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APP Name Beat the Boss 4
Genre Games, Action
MOD info Free Shopping
Size 160MB
Latest Version 1.7.2

The daily lives of workers are sometimes difficult, but the biggest pressure is still facing angry bosses. Confrontation with the boss has led to many reluctant cases, and even many people lost their jobs because of their attitude towards the boss. But many game developers have taken that as a premise to develop the game, entertaining players, reducing stress, by beating bosses with many different weapons. One of them is Beat the Boss 4, a delightful game, simulating many things to help players reduce stress by beating the boss. Players can use a variety of creative ways to teach the boss a lesson, and the game uses simple graphics and funny sounds to make the game reduce violence. If you are a person often pressured by your bosses, then this game will help you entertain and reduce stress effectively.

Frenzoo is Hong Kong’s fast-growing 3D graphics game startup. Frenzoo has released a series of popular plays called Me Girl which has been loved by millions. Frenzoo’s design and development team have a main office located in the United States. The company is supported by Skype co-founders with the goal of inspiring theirs to the world through games. Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim is a newly launched product of Frenzoo with a theme for women. Let’s find out about this game!

OH ~! My Office1.6.0 - Unlimited Currency Games, Simulation

For adults, the office does something that seems pressure. Because this is a place where they will have to go daily and do their job to earn enough to support themselves and family activities. Heavy work and projects make the workplace one of the most hated places. However, in the game, the office is one of the exciting places through the perspective of the creators. “OH ~! My Office” will simulate a lot of things in the office and give players exciting entertainment hours. If you are a real office worker, then this is probably a game for you. Maybe after playing this game, what do you love your workplace?

  • Players will receive countless rewards through beating bosses, and players can use those rewards to upgrade the destruction and the boss’s resistance. The more points the system upgrades, the more bosses and employee members become stronger and can counteract players with their weapons. If you are looking for an extremely entertaining game and simulate the bosses, Beat the Boss 4 full mod free shopping will be a perfect choice when it has the necessary elements to satisfied players.
  • The game’s rating system will be based on the level of damage the player causes to the boss, and the higher the damage, the greater the entertainment level, as well as more attractive rewards. Players will have access to a huge arsenal, and that arsenal will continuously be changing in each challenge of Beat the Boss 4 mod apk full mod free shopping. Weapons range from melee to ranged weapons, and players can use them to destroy bosses in desperate combat and make them understand the wrath of the employee. Besides, to make the game more interesting, players can combine many weapons, up to a maximum of three weapons can be combined. The combined weapons will have new uses, new effects to entertain players. The variety of weapons and the combination of each variant is a feature of this game, where players can create many weapons with simple actions.
  • Beat the Boss 4 hack mod apk will now come with a new feature that doesn’t appear in previous games, that is, allowing players to become bosses and beat their employees. The position had changed when the attacker being attacked by various weapons. In this mode, players can take on multiple employees at once, and the higher the employee’s stress level, the more they will start to fight with weapons. The game was inherently entertaining and humorous in getting players to beat their bosses, but now it would be more enjoyable as the position changed.
  • Beat the Boss 4 hack full mod free shopping is now back with many new weapons, content, and challenges to entertain players during fights with the boss. The game will allow players to beat their bosses the way they want, such as using weapons or hand-to-hand, whatever the player wants. Of course, their bosses will not stand still and be a dummy, but they will put up a fight fiercely to bring players the feeling of refreshment and fun. Players will have to go through countless different challenges, and each will be a new location, a new environment, and many new weapons for players to use. The game will also emphasize the creative element of the player, and they must create many opportunities to beat their bosses using weapons, environment, and combinations. The more bosses beaten, the higher the score, and will unlock new things to increase the level of entertainment of the game.
  • The boss of the player can be customized as appearance, gender, outfit, and personality. That allows players to create the person they hate the most through casual outfits, thus helping players deal with stress more effectively. Character customization also applies to employees, and players can customize multiple characters at once and quickly switch between models. The exciting thing is that the customized characters will evolve, making it angrier, and easier to mess with players. All kinds of bosses often seen, whether it is an office or a commercial center will be added to Beat the Boss 4 apk mod, helping to satisfy many players with each unique style.

