Download AFK Cats version 1.31.3 mod apk hack God Mode/One Hit for android

APP Name AFK Cats
Genre Games, RPG
MOD info God Mode/One Hit
Size 104MB
Latest Version 1.31.3

AFK Cats is an RPG game with new and unique features, it is also a perfect combination of elements such as Idle, RPG, and strategy. Moreover, the game also uses Cats as the main character and is set in a steampunk universe to bring a whole new adventure experience. A cat is not only a creature, but it also takes on a human form and uses some special steampunk style weapons. This game not only gives players the new Idle experience but will also bring them fierce battles. If you are looking for a game with new gameplay and features, or have a different RPG element from other games, then this game will be worth checking out.

BLADE OF GOD6.0.4 - Original Games, RPG

If a fan of JRPG genre, you probably know the famous Final Fantasy series developed by Square Enix. However, nowadays Anime graphics and story building structures of these games have become popular and you want to look for something new? BLADE OF GOD is what you are looking for. This is a European-style JRPG game, built from fantasy elements and stories about Greek mythology. However, its development direction focuses on improving the characters’ strength and exploring levels. Do some comments suggest that BLADE OF GOD is quite similar to God of War but is it really true? Let’s learn some features and draw answers for yourself.

Live or Die: Survival Pro0.2.438 - Craft/Coins/Energy Games, Simulation

PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are two of the most exciting survival games on mobile. With shooting role-playing, and a lot of other fun features, these two games are always at the top of the mobile game in general and survival genre in particular. What if you were bored with the shooting genre? Pride Studio recently released a game full of humanity: Live or Die: Survival. Just as the name of the game has said, live or die depends on your choice. This is a lightweight mobile game that has a unique storyline, depth and a lot of mystery.

  • The adventure of the player will have more than 10000 challenges, a considerable number, ensuring the player will always be entertained with AFK Cats mod apk full mod god mode one hit. Moreover, every five challenges that a player overcomes will face a boss. Boss challenges are often different from the remaining challenges, and players must use everything they have to destroy the boss in a given time. If the player fails, the challenge will reset, and the player will have to attack the boss from the beginning, but the skill system will not cool down. Because the boss always blocks most player adventures, the player must return to previous challenges and train CAT’s strength. It can be said that the gameplay of AFK Cats apk mod is infinite, and players will witness new powers during their journey.
  • AFK Cats hack mod apk has loads of things for players to explore and experience, and the game’s Idle feature will be a useful tool for everyone. Players can still enjoy the game, whether they are offline or away, and when they return, they will receive all the money that the CAT has earned. With it, players will have a lot of improvements in the upgrade system or weapons and equipment.
  • The upgrade system is the most important thing of AFK Cats full mod god mode one hit, and it is the most advanced weapon that players can rely on throughout the endless journey. When players destroy monsters, they will receive an amount of money corresponding to the current level. All money that players earn can be used to upgrade and strengthen the overall power for CAT. Also, players can buy some weapons and other equipment to use. The game has a lot of weapons for players to collect, and of course, they all have a Steampunk style design, and it will make this game more prominent. Equipment such as armor and items will also be divided into categories, and they can also be upgraded to change their shape and enhance their power.
  • The gameplay is not difficult, and there will be detailed instructions for players to grasp the basic steps at the beginning of the game. In this game, the player is tasked to destroy all enemies before the countdown is over. However, killing them is not simple; players must know how to use special CAT skills effectively and accurately. This game also has some cases where the tactical element plays an important role. Although this game features Idle, it still has an RPG element, so players still have to consider facing strong enemies. The bundled features of this game also give players the freedom to upgrade their overall power for CAT or something else. And the accompanying features will make the gameplay of AFK Cats hack full mod god mode one hit more impressive and bring more experience to the player for an idle RPG game.

Download AFK Cats God Mode/One Hit 1.31.3

Download (104MB)

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