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APP Name Doorman Story
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Unlimited Money
Size 85MB
Latest Version 1.6.1

Simulation games are divided into different categories, some of them realistic, while some are more entertaining than practical. Almost all simulation games use tycoon mechanics, allowing players to passively earn income even though there are not many activities in the game. And Doorman Story is also a simulation game, and it brings a new experience to players in managing and developing a hotel of their own. The game not only simulates management but also will have many mini-games and events full of entertainment for players to relax as well as earn many attractive gifts.

Seekers Notes2.5.1 - Unlimited Money Games, Adventure

Have you ever heard the reputation of the talented detective Sherlock Holmes? He is one of the most successful fictional characters created by detective writer Conan Doyle. At that time, this character became one of the monuments, the idea for people to use to generate detective characters in many different entertainment works. Seekers Notes® is indeed a favorite detective story. With the play style of an adventure and adventure RPG, it received 5 million downloads on Google Play thanks to its appeal.

Rally Fury1.74 - Unlimited Money Games, Racing

Rally Fury is a racing game, the genre always succeeds in bringing thrills and thrills to players on speed roads. Players will control their favorite vehicle and compete on the ability to control the car on roads specially designed for racing. All vehicles will be specially built to achieve high speed in a short time, and so will the control system and other accessories. And Rally Fury itself is like that when participating in the world of the speed of this game, players will definitely be given the feeling that they have never had before with racing games.

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  • Each Tycoon game has a versatile upgrade system, which allows players to upgrade countless things, thereby improving the quality of the hotel and attracting more customers. The upgrade system allows players to increase the number of rooms, the size of each room, furniture, decoration, services, and many other things to help guests have the best overnight experience at the hotel. The upgrade system will also improve income and increase the number of customers, from which players will bring more income than the first time.
  • The hotel management journey is endless, but Doorman Story mod apk full mod unlimited money will have a levelling mechanism and split into countless small levels to become a challenge for the player. Each challenge will require players to serve how many guests, complete how many requests, and many other things. When players complete challenges, Doorman Story full mod unlimited money will have many attractive rewards for players, and those rewards are used in the development of the hotel. During the game experience, the player’s hotel will remain the same through each challenge, and the smallest changes will be permanently retained. From there, players can see their hotel growing through every challenge, even with the smallest things.
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  • The player’s hotel can build many other attractive services such as fast food, drinks, and many convenience stores in the area. The more services being built, the more satisfied customers will be, and the number of their requests will increase, thereby improving the player’s income. As the hotel grows, more expensive and famous customers will start to visit and experience it, and many will even propose to be one of the best. Therefore, players will have endless motivation for them to develop and improve their hotel to a new level. And Doorman Story apk mod will unlock more interesting things as players progress the game to increase the level of entertainment.
  • Doorman Story hack mod apk will bring players the best feelings, experiences, and moments in managing a hotel and taking it to the next level. The gameplay of the game will revolve around the player taking care of the hotel and their guests to the best extent to achieve revenue and use for development. At the beginning of Doorman Story hack full mod unlimited money, players will start with a hotel on the side of the road, suitable for overnight breaks. However, each customer will always have a simple request, and if the player meets them, there will be a bonus reward. Some customers will not only give requests, but will also give tips, complaints, and other things for players to improve the hotel management experience and skills.

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Lily’s Garden1.89.0 - Unlimited Stars/Coins Games, Logic

Candy Crush Saga or Blossom Blast Saga are familiar match-3 puzzle games on mobile that almost everyone knows. Match-3 is famous for its simple, highly entertaining gameplay, making it easy for players to be attracted for hours. Other match-3 games like Lily’s Garden also have a plot, which makes the attraction much more attractive. I guess, if you play Lily’s Garden once, you will be addicted for a long time.

If you are a true Anime Fan, it is impossible not to know the famous Naruto / Manga series. The first Manga series was released in late 1999, this series has caught the attention of many viewers and has only recently ended. The film tells the story of the step to the Hokage of Konoha, a boy from an orphan whose parents are named Naruto. It must be said that this is a legendary comic series that will still be an immortal legend until many years later. There have been a lot of games of this genre released before on many different platforms, such as the latest console platform, “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” or even on PC and Mobile platforms. There have been many titles about this fake guy. But now to say it all, a game called NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE has been released. This game was inspired by the latest part of the movie title Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The game is in the role-playing action genre, who will learn about what the world of the fake rings is like. So are you excited about this game? To me, this game promises to be a great game, download the game now.

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!3.3.5 - Unlimited Money Games, Casual

Piano Tiles, maybe not too strange for youngsters now because almost them try it at least once. Thanks to the ultimate entertainment, lively sound and effects, beautiful images, there is nothing defect for Piano Tiles not to win the player’s sympathy. Even people who like other game genres want to try this game once, and many of them are “addicted” to Piano Tiles. The success of Piano Tiles has inspired AMANOTES to develop more similar titles. Because the Piano Tiles shadow is too big, the following product must have differences in their inner are extremely important and necessary. And so Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! was released by AMANOTES.

Love is what is used to make people feel happy and is a great help to people’s lives. So games with the theme of love are always things that attract a lot of attention from many players coming to experience. Each game will be brought with a different story for players to learn. And if you do not know which game will be interesting, Love Story: Romance Games will be the name that players should try. This game will give players a great story and interesting gameplay for players to experience.

Grand Prix Story 22.2.8 - Infinite Gold/Nitro/Fuel Games, Racing

Grand Prix Story 2 – In the past decade, when the smartphone platform technology is still underdeveloped, owning yourself a phone keypad is extremely luxury. And at that time, the machines running on the Java platform will be supported a lot of popular entertainment game. The genre of role-playing, mimicking gradually known and dominate the entertainment market at that time. The beginning of the game can not be ignored. A once-a-time prince in the entertainment world, racing games are constantly being developed and launched. Different from now, the graphics of the game at the same time stopped at the 8-bit. However, the tendency to reproduce the past in the present is creating much attraction for those who like to return to childhood.

Home Design Makeover!3.4.9g - Gems/Level/Rooms Games, Logic

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an interior designer and designing the interior of your own home? It is a difficult thing to do because you do not just have to go through long-term courses at school, you need to have the talent and the real taste to be a designer. But today, all that limit will be broken, because you can become an interior designer with Home Design Makeover. This is a simulation game, combined with the match-3 puzzle and released by Storm8 Studios. What will Storm8 Studios do for us?

Rules of Survival1.610178.483537 - Original Games, Action

One of the most popular games in the world is Battle Royal. Basically, it’s an FPS game but is designed with rules and mechanics new to ordinary first-person shooters. Therefore, this game is booming and become the trend of the game makers today. Thanks to its popularity, the agilest game makers have taken the lead. Sure you know the two most popular and popular games today are PUBG and Fortnite are all mobile version and is operated by Tencent. Netease is also a major Chinese publisher, though not as strong as its male counterparts their games are equally popular. Even Rules of Survival – VNG had the mobile version in the early days of this genre has exploded around the world. Rules of Survival works very well on both PC and Mobile versions, capturing the hearts of many fans. Keep up the cool and exciting new updates to compete with the big guys in this series.

If PUBG does not make you happy with the game’s too brutal or the size of the game is too large and too high on the processor, you can refer to the game Creative Destruction. The game was released by ZuoMasterDeveloper and featured lifelike gameplay. In addition, the game has many new features and many other strengths such as the capacity of the game are low, the image is designed in the direction of animated style, the surrounding landscape has bright colors, new functions like building or destroying buildings, etc. Come to Creative Destruction and join the war on the island in the middle of the blue ocean!