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APP Name Dark Days: Zombie Survival
Genre Games, Action
MOD info Unlimited Gold
Size 100MB
Latest Version 1.5.6

Human civilisation is being threatened, human lives and everything is more fragile than ever. The dark days that humans are going through all originate from an unprecedented Zombie disease. Will you be the survivor, the saviour, or the weak, pathetic person, and accepting being defeated at the hands of evil walking deads? This is a classic question, but it has a massive attraction to the majority of gamers who prefer horror elements, mixed with the fantasy fiction of a dark period of humanity. No matter who you are, irrespective of whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore gamer, as long as you are someone who has a special passion for the genre of killing Zombie, this is precisely the card written for you. Without going around, I’ll bring you a game full of survival around the fierce reality of a ruined world – Dark Days: Zombie Survival. Developed by the action game expert – Azur Interactive Games Limited, the game promises to bring you the real dramatic experience of a bloody and dark Zombie era.

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  • It can be said that the graphics in Dark Days: Zombie Survival full mod unlimited gold is not too bad when equipped with real 3D technology. The overall detail both in terms of scenery and creatures in the game is quite good and quality. With cartoon strokes similar to those drawn on comics, the game gives gamers a whole new sense of post-apocalypse setting. However, the game still has some problems. For fastidious players, the colors in the game are not fresh and vibrant. Moreover, the motion effects, as well as the expressions of the characters in the game, are not really at high-quality. But it won’t be a huge problem affecting the whole game. Collectively, Dark Days: Zombie Survival hack mod apk still carries in itself the attractiveness of an orthodox action game.
  • Dark Days: Zombie Survival (MOD, Unlimited Gold)
  • Entering the world of Dark Days: Zombie Survival mod apk full mod unlimited gold, you will play the role of a Survivor – a lucky man who escapes the end of the world. As a punishment for crimes committed by humans, an unprecedented disease has come and plunged humans, and living creatures, into chaos. Almost the entire citizens everywhere in the world have turned into bloodthirsty walking bodies. Everywhere on the road are full of walking corpses. They hear and detect the smell of living creatures with the only purpose is to satisfy the hunger for fresh meat and blood. Everywhere, people immersed in fear and always struggle in vain to get their ordinary life back.
  • Meanwhile, the military is making constant efforts such as dropping nuclear bombs on the most infected areas. But this seems impossible. Everything is now out of control, and it’s too late to save. The military and the government had no way to deal with this pandemic, so the people became desperate and escaped the city to avoid those walking dead. They began to find and build shelters to survive the last days together. In the new post-apocalyptic context, humans must find a way to adapt by fighting and collecting leftover resources. You are also a victim of this disaster, but this is not the end of human lives. Try to survive to protect the only human civilization left.
  • Dark Days: Zombie Survival hack full mod unlimited gold own a relatively diverse feature system. First of all, the highlight that catches our eye is the massive world in the game. With a large map, players can freely explore or venture into the crowded places of dangerous zombies. Next is a costly weapon and equipment-making system. Through this innovative and diverse system, you will be able to create many types of weapons, plenty of traps to make your shelter safer than ever. Besides, owning an intuitive control system makes the game more attractive and suspense than ever. With this feature, players won’t get bored quickly because of the control system is very sensitive, especially when the character is in an urgent and dangerous situation. Through the bunkers containing many corpses and items, players will receive countless unique shirt rewards each time they pass this challenge.
  • Dark Days: Zombie Survival (MOD, Unlimited Gold)
  • Dark Days: Zombie Survival (MOD, Unlimited Gold)
  • As a real action role-playing game, Dark Days: Zombie Survival apk mod will put you in the mood of a specific character. In this game, you will have to take the role of a man who survived the apocalypse. Like the Zombie movies mentioned, players must also participate in the construction of a safe shelter. To do this, gamers must collect resources from abandoned locations. Finding necessities is really essential, but things will never be easy when there are zombies everywhere. By the virtual key on the screen, you must combine movement and use the gun to kill the walking-deads. If there’s the quickest way to get rid of them all, they must be bullets pinned to the head. After passing dangerous stages, the next job that the player needs to do is to pick up items. The resources you earn will be used to upgrade weapons, equipment, and protect the base where you are.
  • Dark Days: Zombie Survival (MOD, Unlimited Gold)

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