Download Beat the Boss 4 Free Shopping 1.7.2

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Brown Dust1.65.11 - Many Features Games, RPG, Strategy

When I was a kid, I always lived in heroic and monster stories through my mother telling me to sleep. I love and spend all my time wishing to become brave warriors like those stories. I used to watch the hero movie – sword fighting and collecting pictures, comics to satisfy his passion. Growing up a bit, I got to the game, and I started participating in virtual worlds, where I became real warriors. One of my favorite games is Brown Dust, a tactical role-playing game from NEOWIZ, the popular publisher of games: 탭 소닉 TOP – 뮤직 그랑프리 and Jump Game – Finger Jump. Find out what you will experience with this game!

Crime Revolt2.18 - Radar Hack/Auto Aim Games, Action

FPS games are no longer a strange concept for many people. This is a first-perspective shooter game genre, with action and competitive gameplay. Currently, FPS games have been popular on many PC/Console generations. All that this type of game brings is the thrill and choking with modern handguns and loud bangs with huge damage. It can be said that these types of motif games are quite easy to play, accessible, and most popular in the game industry today. Especially in the past few years, FPS games in the genre of games are booming in the mobile gaming market. In the exciting market of FPS gaming village, I will introduce you to a game that can bring you full of moments of entertainment in the gunfire arena – Crime Revolt. Released by Edkon Games, Crime Revolt gives gamers a true shooting style, suitable for those who love guns and bullets.

Summertime Saga0.20.7 - Original Games, Simulation

An exciting summer is always something that many young people think about during their youth. This is exactly what they have been waiting for during their school year. Anon, a young man in his 18s, is preparing to have his best summer vacation after his first year at college. However, a heartbreaking story strikes again and makes him begin to fall into the series of the most difficult days of his life. Anon’s father passed away suddenly and left many doubts for everyone. The death of his father made the main character very painful and fell into a situation where no one can rely on it. Summertime Saga is the journey that the main character spends the summers alone.

NBA JAM by EA SPORTS04.00.80 - Original Games, Sports

Sports is always a hot topic that is always interested in many individuals and organizations. Everyone loves a different sport. When watching sports, people immerse themselves in the match and observe the athletes they love. During the stressful moments, they would scream and try to motivate the player in that match. This can be done when they are either present in the field or just via the television screen. Every moment creates tension, and things are uncontrollable when your favorite team hits a goal. Grasping this, game producers have created sports games to help players experience different hot moments. If you are looking for an interesting sports game, then you can go to NBA JAM by EA SPORTS.

Idle Space Tycoon1.5.1 - Unlimited Money Games, Arcade

Aerospace is something worth exploring when people have so far only very little information about them. It is also for this reason that the space exploration business is something that is still in human fiction. In fact, the furthest steps for the space exploration business are those traveling to space stations located near the earth’s orbit. But the world in the game is completely different. For example, in the recent Idle Space Tycoon product, we can sell the spacecraft. Everything is effortless to print because it operates in the style of an idle game so players can comfortably experience; there are no tough battles.

HERETIC GODS1.11.11 - Money/Unlocked VIP Games, RPG

The plot content of “Heretic Gods” still retains many classic elements with the character of an ARPG game. The developer of this game will bring you to a dark world, full of scary monsters and dungeons that have yet to be discovered. Not only that, the context and architecture in this game are inspired by Viking Myths, so you will clearly feel about many unique elements while playing this game.

KUBOOM ARCADE0.2 - Unlocked Skins/Costumes Games, Action, Arcade

According to the publisher of the game, KUBOOM ARCADE is a great top-down shooter that offers players a lot of interesting features. Coming to this game, the gunmen will experience a shooting game that uses very nice graphics and is best optimized for participating in shooting ranges. Participate in this game, players will be fighting in multiple modes and defeat the army of rivals. In addition, you can also buy heroes and weapons, upgrade them to give yourself certain advantages before entering the fight. Use all of your great talents to bring your name and teammate to the top of the rankings – Top 1. Let’s see who will be the talent to stand with your teammates on the podium glory with the game.

Dragon Hills 21.1.8 b21 - Unlimited Coins Games, Adventure

After a huge success with the first version of Android and iOS, the makers of the game Dragon Hills Rebel Twins have moved on to the next version inherited the best and most fun from the predecessor. With a unique and engaging storyline and easy and fun gameplay, Dragon Hills 2 is loved easily by gamers all over the world in just a few days of the first present.