Download Angry Birds Transformers version 2.8.1 mod apk hack Unlocked/Money for android

APP Name Angry Birds Transformers
Genre Games, Strategy
MOD info Unlocked/Money
Size 432MB
Latest Version 2.8.1

Angry Birds Transformers – The transformer is one of the cult movies that gives people many unforgettable feelings. The verse revolves around changing robots from robots to vehicles and vice versa with their journeys on Earth. Some titles have been published through each game such as Transformer, Transformer The Last Knight and the latest being released is BumbleBee. The title of the film has brought a considerable revenue for the film producer. The game that I am about to introduce to you following is related to Transformer, but there is a mix with another legend, Angry Bird. And the result is that Angry Birds Transformers game.

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  • Angry Birds Transformers apk mod is mixed from Angry Birds and Transformer so that you will meet some very familiar characters in this game. For example, RED bird will have limbs and shape like Optimus Prime or Chuck will be a Lamborghini Bumblebee Robot, … The plot is set in Piggy Island being occupied by crazy robots and your mission now. Now it will be the same way the Autobird will stop Eggbots and free the entire island. But in this game, you will not have to fight the DECEPTIHOGS and will shake hands with them so in this game, besides the Autobird characters, there will be DECEPTIHOGS involved. Each character has a unique trait and a unique transformation shape.
  • Telepod: With the shot strengthened, your enemies will be very surprised and not able to hand up
  • With a unique combination, players will be able to see many combinations that they are also unbelievable, and from there they will feel more exciting and less bored with the familiar characters. You will upgrade the character yourself, and after each upgrade, the robot will have a new feature to be able to overcome many more difficult stages. But this upgrade has two types: using money and waiting for a specific upgrade period or upgrading instantly with diamonds. This should be carefully considered before using these two resources.
  • Angry Birds Transformers hack full mod unlocked money is designed according to a 3rd perspective and 2D style so that the player can easily observe more than the enemy as well as accurately target his target. Your character will automatically run, and you don’t need to control any button. Your only task will be to focus enemies in front of you and make sure you don’t lose too much blood. Game design is eye-catching and easy to see to attract more players. The manufacturer always focuses on completing this game so that players do not encounter any technical errors. Clearly, Angry Birds Transformers mod apk full mod unlocked money was updated most recently on December 5, 2018. The game does not require too much configuration and does not need the Internet, so any player can install and experience it to be entertained or kill time.
  • Transfiguration and fighting: Birds can now transform into cars, trucks, tanks or even airplanes. From there, the player can suddenly unexpectedly attack the enemy.
  • Angry Birds Transformers hack mod apk will definitely be the right game for you, With a combination of reading and simple gameplay, players will have fun experiences with familiar robots. Please install and gather as many robots as possible!
  • Destroy: forget the slingshot that you have seen in the classic version. It’s time to innovate. Familiarize yourself with the massive arsenal of rockets, laser guns, machine guns … these are also the primary weapons of Angry Birds Transformers full mod unlocked money.
  • Collect: To force your “Autobird” to become strong, you need to collect all heroes. Because each hero has a different skill, collecting enough heroes will make your team extremely powerful.

Download Angry Birds Transformers Unlocked/Money 2.8.1

Download (432MB)
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