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APP Name Disney Frozen Adventures
Publisher ,
Genre Games, Puzzle
MOD info Unlimited Hearts/Boosters
Size 170MB
Latest Version 12.0.2

Are you a fan of Walt Disney Studios’ famous Frozen movie? Have you ever wanted to once experience the feeling of stepping into the magical and fascinating world in Frozen? Upcoming Walt Disney studio will release an intriguing sequel Frozen 2 and to promote the second part of this movie, Jam City game developer a beautiful game to server their real fan that is supporting them. Disney Frozen Adventures will lead players to accompany the famous characters in the movie and explore the world full of icy magic in Frozen. With the graphic design style like in the movie, it has shown the talent that developer Jam City brings. The creator is known by many players through mobile games about puzzles based on many animated cinematic images of typical Disney and Pixar studios such as Harry Potter, The Book of Life, … and more recently Frozen.

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Good news for those who love puzzle games is the launch of the Maleficent Free Fall game from Disney. The game takes the image of the powerful witch Maleficent and magic holder. The game is set from the famous Disney animated film, players will have a fascinating adventure when solving puzzles from easy to difficult. Players are tasked with moving and arranging the magic stones in the board to match 3 or more and get bonus points. The more colors the stone has, the more bonus points the player will have. The difficulty will gradually increase with the level, the goals will be conquered gradually when you have high intelligence and thinking.

  • With match-3 game manipulation still following the classic trend, players will have to arrange at least 3 gems of the same color together in a straight line in horizontal or vertical rows. So that they are automatically removed and will yield to those other gems fell down. When a player arranges 4 or more gems together they will produce special gems called boosters units with different effects depending on the number of gems combined such as removing a row of gems to explode the surrounding gems or remove all of the same colored gems. In addition, players can combine 2 boosters together to increase the ability.
  • Disney Frozen Adventures (MOD, Unlimited Hearts/Boosters)
  • With 2.5D graphic design style extremely honest and attractive, the game brings players closer to the majestic and magnificent Frozen world. The scene in the game is carefully invested, building excellent images along with the snow white color scheme in the entire landscape, making the player feel more clearly about a feeling of excitement, splendor, experience. The honest feeling about a cold feeling is in the Disney Frozen Adventures apk mod. The most special is the way the developer redesigned the characters just like in the movie with the sincere action, full of life, clear expression when interacting with the player. In addition, the design of the players is equally unique when the gems are sketched as sparkling crystals, shiny with all different colors to satisfy the eyes of the player.
  • Disney Frozen Adventures (MOD, Unlimited Hearts/Boosters)
  • From what I said above, how do you feel about Disney Frozen Adventures hack mod apk? Please register in advance for “Disney Frozen Adventures: A New Match 3 Game” and wait to experience this game quickly.
  • Effects in the game are built beautifully through the combos skill effects from boosters to make players seem to be witnessing a brilliant, shimmering, magnificent miracle. Accompanied by the sound used in Disney Frozen Adventures hack full mod unlimited hearts boosters in accordance with each evolution of the story, using the voice cast for the fascinating characters makes the characters more realistic. Not to mention also the sound emitted from the combos phase used in the game screen makes players can enjoy fun and enjoyment.
  • If the player is careful and calculated carefully to take advantage of putting together the boosters together to create a series of eye-catching combos and satisfy players. Also during the game, players will receive support from their 3 favorite characters to receive additional boosters by collecting the exact number of gems that character requires. Players can also get more boosters to help you from the beginning of the game by receiving rewards from daily quests or events in the game. The condition to complete that level is that the player will have to complete the mission systems given in each game screen in the left corner of the screen with many different types of tasks arranged alternating with each other to create should be new for players. If that fails, the player will have to lose a life and have to keep going through the level.
  • Disney Frozen Adventures (MOD, Unlimited Hearts/Boosters)
  • The game of Frozen was announced to be released this November, and the player also watch a short trailer of the game and saw the appeal that this game brought through the classic match-3 gameplay. With various effects, players will get a true experience when entering the world in Frozen. So hurry up and register “Disney Frozen Adventures: A New Match 3 Game” to experience early what this game has to offer.
  • Disney Frozen Adventures: A New Match 3 Game will bring you many attractive features for your experience. More than 100 different levels of play with many interesting task categories in the world of Frozen are expanded into several sections, each of which takes you to an extremely thrilling and fascinating story. The plot led by three characters Elsa, Anna and Olaf to adventure and explore throughout the land of Arendelle castle. Enjoy many new locations as you progress through the missions of each level to help decorate and customize the kingdom. Decorate the entrance to the castle, the hall area and the many other rooms surrounding Arendelle castle through choosing your own design.
  • Disney Frozen Adventures full mod unlimited hearts boosters uses classic puzzles that are simple and straightforward for first-time players to experience this game. In the game, the player will accompany with the characters known to the player in the movie Frozen that is Princess Elsa with his sister Anna and the witty and funny snowman Olaf will adventure and explore brand new and familiar places around Arendelle castle grounds.
  • Disney Frozen Adventures (MOD, Unlimited Hearts/Boosters)
  • Players can only play back up to about 5 rounds corresponding to each network that the player uses. What makes Disney Frozen Adventures mod apk full mod unlimited hearts boosters more attractive is the customizing and decorating mechanism for the kingdom. With many different designs and creative pictures, Arendelle will be more diverse and richer. By passing the screen, players will earn snowflakes that can be used to unlock many designs that will help players freely use their creativity to customize and create. A splendid and magnificent kingdom in the frozen world.

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