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APP Name Guild of Heroes
Genre Games, RPG
MOD info Damage/Diamond
Size 151MB
Latest Version 1.103.7

Guild of Heroes – Europe is famous for Nordic myths and renowned folk tales. Surely when you were young, you also heard fairy tales through your mother’s words. Tell the evil and crafty goblins, always harm innocent people. And today, we will see them again in Guild of Heroes – fantasy RPG, a classic role-playing game. Not only goblins but also fierce monsters in the legend, with their bosses. Are you ready to take on the Guild of Heroes and fight against them?

Farm Heroes Saga5.50.6 - Unlimited Lives Games, Logic

King is one of the most popular game publishers on Google Play. One simple reason is that their games are beautiful to players because of simple gameplay and beautiful graphics have more fun. If you still don’t know who King is, you probably know Candy Crush Saga. It’s correct! It is one of the most successful products of this publisher and so far looking for it is still installed by many gamers around the world to play.

Family Guy does An American animated film was created in 1999. Until the present time when it has been through 16 seasons, this animated series is still supported by a lot of people. Basically, it’s an animated series that talks about adult issues. So in fact, Family Guy is not very suitable for children and has been banned twice in 2000 and 2002. But thanks to a large number of DVDs sold out, which earned good sales, Family Guy was saved and continued on Fox in 2005.

  • In addition to the features, as well as the well-designed character system of Guild of Heroes apk mod, there are also beautiful light effects. In the process of fighting and using skills, these effects will make the game screen more fierce, firing light rays, the ball of fire is wonderful, stimulating players to become more enthusiastic. I guess, if you experience Guild of Heroes hack mod apk, you’ll be addicted to them for a long time!
  • Guild of Heroes full mod damage diamond depicts an ancient fantasy world when people are faced with the invasion of the devil. Everywhere, scenes of killing and destruction of this power are happening. Humans are trying to hide because their strength is too weak to resist these demons. You are the child of the gods, inherited the power and brave blood from the noble lineage. Now, only you can rebel, push those demons to hell and bring a peaceful life to people.
  • Join the Guild of Heroes mod apk full mod damage diamond , you will play the role of a hero; then by performing the mission, the system will guide you everywhere. The game offers more than 25 locations from dense forests, mysterious dungeons, to dark caves for you to conquer. Each area is an arena of innumerable dangers, and powerful bosses rule. You need to defeat them to unlock the quest sequence and the next map. At the same time, in the process of fighting the evil forces, you must constantly upgrade your hero, collect equipment, learn new skills and spells,…
  • Characters in role-playing games like Guild of Heroes hack full mod damage diamond are always carefully designed. First of all is their shapes of appearance, they have ancient warrior outfits, wearing simple combat suits, often made of cloth or iron armor. Each one has a system of equipment and levels. During the battle, when destroying monsters, the character will automatically increase his level. At the same time, the bosses can drop rare and highly pieces of equipment, and you can collect them to equip your character. Each character is composed of one of three classes: warriors, witches, or marksmen. The characters in different classes will develop differently, most notably concerning combat skills, looks, and outfits.
  • About control, you just need to touch the screen to make a move, not using the virtual button anymore. Also, at the bottom of the screen is an interface full of combat skills and operations, you just need to touch them to launch an attack. The design of the control section is quite intuitive and easy to use. The system also provides auto-play, so sometimes you want to hang up, you just need to turn on this mode to automatically hit monsters.

Download Guild of Heroes Damage/Diamond 1.103.7

Download (151MB)

ZeptoLab perhaps no longer a stranger to name those who love the game Cut the Rope. From the first release, this simple puzzle-style game has attracted millions of downloads, bringing great sales to ZeptoLab and highlighting the company’s image in the entertainment game market. Thanks to the strong support from the players, ZeptoLab takes this premise to provide players with more quality products. And most recently CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars was released. Not unexpectedly, this game also impressed strongly to the person who experienced. Be the next player to join the journey of CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars.

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Fighting action games are very familiar to players when there are many such games on the market. Fighting games between people and people or monsters, there are many in the market for players to experience. But if the player wants something strange, the game Crab War is a game that brings it. No longer a typical battle, this time, players will witness the sea creatures and specifically the crabs. Fascinating battles are waiting for the player, something that no game can bring to the player.

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The real arcade games still won the hearts of many players even when it had a straightforward operation mechanism and lack of appeal of the action phase. However, it is a huge advantage when the publisher can take on newer devices for testing without fear of following any rules. The variety and bright colors are always enhanced, making it possible to attract players from different backgrounds. You can be an older person or a kid who can experience games with a simple mechanism like this. Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! is one of the names that are being paid the most attention. Also, with the running mechanism, it added a lot of different elements to make the game different from other products of the same category. Not to mention that the manufacturer has used a combination of colors and music to create a rather attractive environment. As a result, it has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play and received a lot of support from players worldwide for other products of the same manufacturer.

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As a child, is there any more joy than having fun with lots of toys huh? And the army’s toys, including soldiers, and tanks made of green plastic seem to be too familiar to our childhood. Today, we will travel time to that childhood, and meet these green soldiers again with the game Army Men Strike. A brief introduction, Army Men Strike is a strategy game developed by the company FightClub. With a strong inspiration for the kids’ childhood toys, what experience will FightClub bring to us?

It can be said that The Addams Family is one of the most representative icons of the popular culture of the United States. From the first appearances in The New Yorker in the 30s of the last century, this monstrous family has almost become a model for the perfect Family concept – they always listen to each other and solve everything smoothly. Despite their strange appearance, they still love life and have a positive attitude to life, or sometimes the definition of beauty in their lives is somewhat different. Thanks to his success on the pages of The New Yorker, many later versions were made, from dramas to movies and in October this year will be animated.

Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest – The battle between the hero and the monster is a seemingly endless topic. On the side of the game, with this theme players will think immediately of the tough role-playing game that publishers still develop in the traditional style. But you feel too tired because of the role-playing or the gameplay too loud; you want to experience a new and more creative play. Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest is the answer you’ve been looking for. This game is a fascinating puzzle game, just like GMO games, but it’s a lot of fun. Players will enjoy the greatest moments of entertainment, whether the fight between monsters and heroes, who will win?

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Nowadays, many gamers go to games with animated characters or build a scene as a cartoon. They always feel that games like this are more fun and exciting than the rest. Understanding that, publishers want to own one or more games in this genre to capture more profits. The good news for Disney fans is that the publisher of PerBlue Entertainment recently released Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

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Airport City – Construction is always a desire of the executives, however, with the current technology, this is no longer true. The building is now for all ages, every user segment. However, it does not apply in practice but is the subject of titles in this category. Game Insight – a famous publisher, is no stranger to the gaming community anymore. Possessing the most immersive and immersive simulation and role-playing games, the company is confidently arranging Airport City as the preferred location for construction.