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APP Name Fruit Master
Genre Games, Arcade
MOD info Free Shopping
Size 37MB
Latest Version 1.0.4

Casual games are always loved by the gamer community because of their fun. These games often have identifiable features such as easy-to-read graphics, simple gameplay and new mechanics. Thanks to that, these games are good for killing time because you can play infinite, not limited by any element. The only thing you need to practice is agility and accuracy only. As a result, the makers of this genre of games continue to offer products that cater to the entertainment needs of most gamers. Because it is suitable for many ages and all social status. VOODOO, Playgendary, Ketchapp are the leading studios in this genre. They are launching new games every week or every month to keep their position in the hearts of fans.

Big Big Baller1.3.4 - Money/Unlocked Games, Arcade

Big Big Baller – One day there was a small ball rolling in the city and it grew bigger every time it crushed something. And then it became increasingly huge and unstoppable. The ball feels very interesting and the journey destroys everything that appears before it begins. Actually, this is just a plot of a Lion Studios release.

7Days – Decide your story: The terrible fear of man is death. Every human being must die when they are old or for some reason affected. But if they existed on Earth, they would have to “return to earth someday.” This unalterable natural law is so frightening and imaginative that the horrors of death and even monstrous creatures from it. A place called hell is where many people tremble. Do you want to visit it once?

  • If the Fruit Ninja game requires you to quickly slice all the fruits randomly thrown into the air, in Fruit Master hack full mod free shopping you just shoot down the fruit flying over the screen from a certain position. Random fruits such as watermelon, orange, apple … are arranged on the screen in a circle and orbit. You just shoot them down and make delicious juices with the powerful blender on the left side of the screen. Try to cut as many fruits in one shot as possible. You will get some bonus gold worth.
  • With the bright 2D graphics and bright colours of the fruits, you will definitely feel comfortable with the game. Even playing games for hours at a time does not make you feel uncomfortable at all. The sound when the weapon cuts through the fruit and the times the blender makes a nice glass of juice also makes the player satisfied. In general, the interface of Fruit Master apk mod always makes the player has a gentle experience, not create intense feelings.
  • The gold you get will have room to use. First, you will be upgrading the features. Then, in particular, you will use the money to buy different weapons to continue playing Fruit Master mod apk full mod free shopping. Knives, darts, boomerang, … there are many designs and colours that you can choose and play with delight. They are all beautiful and have different features for the player to experience.
  • Each time you complete a screen will automatically create a beautiful and delicious cocktail. When you pass 4 screens, which means 4 cups of the delicious cocktail, you will get a free spin of fortune wheel! The rarer the cocktail, the better the reward.
  • Ketchapp has also been successful with this new game and other games debuted at the same time. You can test all of them by searching Ketchapp on any media player. But make sure you have enough free time, Fruit Master hack mod apk will make you infatuated for many hours.
  • Their latest game just came out in recent weeks, and the most impressive is Fruit Master full mod free shopping. If you’re new to the game then definitely think about the famous Fruit Ninja game from Halfbrick Studios released in 2010. Even if you see the game’s poster and the trailer may also be somewhat confused. But the way it is playing is completely different, not like blockbuster 2010 at all. Perhaps its gameplay is much more straightforward than the Fruit Ninja, but the graphics are not bad.

Download Fruit Master Free Shopping 1.0.4

Download (37MB)
Flight Sim 20183.1.3 - Unlimited Money Games, Simulation

Being a pilot is the dream of many boys when it satisfies passionate flying in the sky. Feeling the power of a giant machine, flying in the air and traveling to many fantastic new lands. Therefore, since the birth of the aircraft, many boys have studied and practiced for many years to become pilots officially. Today, it seems to be a lot easier with many simulation games. Obviously, it is not as challenging to drive a real plane, but it is also a good way to pass on the passion to many younger generations. One of the best flight simulators on the iTunes flight is Flight Sim 2018. With many new features such as updating new locations, editing more functional buttons to resemble a real plane and lift Add more graphics.

Dragon Revolt for Android opens up a vast fantasy world of medieval Europe. Here, players will have to select factions and engage in fierce battles with enemies and evil dragons. Dragon Revolt is Snail Games’ latest classic fantasy MMORPG. The game focuses on the intense war between two factions: the Lothelan Empire and the Ashitar clan. Stand on the side you want, choose DPS, HEAL or T, set up a team to kill a boss or go to battle to gain legend glory for the clan. Learn to use all the spells, skills on your way, and lead your team to victory. The future belongs to Empire or Alliance? It all depends on you. Start playing Dragon Revolt for Android right now to write up your own fame.

My City: Wedding Party is the latest installment of the popular series from My Town Games Ltd. A massive world of lots of different things happening in life is shown through their games. A wedding is definitely something that many people want to experience in their lives.

Toca Life: Hospital1.1.2-play - Original Games, Casual

Toca Life is a series of entertainment games for all ages, and it also serves for educational purposes. The games of that series are highly entertaining, helping to relax the body, mind, and bring lots of emotions. Today, I will introduce you to a game of that series, and it is in the field of medicine, bringing a lot of useful knowledge about a hospital, which is Toca Life: Hospital. It is an arcade-style hospital simulation game, and bring many great experiences when becoming a doctor. The game is also developed in the form of side-scrolling, with countless locations, pleasures, and brings a lot of genuine feelings of a doctor.

Ship Sim 20192.1.2 - Unlimited Money Games, Simulation

Ship Sim 2019 is another simulation product, giving players a lot of real experience thanks to the extraordinary improvement in graphic design. It can be said; there are now many manufacturers pay attention to making players pay attention to the image quality right the first time to play games.

Bus Simulator: Original3.8 - Unlimited Money/Unlocked Games, Simulation

There are many careers in the world for you to choose from and make money from, but no job is easy. Do you want to be a bus driver? If you’re going to drive your bus to the United States, the game Bus Simulator: Original is the one made for you. This game is what makes your dream of becoming a bus driver come true. This game is a simulation game, so the authenticity of the game is indispensable. The game gives players a lot of great experiences for players to enjoy.

Industrialist1.731 - Money Increases Games, Simulation

Traditional tactics games in areas like war, farm, etc. are too dull for you? And are you looking for a strategy game with unique content? By the way, I will introduce you to a new game and be unique to the current StankoMashStroy on CH Play – Industrialist – Factory development strategy. With cross-cutting content is the production process in a real industrial plant. Coming to the field of simulation and tactical games, the manufacturer has tried to launch the game to stimulate your business thinking and send a bizarre game content, and have the most influence. Try the Industrialist strategy once.

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Are you a person who has a passion for designing houses? If you want to design a home, you’ll need to learn a lot of things and spend a lot of time doing that. But one way that can help you achieve your dream much faster is to come to the world of gaming. The only game to mention here is the Home Design: Caribbean Life game – a game about the theme of the house design. This game is something that will make your dream come true so you can enjoy the feeling of creating a beautiful home.