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APP Name Dance School Stories
Genre Games, Simulation
MOD info Unlimited Tickets, Unlocked Items
Size 36MB
Latest Version 1.1.21

Do you love to dance and always want to be able to show off on the stage like other dancers? The dances combined with the melodious sound of the instruments still create a strong attraction to people and make your experience as a new world filled with clear vocal. But to become a dancer is easy or not? What are the challenges that a dancer learns or does the great thing that a dancer learns? If you want to know, become a member of the Dance School Stories game, immersive as a learner to discover and become a charming artist.

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Blackmoor 2: The Traitor King – When you started playing games about 15 years ago, the arcade games were considered as Most trusted products. Because the gaming platform at that time was still not as powerful as it is now and only 2D graphics can be applied, players will participate in matches that are led by going from the starting point to the left and the last point to the right. They will have to fight various species of monsters that the manufacturer thinks. Until the Boss is killed, it can be won.

  • Players will also be able to create their practice plan, divide the dance routines into their genres at each level, get stars to show their appreciation during the practice. As a dance practitioner, players are provided dresses for rehearsals or performances, go to the hairdressing salon and makeup and face to face with the best hairstyle for the show. Costumes are neatly designed, tight fit people just show the charm of the dancer and help make the movement flexible and flexible.
  • Being a star in the entertainment industry is your dream. Desiring to be able to show off the powerful dance of the individual heroes or become a beautiful swan on stage, everything can be done in Dance School Stories full mod unlimited tickets, unlocked items. Join now to discover the game.
  • Dance School Stories apk mod offers a full range of music from Europe, America, Kpop or classical music so that players can freely choose to dance. The dance class is a place where a lot of art enthusiasts gather, and each dancer has a different style. You will be able to participate in a fully equipped class to teach dance, with instructors. As Dance School Stories hack mod apk is a learning and training game, it takes time to practice, and each player has their own set of requirements for performing easy-to-jump or instructor-led tests.
  • The only thing that the player must do in Dance School Stories hack full mod unlimited tickets, unlocked items is dancing. Of course, if you want to dance, everyone can dance. However, to be able to reach the goal of the coach and make people look at me with a look of admiration is not comfortable at all. That is the biggest challenge in this game. Therefore, it is essential to practice diligently, to diligently absorb the lectures and to learn from the facilitators’ comments. The spacious, airy dance room will be rated at one to three stars, comparable to the performer’s ability to perform well. The options to change the way to jump like back to the cache, tiptoe foot … to perform better. Besides, players also experience a life of a true practitioner. Competing for the top spot with the students, each character is unique, so it is difficult to judge who is the most dominant character in Dance School Stories mod apk full mod unlimited tickets, unlocked items.

Download Dance School Stories Unlimited Tickets, Unlocked Items 1.1.21

Download (36MB)
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