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APP Name Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor
Genre Games, Puzzle
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Latest Version 0.234

Painting is one of the biggest interests of humans. Even when they were children, people already knew how to draw, even though they were not very beautiful. For some people with real talent and perseverance in practising, they will quickly become great artists. Mia is a girl who receives high expectations from the family. However, she has pursued her painting career, wishing since she was a child. Gallery: Coloring Book by Number & Home Decor is the story you need to discover. Beautiful paintings, houses adorned by her, and many other proofs of her talent will be featured in the game.

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Are you a fan of the RPG game genre? Although you love RPG games, you don’t have much time for it? When it comes to RPG games, many people will probably think of the adventures – full of pitfalls, monsters, and challenges – along with a brave hero. Most of the RPG games available on the market have an attractive storyline, unique gameplay with a view behind the character. However, the disadvantage of most of these games comes from the mission system, which forces players to invest a lot of time in them. This truly is a disadvantage for those who love RPG games but don’t have much time to spend on them. So in this article, I will introduce to you a true entertainment game to play whenever you are free – Blade Master. Released by Blade-X Games, the game promises to bring players full of relaxing and amusing moments after long hours of hard working.

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If you are looking for a simple yet addictive game, Run Sausage Run! It is the best choice for you at present. Still the style of play “endless running” like Temple Run or Subway Surfers but the obstacles in Run Sausage Run! Completely new and much more diverse. This will be a leisure game that will help you relax during the Christmas holidays and the end of the year. Let’s learn how and how to download this game from Google Play and AppStore.

  • Talk about the first gameplay where it allows you to express your creativity in your pictures. Often these paintings will be drawn. And for the purpose of a coloring game, these paintings will be a complete whole made up of many small pieces. These arrays are arranged with a certain intention. Even if you use color freely, you can create personalized works of art. Or, if you are the one who respects the correct rules of colour, you can create harmonious pictures. Anyway, as long as you feel relaxed with the little time you spend on Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor full mod unlimited coins boosters.
  • Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor mod apk full mod unlimited coins boosters has written a story about a young girl’s dream. She is a gifted drawing artist and would love to earn a living in this profession. However, the first period of her life was not favourable when everyone did not accept this career as an artist. That’s why the dream was put aside, and she had to go to a tedious office job.
  • However, ever since she had a boyfriend – Leo, in the heart of this girl, had positive changes. She wanted to pursue her childhood dream, becoming a great artist. After a period of careful thought, this girl left her stable job to plunge into the artist’s path. This was a risky decision, but it made this girl feel like she was alive again. Players will play Mia in the journey to become a successful artist. Will that dream be strong and talented enough to make money?
  • The paintings you create will be used to decorate the customer’s room. This is really an extremely innovative point of Beresnev Games. For other games, the picture you paint is entirely useless. Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor hack mod apk will take advantage of available resources to help you make money. This is like the goal we are making at the beginning of the game. Mia will become rich, will succeed, and be happy with her dream. In fact, in addition to the pictures, you can also buy other equipment such as a sofa closet or bed. The selling price of paintings is a separate amount, and the money you get as an interior designer is calculated separately. The more money you make, the better life you get, right?
  • Honestly, this is a game, so the paintings that you use to color are the works of the most talented artists. These people belong to the design team of Beresnev Games. They are incredibly active and always bring highly appreciated works. This is a perfect environment for the patient to express the ability to feel art as well as enjoy the moments of stress relief thanks to coloring.
  • In addition to the pictures that you will use colors to decorate, the game has a different type of gameplay. Players also interact with the game as a Simulator game. So it creates a virtual environment, a world in which you will live in order to fulfill your passion. The graphic design in Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor apk mod is user friendly. Everything looks like an animated film with bright colors. However, the rooms are designed very real. Hopefully, you enjoy the true art in this game!
  • Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor hack full mod unlimited coins boosters has two separate gameplay that works in tandem to create the fun for players. At first, it was really a coloring game. Players will be allowed to make pre-drawn paintings attractive and colorful. The second gameplay allows you to become an interior designer. In fact, you will play a decorative role to make people’s rooms become more beautiful and more attractive.

Download Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor Unlimited Coins/Boosters 0.234

Download (133MB)

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