Download Design Masters – Interior Design version 1.2.2206 mod apk hack Unimited Money/Lives for android

APP Name Design Masters – Interior Design
Genre Games, Puzzle
MOD info Unimited Money/Lives
Size 130MB
Latest Version 1.2.2206

A room is where a person will live for a very long time, so everyone wants to have a nice room to live in, but not everyone can afford to decorate their room. If you are passionate about designing, the game Design Masters – Interior Design is a game that players should try. The game gives players an exciting experience about the design; players can own their room and decorate it for themselves. Besides, the game is also combined with many other factors, such as puzzles, to bring a more interesting experience for players.

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  • The goal of the player when coming to Design Masters – Interior Design full mod unimited money lives is to decorate their room to make it more beautiful. At first, this is a simple room, nothing special at all, although it is still full and comfortable but not too beautiful. So the player has decided to rearrange everything here to make the room more beautiful and start a new life. The game will give players a lot of different designs of a lot of furniture to choose from. But to buy those things, players will need to spend money to buy them. Initially, Design Masters – Interior Design mod apk full mod unimited money lives will give players $ 1000 so that players can use for shopping things that they like. But that is not enough to do all the things you want, so how to make more money? Come to the next feature that the game brings offline.
  • Design Masters - Interior Design (MOD, Unimited Money/Lives)
  • If the player wonders how to make more money, the answer is participating in the mini-match-3 game that the application brings to the player. Also, when players want to unlock something, they must join in this minigame and complete them to open. The way of Design Masters – Interior Design hack mod apk is similar to other games; the player must move gems of the same color to form a vertical or horizontal row of three or more blocks. When the player does that, it will explode, and the player will receive points, but the player must also pay attention to what the game’s requirements are. Each round will have a different requirement, and players need to complete them to win Design Masters – Interior Design hack full mod unimited money lives.
  • Design Masters - Interior Design (MOD, Unimited Money/Lives)
  • Players will play the role of a beautiful girl who has just arrived in the city to begin her studies. Previously, she lived in the countryside; she had passed the entrance exam to a big university in the city, so she had to move here to study. When she first arrived, she needed to have a place to live and go to school, so she decided to rent Mary’s room. This is the place where she will live during her schooling, so she can decorate this room in any way she likes.
  • Design Masters - Interior Design (MOD, Unimited Money/Lives)
  • Besides, when players explode five gems or more, they will get a boots item, which is a great help for the player. When the player does not know what to do next, Design Masters – Interior Design apk mod can trigger a boost to detonate a corresponding area. That will give players a lot of benefits, and players can continue their game.
  • Design Masters - Interior Design (MOD, Unimited Money/Lives)

Download Design Masters – Interior Design Unimited Money/Lives 1.2.2206

Download (130MB)
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