimited money is attractive and built very multi-dimensional, it will make players enjoy the process of running a town at the same time expanding and developing the town to become more prosperous. During the process of developing the town of the player, they will be accompanied by the lovely and clever unicorn. Moreover, that unicorn is the main source of income for the player, and the reason will be explained in the gameplay of the game. Players will have to build many different houses to support the adventurers while expanding their territory and improving the quality of the town. Hero Park hack mod apk is a very suitable game for those who love the genre Tycoon or are passionate about the fantasy world.

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Sushi Bar2.6.5 - Unlimited Coins Games, Simulation

If you are a connoisseur of food, you must have enjoyed some Sushi; the great taste comes from Japan, right? You may not know that Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese dishes in the world. In many places, Sushi restaurants are open and are interested in many customers, often visiting. Do you like this dish? Have you ever wished to open yourself to a traditional Japanese food restaurant? Sushi Bar – the game gives you the opportunity to develop your restaurant chain around the world. Getting rich is not difficult; the problem is where to get rich, and how to get rich! Soon, let’s find out the Sushi Bar game, how to play, how it works and the quest series to do!

Swamp Attack4.0.7.95 - money/energy/unlocked Games, Arcade

Outfit7 – is the father of the legendary series My Talking Tom celebrities and firms remain a key pawn anymore, not completely all rely on it. Not only make a good impression in the hearts of players but also confirmed the prestige and quality of the product. Swamp Attack is a special piece of this. If you have experienced PopCap’s Plants Vs Zombies game, you will easily notice the multi-platforms of these two titles. Song, Outfit7 tried to invest extremely thorough and thorough to Swamp Attack can escape the shadow of the go head

Asphalt 8: Airborne5.5.1a - Free Shopping Games, Racing

Currently, there are many new sports, offering bold and somewhat dangerous experiences, such as speed sports: motor racing, unlike traditional sports like football, volleyball. Car racing does not require players with a tough body, but there must be enough boldness and mental strength to be able to participate. And you? Are you a speed lover and want to find more daring experiences? Asphalt 8: Airborne will be the game for you to express yourself. This is a racing game from famous publisher Gloft. Sure, this game will impress you right from the first moment you start it.

Legends of Runeterra02.00.009 - Original Games, Card

Do you know the legendary Japanese anime “Yugi-oh”? The film revolves around cards with the ultimate power that can destroy the earth. You always feel enjoyable in the card-game genre and are looking for a game like that. You must be no stranger to the League Of Legends game, and this is a game by the manufacturer Riot Games. This game has been trendy all over the world. Despite being a famous game publisher, until now, Riot Games has only had a single game that is League Of Legends. But most recently, this publisher has just released a new game related to League Of Legends.

Zombie Blast Crew2.4.1 - Unlimited Money/One Hit Games, Action

Vivid Games SA is a famous developer for owning a library of games with exciting action topics like racing, boxing, or fighting in solo. Still, in the series of action games, ZOMBIE BLASH CREW is the latest product and is expected to be released in the near future. Although it has just been launched in a number of countries, the game has caused a fever of the gaming community. The proof is that the game name has been posted on internet news sites.

Realm Defense: Hero Legends2.6.1 - Unlimited Money/Unlocked Games, Strategy

Tower Defense gameplay is not too hot at the moment, but in the series of strategy games, it is still in the top trending. So, although not being hailed too much on social networks, game publishers are again releasing this style game. Besides, the quality of these games is still unabated, maintaining their fan base and growing silently. Babeltime US has released its Realm Defense: Hero Legends and published on Google Play. With over 5 million downloads, the game is definitely one of the most trusted names in this type of play. Besides, its gamer community is also very large, covering the whole world. Many gamers have created extremely quality clans with a large team and a dedicated play style.

Fruit Ninja3.1.0 - Unlimited Money/Score Games, Arcade

Fruit Ninja has made a brand most famous in the casual game genre. The player can see that it is impossible to find a product that has the same gameplay as it has been for nearly ten years. This arcade game becomes the face representing publisher Halfbrick Studios. The producer had had many favorite products from before the Fruit Ninja was born. But until this hit came out, it became popular throughout the game market. The product has achieved over 100 million downloads on Google Play if only the original version is counted. In addition, there are many variations also released by its own father.

KUBOOM6.03 - High Damage/Unlocked Games, Action

CrossFire was once the hottest game on the market and dominated for about 3 to 4 years. With first-person gameplay combined with extremely high transition speeds, the game has made a whole generation of gamers passionate. Currently, it is no longer in the golden time, but it is also one of the great bases for game makers to create products later.