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APP Name Day R Premium
Genre Games, Strategy
MOD info Caps/Covers/Free Caft
Size 80MB
Latest Version 1.678

War is not a good thing. War causes us to lose materially and causes many people to lose loved ones. Therefore, war is also a topic that the game developers get inspired to reflect the bad consequences that the war left. Have you ever thought, if one day, the nuclear war broke out, how will we be? Day R Premium will let you explore that perspective. This is a survival game, developed by tltGames, built on the backdrop of the post-war nuclear boom. If you want to use your survival skills once to experience this scenario, Day R Premium is the game you’re looking for for a long time.

9th Dawn III RPG1.40 - Unlimited Money Games, RPG

If you’ve tried RPG games like Diablo, you will definitely like 9th Dawn III RPG. Their basic gameplay is almost identical. Of course, when you go into detail, there are differences. Generally speaking, a world is set up with terrible chaos, it will make players spend a lot of time to learn.

Fallout Shelter is quite well known for its simulated live-action simulator combined with the current favourite RPG elements. During the 2018 ChinaJoy Fair, its maker has come up with a brand new message. If you’re a fan of the brand, it’s good news. Fallout Shelter Online is a new version of the game, with positive changes that gamers have commented with the manufacturer before. And it can go online. That means that players around the world can meet, play with each other and discuss changes in the game.

  • Day R Premium (MOD, Coins/Caps/Covers)
  • Day R Premium (MOD, Coins/Caps/Covers)
  • Day R Premium (MOD, Coins/Caps/Covers)
  • In addition, Day R Premium apk mod also possesses another outstanding feature that few games have, which is an interactive feature. When you play in online mode, you can chat with other players in the system, exchange weapons and work together, repel epidemics and disgusting creatures. The game has three main game modes: Sandbox, Real Life and Online. Each style has its own challenge, and you can play any mode you like. However, online mode will require you to have a network connection.
  • Join the Day R Premium full mod caps covers free caft, you will be taken to the Soviet Union in the 1980s and turned into a lucky survivor. Even though you overcome the disaster, it doesn’t mean you will be safe, because death is waiting for you at any time. You must survive, resist hunger because of lack of food, fight mutant zombies, diseases and weird creatures. The first thing you need to do is find food to sustain yourself. After that, move to everywhere, to collect materials to make weapons. The system provides you with a smithy, where you can create anything, from weapons, and equipment to protect yourself from dangers. You can even use the laboratory and manually manufacture dangerous chemical and biological weapons.
  • Day R Premium hack full mod caps covers free caft tells of a world suffering from the consequences of a nuclear war. The Soviet Union is one of the places with the most severe consequences. The whole place collapsed and became desolate. People are on the verge of extinction, by infection with diseases, radiation, and even viruses that make people mutate. Fortunately, some people are still alive, but most of all, they now have to help each other to survive in extremely harsh living conditions.
  • From the very first moment, you start Day R Premium mod apk full mod caps covers free caft, in front of you is a scene of a large, covered city that is gray, creating an extremely desolate setting. Next are the characters, along with the hand-drawn landscape of the design. The images are quite beautiful, creative ideas and a certain level of authenticity, portraying the world scene after tragedy, tragedy and scary than ever.
  • Day R Premium (MOD, Coins/Caps/Covers)
  • Day R Premium (MOD, Coins/Caps/Covers)
  • You cannot know how resilient you are until you are forced into a predicament. Day R Premium hack mod apk will be a place for you to express your survival instincts. With a fascinating story, you will become the last hope for human survival. Can you overcome the consequences of the tragedy of war, and re-establish people a peaceful life?

Download Day R Premium Caps/Covers/Free Caft 1.678

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Nonstop Knight 22.2.5 - Many Features Games, RPG

If you want to join a game there is still possible Going through the intriguing and intense feelings of RPGs without spending too much time investing in it, Nonstop Knight 2 is the right choice. Basically, it does not require players to use too many techniques and combat operations, if it is possible to name it, we can call it an idle game as well.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot6.2.1 - High Damage/Defense Games, RPG

Ubisoft is probably no longer a strange name for players; this is a top-rated game developer and publisher in the world. There are many highly rated games produced by Ubisoft’s creative team for players to experience. Among them are famous names like Assassin Creed Rebellion or some other extremely successful game series. But today we will not talk about those things but will talk about something new for players to experience. The game that I bring to that player today is The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot – a game that has been released since 2015. From the time this game was released, it has attracted a lot of attention comes from the player. It becomes famous not only because a renowned game developer produced it but also because it was a fascinating story and gameplay. If players want to be involved in an exciting plot, this game is a great choice to do it. This game promises to bring players a lot of great things for you to experience.

Kick-Flight2.6.0 - God Mode/No Skill CD Games, Action

There have been a lot of MOBA titles produced for players to experience but they have a lot in common. But today, I will give players a game that has a lot of differences compared to the other games that players have ever experienced. It is Kick-Flight, a game that has just been released but has attracted a lot of attention from players. This game in addition to the fierce battle, there are many differences from the gameplay for players to experience. So if you are bored with the rules, then come immediately to this game to see the difference in it.

Agar.io2.14.1 - Reduced Zoom Games, Logic for Android is the most “the great fish eats the small” popular game nowadays. The office people is advice to play it because extreme entertainment and also does not lack the challenges for their brain. This game can compatible with Android 2.3.3 devices and update version, also free experiences.

Knife Hit1.8.10 - Free Shopping Games, Arcade

Surely everyone has a circus, whether on TV or in the circus. One of the games that make everyone excited and cheering congratulations when finished is the knife throw. Indeed, every time this game is completed, everyone is relieved because the volunteers to participate in beer racks are still safe.

Drift Max Pro2.4.62 - Free Shopping Games, Racing

You have the passion for the supercar world class like Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porche … You always want to try yourself in the position of the superclass and always glued to the winding track as the children Beautiful and dangerous mysterious snakes. The scream cheers, fans of the audience in the stands. They all blend together to create a dramatic and equally dangerous playground. Once you have started the race, you will also have to prepare yourself for the race car, the equipment needed to support the race. Are you interested in racing too? Come to Drift Max Pro.

Walk Master1.37 - Coins/All Unlocked Games, Arcade

Walk Master is a simulation game, first released on Google Play by Two Men and a Dog. In this game, players will experience the feeling of walking on stilts and crossing the dangers lurking around. Maybe, for those who live near the sea or near forests that are too familiar with the image of fishermen on stilts to fish, cross forests or do dangerous jobs. Based on physical models, the Walk Master re-enacted the subject of this stilts in the most honest way. If you are looking forward to experiencing the feeling of walking on stilts or simply finding a game to entertain in your spare time, this is a great choice.

Idle Car Tycoon1.30 - Unlimited Money Games, Simulation

Idle games are games with simple, addictive, and entertaining gameplay. Currently, in the smartphone application market, there are many games of all genres. But you have to admit to me, almost no game offers the feeling of relaxation and entertainment as good as the Idle games. Even some games do not force you to interact much with the game, but it can still operate stably. If you need such a game, in this article, I will introduce to you a fascinating game – “Idle Car Tycoon”. Developed by Nox Joy, Idle Car Tycoon promises to bring you the most exciting experience about expanding your car wash business, or selling gasoline.