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APP Name Head Ball 2
Genre Games, Sports
MOD info Freeze Bots
Size 90MB
Latest Version 1.150

Football is always a sport of the century caused a stir in so many fans. Referring to football is referring to the pinnacle of a passionate, fiery sports match, full of strategic and dramatic elements on the pitch. It can be said that this is the king of grass sports. It is and will continue to grow incessantly for several more decades, regardless of the trends of the entertainment industry. Catching that beat, the games related to the football theme were born and began to emerge like mushrooms under a variety of shapes. And as a matter of fact, all the games with attractive gameplay are loved and welcomed by gamers. Not around the corner, one of the emerging football games that I would love to recommend to you is Head Ball 2. Released by Masomo Gaming, which originated from highly strategic football, Head Ball 2 has a more unique style of play. While keeping the traditional play style as competitions between two opponents, this is not a competition between two teams, but a competition between two individuals.

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Health is the most valuable asset of every human being. But few people pay attention to this. When we have health, we don’t know how to cherish it, and then one day, we suddenly fall ill, causing our bodies to become sick. At that time, lying on the bed of sickness, I just wished for health. Today, when modern life, people suffer from more diseases. Hospitals are open everywhere and often operate with very high capacity. When you have the opportunity, do you want to do something useful, to help these people get better soon? Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator is the place for you to do this. This is a simulation game, allowing you to become a doctor, cum a manager of a hospital. Do you have confidence in operating so that the hospital works well?

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter1.7.2 - Unlimited Coins/Gems Games, Arcade

Surely, the “Chicken Invaders” game has become too familiar with the generations of 8x, 9x generation students. Since 2008, the period of online games are still limited and not as popular as now, offline game titles such as Chicken Invaders become a hot spot to be welcomed by many people. Chicken Invaders excelled with a fun style, and many situations surprised players. Therefore, it can attract players for hours without being bored. After more than 10 years of development, Chicken Invaders has grown to a new level with the name: Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter. This version is wholly improved in terms of content and graphics, so it promises to bring you an exciting experience.

  • In addition, Head Ball 2 full mod freeze bots also supports up to 5 different tournament features, each tournament has a small difference in rules and rankings. Maybe players will be good in this competition, but poor in other tournaments, everything is unpredictable. In addition, the strength of the player can be upgraded with more than 100 different accessories, 18 special power cards for you to freely use in the match. Not only that, but you also have opened larger, stronger characters, and more features to turn the match into yours. On the other hand, in Head Ball 2 hack mod apk, you will be competing with other players in real-time, combined with a 2D style of gameplay and 3D images of the graphics, the game promises not pleasing loyal fans of football.
  • When I want to use a general word to describe the graphics for Head Ball 2 mod apk full mod freeze bots, I will use 2 words: “funny” and “unique”. Because the character design in the game can be said to be unique. While the first part is taken from images of real characters – looks very nice and quality; while the lower body is only a sports shoe (sometimes a different shape) – looks like no one but has a bold mark that clearly shows the title of Head Ball 2 apk mod. About the scene, it is quite well completed.
  • Nobody knows who will win before the ball stops scrolling. Besides, players can also use superpowers once in the match. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but these types of superpowers will help you a lot when time rushes, or you want to quickly make a big difference in the score. By upgrading and using your abilities, players will be able to unlock more and more playable ones. An opponent who possesses a lot of strength is definitely a formidable player and extremely experienced. Besides, the higher you master with the game, the more characters and accessories you will unlock. They are very helpful in upgrading the speed, high jump and the power of the header. Your size also increases to surpass your opponent, creating an advantage. Of course, possessing many skills is also an advantage, but at the same time to be really good at Head Ball 2 hack full mod freeze bots is not an easy thing as many people think.
  • The details of the football field or the image of the audience cheering on the stands are very harmonious and balanced. It can be said that the game was born for the phone, and does not have any other platform that can be combined with the game to bring a reasonable and enjoyable experience. Overall, Head Ball 2 can be said to be a game designed in harmony with both content and graphics. The game is a typical example of creativity from the manufacturer, so it will be very difficult for any game to be able to really overcome if using the same type of gameplay, or the same graphics background. If anyone is a fan of football and the entertainment in it, Head Ball 2 must be an extremely suitable game.
  • The more he possesses many skills, the more skillful the player must also achieve the corresponding level. Life is a series of fierce competitions, if you do not try to improve your ability, sooner or later will be overcome by others. An experienced player is a player who focuses and anticipates the opponent’s next move and must have a sharp reaction to the complicated developments that are about to occur. Not only that, if the player knows how to coordinate and utilize superpowers in a timely manner, then the inscription on the famous monument of football background “Head Ball” will not be a goal too far great. And the last thing, like the other games, each character in the game has its own power bar. If you want to spend time immersing day and night, the possession of many players is an extremely necessary thing. But I still recommend that gamers reading this article should consider playing time appropriately. Just to ensure your health, while ensuring the longevity for your beloved phone.
  • It can be said that Head Ball 2 attracts gamers by the extremely unique, extremely funny gameplay but still does not lose the suspense and drama like a real ball match. Not stopping there, the game is also attractive by many interesting features. The first thing to mention is the extremely rich character system in the game. Up to 96 different characters for you to unlock and experience, from Messi player to Joker, even the alien character image “Avatar” are also added. All give players the most interesting experience of a strange football game on the phone.
  • As I mentioned in the introduction, Head Ball 2 has very unique and unique gameplay. First, the game is designed in Multiplayer interactive gameplay. This means that players will be able to interact with other players around the world according to Quickplay mode. On the other hand, Offline mode is only for players to practice and does not bring true competition as the feeling that we get from real players. The game’s controls are relatively simple and straightforward, you and your opponent will participate in a football match designed with the typical style of caricatures. That is, the opponent and you only have one player, the special feature that makes the name of this game comes from character design with the head on a shoe will try to defeat the opponent. Yes, your character can kick the ball up and down with his feet and use his head as a way to score goals, or create a fake move to tease opponents. And a match remains 90 seconds, the more you try to concede the opponent, the higher your chances of winning.

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Have you ever wondered why the whole world calls the football sport with a beautiful name that is king sport? One of the simplest things we can recognize for certain is that this is the sport that gives people the most special emotions. All the audience’s emotional levels, players, commentators, are watching each movement on the field. And to describe all the most interesting things, the manufacturer ELECTRONIC ARTS spent a lot of time researching and developing. Thereby, a unique game called FIFA Soccer was born to satisfy the fans’ passionate passion around the world. Quickly install the game to learn about a special game!

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