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APP Name Anger of Stick 5
Genre Games, Arcade
MOD info Unlimited Money
Size 32MB
Latest Version 1.1.38

The fighting image of the Stickman until now is so familiar. This kind of character design has become iconic for game players. Therefore, games that use this type of design also get the attention of quite a lot of fans. In addition, if these characters are also placed in the fight with the Zombie, it really does create a great interest. Anger of Stick 5: Zombie brings together both attractive elements so it has received more than 100 million downloads.

World Robot Boxing 21.6.101 - Unlimited Strength Games, Fighting

Sports games are always one of the most popular games in the world. Besides football, there are also other titles of the prevalent sports genre, such as boxing. Boxing is a fighting sport that is very popular with many players. Not only in the game but also, in fact, this discipline is also a prevalent subject worldwide. This is also a martial art that is very popular in the world, there have been many famous games of this genre in the world such as Real Boxing.

IGG is a well-known game developer in the gaming world when it comes to creating a lot of games, most of them using the strategy genre. This type of game attracts players by bringing in a lot of new lineage arrangements to win the game. There are two types of games that are instant strategy and strategy game in the round.

  • During the game, you can use different items. They do not appear in the store. You can only pick them up during the fight. Sometimes you will come across a helicopter. This is a huge support box for your strength. Helicopters cannot be attacked by zombies, so you cannot lose HP. In addition, this aircraft is also equipped with automatic guns. Sometimes you will get a robot. A player in the squad will use it to increase stamina and firepower. There are many things in Anger of Stick 5 hack mod apk that you can explore to increase the strength of the squad. Once collected and diamonds to use it in the store to buy more new items to support combat.
  • Players will play a hero and adventure across the city. Your goal is to kill as many zombies as possible. In addition, for ordinary people who have just been turned into zombies, it is still possible to save with drugs that have been extracted by scientists. Destroy as many enemies, save as many people, and attack criminal lair as possible.
  • This is a prosperous era where people work and create lots of wealth. The context of Anger of Stick 5 full mod unlimited money is located in a crowded and rich city. Thanks to such a context, criminals also have the opportunity to thrive in this place. With such huge resources, they are enough to research many terrible studies to bring great benefits to themselves. The criminal’s latest plan is to use innocent people, turn them into zombies, and cause riots in the city. The more turbulent the social situation is, the more income the criminals receive. This is the moment when the hero and his friends act for peace. Can you overcome this challenge to save all ordinary people from the criminal movement’s plan?
  • Players can see that Anger of Stick 5 mod apk full mod unlimited money uses Stickman images extremely well. All will be designed in 2D so you can easily move and play games without encountering too many obstacles. However, your movement direction is also extremely diverse thanks to the unique terrain design. You will, of course, begin your journey on the left side of the screen and continue moving to the right. 1 level only ends when you kill all the zombies that have been arranged.
  • First of all, when entering the game, you may have to overcome the tasks alone. Usually, the first level will not be too difficult so you do not worry. However, this will be a stepping stone so you can get used to how Anger of Stick 5 apk mod works. After a few such levels, you will begin to understand your playing style. At this time, when you have enough levels, you will be allowed to summon a few more friends to fight with you. Six kinds of reliable fellows are all options you can see. But you can only carry three people and one battle. Only those who participate in combat will receive EXP. After a while of fighting, they will upgrade themselves and become stronger. If you want all of your teammates to have the same power, diversify the way you play. Otherwise, you should focus on a specific lineup.
  • The things that are designed in Anger of Stick 5 hack full mod unlimited money are extremely diverse when you may have to deal with enemies that use guns. You will have to meet buildings with complex structures. For example, the elevators take you to another world. In general, it took her a lot of time to fully understand the structure of this world. Each level will take you to different cities so it will always innovate and create a sense of appeal. You can spend hours playing games without getting bored.

Download Anger of Stick 5 Unlimited Money 1.1.38

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