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APP Name Dungeon Maker
Genre Games, Strategy
MOD info Free Shopping
Size 137MB
Latest Version 1.11.14 b587

Dungeon Maker – When it comes to the forces of darkness, the first thing people think of is probably the images of evil in the dark, ugly shapes and always harming humanity. Therefore, those in the dark are always bad and deserve to be destroyed. However, in the Dungeon Maker game, it is not like that. The forces of darkness still exist in the parallel world but do not harm people. On the contrary, man is the cause of great misunderstandings between the two worlds. Briefly, the plot of this game is somewhat unusual and unique. So now, we will go into a deeper understanding of the content of this game.

Crush Crush0.330 - Hobbytime/Auto Gift Games, Casual, Simulation

Surely many people have not been able to find the love of their lives up to now, we are often told that love will find us. But not everyone believes that saying, if so, then today I will give players a game used to prove that sentence. That game is Crush Crush when coming to this game; the player does not need to do anything, but love will come to the player in the most unexpected way. If the player does not believe, download this game now to experience the feeling of being immersed in love.

Pocket Build3.44 - Free Shopping Games, Simulation

Today, our world is developing in the direction of modernization. The human life is more important, no longer considered only the sunshade cover anymore. Construction plays an essential role in serving human needs, and for the development of businesses. When building buildings, warehouses, workshops, etc. grow up, human life is also gradually improved. Would you like to contribute to the cause of building your country more beautiful? Pocket Build will work with you to build your buildings and create the world as you imagine.

  • Dungeon Maker apk mod is a turn-based strategy game. In this game, you will play the role of the dark lord, taking on the task of summoning soldiers, and fighting human attacks. Initially, when starting the game, you will choose the main character, the dark lord. There are 5 characters, each with different fighting skills and powerful abilities and you can choose anyone. After that, you will begin your game screen with some of the generals that Dungeon Maker full mod free shopping offers. The play mechanism is quite simple, including a boss (your main character) placed on the left side of the screen, followed by 12 squares, arranged into 3 vertical rows, forming 3 paths. Enemies will enter and attack your boss in these 3 ways, then place your generals on the path, to prevent enemy attacks, and protect the Boss.
  • The story of Dungeon Maker hack mod apk tells the adventure of human invasion to the world of darkness. When the dark lord decided to close down, to rule his kingdom in peace then those who identified themselves as knights, representing righteousness came from the human world and declared it destroy the whole place. Since then, the creatures here do not have a peaceful day. In the face of that danger, the darkness lord summoned all of his forces to protect the creatures of his kingdom and began the journey to repel those stupid humans, returning the peace of capital. Yes of this place.
  • Your boss has only a certain amount of HP, and his life will decrease when he is attacked by an enemy. So please treat the generals in positions suitable to protect the boss. If your boss runs out of energy, the game will end, and you need to start a new game. However, the difficulty of Dungeon Maker hack full mod free shopping is also gradually raised. Enemies will become stronger, more crowded and wiser. Meanwhile, find ways to power generals and find powerful monsters. The system offers a lot of unique monsters, and you can have more monsters when you win or complete quests.
  • Dungeon Maker mod apk full mod free shopping is a tactical game, with simple gameplay and the story is very attractive. The game received a lot of positive support from the players, so it also achieved some achievements such as getting into the top indie game titles on Google Play 2018, the top 10 games in the Google Indie Game event Festival 2018. Through this article, I hope you enjoy Dungeon Maker. Download this game and find out for yourself
  • Dungeon Maker (MOD, Money/Soul/Stones)
  • Dungeon Maker (MOD, Money/Soul/Stones)
  • Dungeon Maker (MOD, Money/Soul/Stones)
  • Dungeon Maker (MOD, Money/Soul/Stones)

Download Dungeon Maker Free Shopping 1.11.14 b587

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